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Visit 10 sources of water.

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Travelog for: Splash

San Diego (Mira Mesa), CA, USA - 26th February 2010

By: Xadrian

{Greetings Stranger and welcome to Toyvoyagers. Reading the forums available via the main page should help you with any questions you may have. Please note, if you have found dear Splash, can you take him on adventures and update his travel log? He may stay with you as long as you desire, but if you feel you don't want to update his log anymore or just don't think you'll get around to it, can you set him back out in the wild for another person to find? Thanks!}

It seems that my owner has decided to let me go on a fun trip in the next week! I have always wanted to travel but traveling with two flippers and a fin doesn't exactly work out well! On March 1rst my owner has promised to release me in the wilds at a nearby eatery.


I hope I am found soon and my new friends are able to give me a ride to the aquarium! Maybe they will be nice and take me on a boat or on a plane? I've never been on either! Well, I shall update more before my trip, there is so much to do! Until then I will keep browsing the ToyVoyager site and read the travels of other TV's such as myself.


Your friend,

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San Diego (Mira Mesa), CA, USA - 28th February 2010

By: Xadrian

Only two more days until I'm released into the wild! Today was very rainy so the other toys and I played inside. I hope it's not rainy the day I'm released!

Here's me and my friends hanging out on the couch: Humpty, Jumbo, Me, Chomps and the Pillar family.


Hanging out on the couch got boring so I decided to give the other toys rides around the house. Here's me and Humpty!


Jumbo wanted a ride too!


I was getting tired near the end of Jumbo's ride, but I promised the Pillar family that I would let them all have a ride as well!


The other toys decided they would go color for awhile, so Chomps and I decided to go play rock band. I don't think Chomps sings that well, but I would never tell him that!


Soon it was time for bed. Only two more days..

Your friend,

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