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Travelog for: Crispin

home, Czech Republic - 15th March 2010

By: dzejna

Hey guys, I am Crispin and these are my fellows - Bodie (the lion) and Eio (the donkey). We hope you will enjoy our travelling adventures! ;)

You may also check travelog of our dear friend Sunny III. , who is on his way to USA at the moment! Here is a picture of all us together.


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home, Czech Republic - 16th March 2010

By: dzejna

Hi, I just wanna show you image of my fellows and our first TV visitor ever, Apelsinas form Lithuania. I am sure we will have a lot of fun together. More on Apelsinas on his travelog.


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Jeseniky, Czech Republic - 21st March 2010

By: dzejna

My fellow Eio went for a skiing minibreak with our TV friend Apelsinas this weekend.  :D
That little green lamb (named Shaun the Green) on the first picture is thinking of becoming a TV too, so maybe we will have one more travelling friend soon.


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Moravian Karst, Czech Republic - 28th March 2010

By: dzejna

Hey guys, couple images of Eio beeing on the trip again with Apelsinas. This time they went to see Punkva caves.
For mor images see travelog of Apelsinas, Eio was only the guide to Apelsinas...

Cheers, Crispin


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home, Czech Republic - 30th March 2010

By: dzejna

Big news, new TV arrived to our house! This time it is ThomasHH. We will do our best to make his stay enjoyable.
Here is a picture of all of us for you  :D.

Bye, Crispin!


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Vyškov, Czech Republic - 3rd April 2010

By: dzejna

Hey guys,

on Saturday, we decided to take TV's in our house for a trip. You can visit their travelogs too, just look for ThomasHH and Apelsinas.

First my friend Eio went to the airplane museum. She just loves helicopters, because when she is moving with her ears very fast, it is doing the same sound as helicopter... (yes, she is little crazy donkey, I am aware of that).
Helicopters, here I come...

Resting in the sun with other TV's...

Then Eio visited small ZOO. And here are 2 pictures of donkey and donkey  :cyclops:

And voila, afterwards we went to a dinopark together, because of Apelsinas. One of his life missions was to see a dinosaur. We took couple of images with them too.

And yes, you are right, that blue thing I am wearing is my pyjamas. Why bother taking it off, when I like to sleep most of the day  B)

Cheers, Crispin (and Eio)

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home, Czech Republic - 6th April 2010

By: dzejna

Hello everybody. Just a brief update... We got a new visitor today. Very nice bear from Canada named Dickens.
Don't forget to check his updates!

Love, Crispin.


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home, Czech Republic - 11th April 2010

By: dzejna

Hey guys,

couple of images from a good-bye party we did for our dear friend Apelsinas.
He is heading to Germany tomorrow!

Wish him safe journey!


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Macocha gorge, Czech Republic - 24th April 2010

By: dzejna

Hey guys,

today has some images for you my friend Bodie, who took our TV friends Dickens and ThomasHH to Moravian Karst yesterday. They went to see tha Macocha gorge and Sloup caves.
Their updates are coming up in couple minutes.

Check out how we travel with all the TVīs who comes to our house and how we guide them during their trips here.

Cheers, Crispin and mainly Bodie this time =)

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home, Balcarka cave, Czech Republic - 10th July 2010

By: dzejna

Hello hello,

today I would like to inform you about my trip with Fed.
It is the newest TV who came into our house...
Fed is a great guy, we are having quite lot of fun together.

Look at us - whole bunch together.

And this is from today - in front/inside the Balcarka cave in the Moravian Karst.

See you soon again! Crispin

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home, Czech Republic - 28th August 2010

By: dzejna

Hey guys,

I am sorry you havenīt heard from me for all this time.
But me and the guys here are quite busy.
Here is a brief resume of what happened since my last travelog update.
But for details check logs of me TV friends, ok?

Well in July we welcomed here one more TV.
His name is Twix and he is a great guy, really.


And another TV came in August, this time it was a bear and his name is Michel!
With his arrival we had 3 TVīs in the house at one time, wow!


I have accompanied them (and yet I will) on the trips we are doing. And I got some solo shots as well.



Last week we did a goodbye party for Fed, who is already on his way to Netherlands.
We miss you buddy, but we know you will be ok!

And I must not forget - you have to meet my newest friend Timothy III. who became a TV too!
He will be leaving during September... (he is the small rhino on the party picture).



Well thatīs it for now.
Wish me luck with my life missions! Crispin

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home, Czech Republic - 2nd September 2010

By: dzejna

Yupee! Brand new TV in our house. Big welcome to Edward R. Bear who came all the way from New York in such a shor time! Amazing!


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