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Travelog for: Apelsinas

home, Lithuania - 11th March 2010

By: egn


My little one is still at home, very bored and we are hopping to start his yourney until Monday.  B)


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home, Lithuania - 11th March 2010

By: egn

My Apelsinas has got his first invitation to Czech Republik and I hope he'll travel there tomorrow.
I have already gave him goodbye kiss and put in envelope. We just can't wait to start his first yourney abroad.


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Moravian Karst, Czech Republic - 15th March 2010

By: dzejna

Hey mum, guess what? I am already at my first hosts home in the Czech Republic! And here is my first travel report for you!!  ;)

My host dzejna found my envelope in her mail box at about noon when she got back from a business meeting. What a surprise!
Here I am, still in the envelope.

Then I found out, that 4 soft toys are living here permanently. One of them is also a TV and he is off home at the moment. The other ones gathered to welcome me.

And here we are all together. Crispin, Bodie, Eio and me.

Later on we went for a short walk outside the house - the weather was shiny, but really cold. Here I am sitting on the mail box to where I landed in earlier today.

Here you can see me on the snow plain.

And here are some views of the countryside. That stick tower  on one of the pictures is called Kojal, and it is a for TV broadcasting. Its height is 340m.

When we got home I was so cold, that I had to sit by the fireplace for a while. Then I enjoyed a nice cup of tea to warm up even more.

Well thats it for today mum, I am really tired, so I will go to bed early.
Love to you and to Drovius as well. And stay tuned  B)!!

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Moravian Karst, Czech Republic - 17th March 2010

By: dzejna

Hey mum,

today my hosts had to work, so we soft toys stayed at home and had a some "toy time". We did many things such as chatting, reading and playing games. I want to show you how we played hide and seek, because it was really fun.

Eio (the donkey) was counting and we ran off to find some really good hiding places.

Then the seeking started. First Eio found Bodie.

Then she found Crispin.

I have found the best hiding place ever. Guess where - the perfect camouflage for me was among oranges on the table! I know you understand, but for the rest of you guys - my name actually means orange, which makes me invisible in bowl of oranges, right?.  B)  :cyclops:
Eio just couldnt find me, so the others helped her. And I was right next to them all the time.

Here is the detail. When you look really really hard, I am sure you will actually see me  :D

At the end guys claimed me the king of the game!

We are supposed to go skiing at the end of this week. So dont worry if you wont hear from me couple days. Lets hope it wont rain, cause it seems the spring has finally arrived.

Love, Apelsinas

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Jeseniky, Czech Republic - 20th March 2010

By: dzejna

Hey Mom!
I am back from wonderful minibreak in the Czech mountains called Jeseniky. We had really fun and I have loads of pictures. So here we go!
First I wanna show you the surroundings. This is the part where we were skiing. You can check more about the mountains itself on wikipedia.

Here you can see the Poland behind me. This was taken on the mountain called Serak, which is 1351 m high.

And here I am on the cable ski lift going up up up. My host said that I was very brave  :rolleyes:


Time to time I had to rest for a while.

And here on the top of Serak again. There is a hill cottage, where we had lunch.That yellow thing behind me is my host dzejna.

At first I wanted to actually be on ski when going down the hills, but my host told me that it will be much safer in the pocket. So this is only for the photo, dont worry  :D

This weird machine is for making the snow...

Here I am with my friends Eio and the small Shaun the Green (who wants to be a TV like me!). We are ready for the snowtubing. (You sit inside this funny thing and go down the hill in the snow corridor.

Something more on Jeseniky area...

Me, Eio and snowmobile - we are quite tough, dont you think?

Later on we met this dog named Albert. Hey, maybe I am really brave when I actually see this...

And on our way back home we saw huge wind turbines.

This is almost it for today. I say almost, because I have a special surprise for you, two video sequences featuring me!!! (Hope it will work).
1. Me on the snow lift
2. Me and one of my hosts in snowtubing action

Love, Apelsinas

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Zlin, Czech Republic - 26th March 2010

By: dzejna

Hey Mom! Here are some news for you!
We went to city named Zlin yesterday (my host goes to university there). This city is capital of shoe making in the Czech Republic. You can find some more on it on wikipedia.

We visited the main administration building of Bata company. It was built in 1938.

Here are some images from the top of it. (Very nice view.)

Inside the building we checked a very funny thing! Office where sat the boss of the company (Jan Antonin Bata). This office is actually in big elevator! The building was very modern, open-space offices like these days. Mr. Bata could sit in his office normally and just by pushing the elevator button he was able to check on his employees any time he wanted.


All for now, more updates coming soon!  ;)

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Moravian Karst, Czech Republic - 27th March 2010

By: dzejna

Hey Mum!
Yesterday we went for a short walk to Blansko, nearest town. And also to the Moravian Karst area.
In Blansko there is not much to see, so we visited only the castle - it was very nice actually.

But the main thing aroud here is a beautiful nature. Here I am on the top of Macocha gorge. It is quite deep, approximately 138m. Very impresive to look down! It is part of cave complex called "Punkva caves" after the river Punkva. More on it is in here.

My next update will be from the bottom of this Macocha Abbys, can you imagine?

Love, Apelsinas

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Punkva caves, Czech Republic - 28th March 2010

By: dzejna

Hello again. Here are news for you form our today's trip. As I promised, we went to see the Macocha gorge again, but from the bottom. But let's start at the beginning  :D

We arrived to place called Skalni mlyn (Rock watermill in translation). It is an entrance to karst caves area. Here I am sitting by the actual watermill.
We decided to take a tourist train to get to the caves. (No cars allowed in the area because of the nature). Can you see me at the lokomotive?  B)
Before the departure I checked some information signs and then we hopped on the train. My friend Eio went with me to be my guide today.

And voila, here I am admiring the Punkva caves. It was really really special, all those dropstones.

And here we go... this was taken at the bottom of Macocha. It was quite impresive. (This Punkva caves system goes right throught Macocha, that is how we got there.)

Afterwards we went to explore some more caves. But by boat this time! It is the river Punkva, which flows under the surface. I have no images from the boat, it is not allowed to use camera. But still take a look at these...

And this is how it looks in Moravian Karst in general. This was taken in front of Punkva caves.

We were watching a cable lift for a while (goes on the top of the Macocha where we already been yesterday, so we didn't take it.)

Very exciting trip today, don't you think? Hope you like it just like me.
Bye for now, yours Apelsinas.

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near Brno, Czech Republic - 1st April 2010

By: dzejna

Hey Mum,

we went for a loooong trip today - my host went to see some special doctor, who lives about 300 kms away from our current home. So we spent almost all day in the car. But on our way back we stooped by one very old castle. It is near Brno. Name of this castle is Veveri (something like "squirrel castle" and it is from 13th century). It is under reconstruction at the moment, but here are some pictures of it for you.

Bye for now, Apelsinas


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Vyškov, Czech Republic - 3rd April 2010

By: dzejna

Hi mummy!

I have great news today for you!!! Guess what. Yesterday we went for a surprise trip. My host didn't want to tell me where we were going a or what we gonna do there, but she suggested, that  I may be possibly able to fulfil one of my life missions. I was so excited!
And I wasn't gonna go alone with my host. We decided to go all together - all the stuffed toys, which are in the house at the moment.

The target destination was a small town called Vyskov. All our yesterday's activities held there.

We started with lunch and checked the town square.

Then we went to see the museum with airplanes and some army stuff. My friends ThomasHH and Eio went with me. The rest was waiting in the car.

So, here I am with many different old fight airplanes, helicopters... I look tough don't you think?

But this wasn't my surprise.

Here we are resting in the sun  B)

Then we went to a small ZOO. But there were no lions and other exotic animals, but domestic ones like cows, pidgeond, horses, donkeys, pigs... This ZOO is a project where you can take your kids
and they can meet these animals. You are allowed to touch and feed some of these animals too. But this still was not my surprise.

But after visiting all kind of animals we went to the DINOPARK! Mum, I saw loads of dinosaurs... hurray! Watch me - they were moving and roaring and they were really really big, but I wasn't
afraid of them (almost). Except the images I have also one video for you!

Here is a pair of the most terrifying dinosaur - a toyvoyagersaurus!

So we have had a really great day yesterday. I must not forget, I also tasted czech beer. And we were really lucky - not only the normal "pils" one, but also special Easter edition, which is bright green. And it tastes like a real beer - I coulnd't belive it until I tried myself.

Well bye for now mum! I hope you are having fun too!
Love, yours "Apelsaurus" uaaaaa!

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Moravian Karst, Czech Republic - 11th April 2010

By: dzejna

Hey mum!

we had big plans for the weekend, but unfortunately the weather was against us. So we had to change it and do different things instead.

But never mind - I still have some news for you.

First I had yummy lunch - this is very popular meal in the Czech Republic - chicken schnitzel with potatoe salad. Very nice!

Then we went for a short walk. Husband of our host dzejna likes to explore historical things from the 2nd world war - so we went for a trip with him. Here I am in front of a german bunker, which is not far away from the village I am now.

After that we visited an ostrich farm!

And in the evening guys organized a good-bye party for me, cause my host told me, I am leaving on Monday!

So this is my last update from the Czech Republic, you will hear from me next when I am in Germany!

Wish me luck for my journey!
Bye mummy, miss you! Apelsinas

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post office, Czech Republic - 12th April 2010

By: dzejna

Hey mummy,
I am on my way to Germany at the moment. Hope you hear from me soon! A.


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Sülfeld, Germany - 14th April 2010

By: RikeH

Hello Mum,

hey, I am with my new host RikeH in Germany now. What a short trip from Czech Republic.

Dicker Kumpel gave me a warm welcome.


Then he introduced me to the others. I showed my postcard and we shared my sweets.


There were some flowers in the room – they had the same color as my eyes – wonderful.


Outside in the garden I found other nice flowers.



I met some funny birds...



...this one is really cool...


and I had fun hanging around with these guys.


I think, this is a nice place to stay.


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Sülfeld, Germany - 15th April 2010

By: RikeH

Hello Mum,

Spring is in Germany now – we are so happy. Look at this wonderful yellow plant!

We made a walk along a nice little river.


Sülfeld has a wonderful old church. 


On the other side of the street is the pharmacy.


On the way back we found another beautiful shrub. I loved the color!


Back home we made another nice photo – I love flowers!



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Sülfeld, Germany - 19th April 2010

By: RikeH

Hello Mum,

today we wanted to play Pool.


Dicker Kumpel showed us, how it works.

Then it was me to play.


It was great fun : I won 10:09.


I tried to call you and tell you about my success. But I didn't know your number.


So I looked around – there must have been a horse here – years ago....




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