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Travelog for: Squizzle

Caernarfon, Wales - 1st March 2010

By: miapearl

Mummy adopted me from a charity shop. I am a little Red Squirrel called Squizzle. I would like to see the world. I haven't decided what my life missions are but I am sure I will think of some before I leave my family to go travelling. Please contact my mummy if you would like to show me the sights around where you live/work.

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Cwm Idwal, Wales - 6th March 2010

By: miapearl

Today  was another nice day. Daddy decided it was a nice afternoon for a walk in Snowdonia.
This is Tryfan and reaches over 3000ft above sealevel. We did not climb this!
We started the walk from Ogwen Cottage (there is a Youth Hostel nearby). We followed a stone path up.
Having a rest half way up. Look, there is still snow on the mountains.
Bits of snow still remained lower down.
We reached the lake, Llyn Idwal but mummy's picture of me didn't turn out well.
It was getting late so it was time to walk back down. I was snuggly in daddy's coat pocket

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Caernarfon, Wales - 18th March 2010

By: miapearl

Mummy and I went into Caernarfon. She wanted to do a bit of shopping, but first, we stopped to have a look at the UNESCO World Heritage Site - Caernarfon Castle
And here is the entrance
We didn't go in because mummy was gasping for a panad (Welsh for cuppa).
So we stopped off in the supermarket cafe before shopping and then going home.

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Holyhead, Wales - 20th March 2010

By: miapearl

Mummy, daddy, big bro and I went to Holyhead. We wanted to visit the Maritime Museum but unfortunately it was closed. Still, they had a few exhibits outside.
This is a diving observation chamber used in World War II for recovering matals from shipwrecks. The information for the exhibit said that it had a working depth of 300 metres, and that the chamber had enough oxygen for three hours. There was a telephone cable too so that the diver could contact the salvage ship above and direct the grab thing to get the valuable metals.
I can't swim
There's also an air raid shelter, but again, we were out of season to visit inside.
Holyhead harbour

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Holyhead Breakwater Country Park, Wales - 20th March 2010

By: miapearl

Well, with the maritime museum being shut, we went on to the Holyhead Breakwater Country Park.
This is a quartzite quarry cliff.
Wow, what a high chimney for the brickworks.
All over the country park are mosaics that can be seen from the various trails. This one was inside the brick shed.
And this one is in the Crusher. Ynys Mon is Welsh for the Isle of Anglesey.
And there is a third one visible.
There is also a lake, coastal paths and other trails. A sculptor has sculpted various shapes, one was a dock seed, another looked like a berry (blackberry? raspberry?), a third was a flower of the bell heather, and then there is this one, with me!
Mummy would love to do more of the trails. According to one leaflet about the park, there are various dragonflies & damselflies that visit a pond fed by a spring that runs from Holyhead mountain (paths up there can be reached from the country park), seals and dolphins visit the coastline, and the rocky coast is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

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Greenwood Forest Park, Wales - 21st March 2010

By: miapearl

Big brother wanted to go to the eco-friendly adventure park called Greenwood (or in Welsh, Gelli Gyffwrdd). So, off we went.
What a welcome!
I climbed some trees before big bro had a go on the jumping thing full of air. Next, on this cold afternoon, mummy, daddy and big bro took their shoes and socks off to go on a barefoot walk (first through some cold water, then walking on various materials).. Brr, too cold for me so I just stayed all snuggly in a pocket.
There was also a boat ride, am not sure about big bro's steering, and the boat crashed a few times along the edge.
Next, we did the Crocodile boardwalk Maze. Hope this crocodile isn't hungry....
Then it was time to go on the moon karts. Mummy went round a few times, and daddy took me for a ride too.
Next stop was TreeTop Towers. It is already a long way down.
Weeeeeee! A slide, though I was actually stuck half way down the slide and daddy had to come rescue me.
And finally, we had time for a game of Jenga while mummy ate a strawberry ice cream, brrr! And then it was time to go home. It was a shame the weather wasn't better, there was drizzle. Maybe next time we could do the sledge runs and Green Dragon roller coaster

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Llanberis, Wales - 23rd March 2010

By: miapearl

Mummy wanted to buy the new issue of stamps today so we jumped on a bus to Penygroes. As mummy had a rover ticket for the bus, afterwards we went into Bangor and then on to Llanberis.
This part of Wales is quite rural, with fields & hills grazed by sheep. Lambing started earlier this month. Aren't little lambies cute?
We went for a little walk in Llanberis before catching the bus back home in time to collect my big brother from school.
This is Dolbadarn Castle. This castle was built in the 13th Century by Llywelyn ap Iowerth.
This is Llyn Peris. The mountain on the left has a power station inside. Mummy could have taken a better picture if it hadn't started to rain, though we continued our little walk.
Look, some goats and kids.
We missed the opportunity to take a photo of the Llanberis Lake (Llyn Padarn) Railway train. It was starting to rain harder now so we walked back to the bus stop to discover we still had several minutes before the bus. We went into the shop by the base station of the Snowdon Mountain Railway. There was an engine...
And then it was time to go home.

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Caernarfon, Wales - 24th March 2010

By: miapearl

Today, there was a parade for the homecoming of the Welsh Guards. They had been on tour in Afghanistan. The weather could have been  better, there was light rain but there were still a lot of people out to cheer the soldiers' return.
The major, in his speech, said that whether or not we believed in the war, we should support the soldiers. The major said that 7 soldiers in the regiment didn't make it home alive :(
Mummy couldn't get many decent pictures, a professional photographer kept standing in front and spoiling the view.

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Stayed at home, Wales - 25th March 2010

By: miapearl

I decided to stay at home because I've had a busy few days in Caernarfon and the surrounds. Mummy wanted to show me some of the stamps she bought on Tuesday from the House of Stewart issue.
Cheerful lot, weren't they.

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Snowdonia Nurseries, Wales - 27th March 2010

By: miapearl

On our way to Rhyl, we stopped off at a garden centre for lunch. Big brother likes looking at fountains and water features. He wanted to show me them.
Calming, aren't they?

Also, there were a range of stone-decorations/statues.

What is a zibling?
Get me outta here!

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Rhyl, Wales - 27th March 2010

By: miapearl

Mummy and I went shopping in Rhyl while Daddy and big brother went to an indoor swimming pool.
We didn't find any toys that wanted to go travelling (the ones we saw said they got travelsick). So, we went for a little walk
We could have gone on this carousel but Mummy wanted to buy an icecream before the cafe shut.
Rhyl is a coastal resort. On our way to Rhyl, we passed many caravan parks. The beach is long and sandy. Some people think that wind turbines out at sea spoil the view. Can you see them in this picture?
The view westwards along the beach.
The Sky Tower wasn't open, otherwise we could have got spectacular views (said Mummy).
I wanted to go into Terror Tombs, but it was shut by the time we got there. Maybe next time when I have returned from my travels.

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Moelfre, Wales - 28th March 2010

By: miapearl

We had lunch in a garden centre and welcomed a toyvoyager from his long trip.
Hello Twix
I was looking forward to a walk along the coast by Moelfre.
There is still some snow on the hills and mountains of Snowdonia.
A memorial to the Royal Charter and the hundreds of lives that were lost.
We also visited the RNLI lifeboat station in Moelfre. This is a Tyne class lifeboat
Wow, so many medals awarded to the lifeboatmen of Moelfre
These are bright yellow wellies. Mummy has a nice pair of wellies with strawberries all over.
The three of us, that is with Twix & Gaspode, had our photos taken with a fossil
And then, as the afternoon drew to a close, we went home

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Post Office, Wales - 29th March 2010

By: miapearl

Before Mummy sent me on my way to Lithuania, she wanted to show me her new pin badges and said that whenever she wore her coat (the pin badges will be put on shortly), she would remember me and hope that I was a good little squirrel enjoying travelling the world. She bought the badges to support a number of charities.
Also, I said goodbye to her tvs and the new guest tv. Goodbye Gaspode, Citrus the Tall, Rendolph and Twix


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Lazdijai, Lithuania - 2nd April 2010

By: egn

Hi Mummy!

  I have already reached Lithuania! This beautiful country met me with rain and smell of fresh ground and grass.
  At first I had a nice chat with very polite postwomen, who brought me straight to egns home, not in the mail box. That was so nice of her as the mail box is too small for me. What is more, I came to my new host house with a postcard from her pen friend, who is now visiting Amsterdam. So, egn was double cheerful  :rolleyes:
  Egn sends you a special thank you because of stamps. One of them was with her favourite dog breed-American bulldog. She is so happy now  :D And, can you believe it-I'm her first hosted TV.
  In this picture I'm still in an envelope but eng just can take eyes of american bulldog stamp.
Just got out an envelope
I gave her some souvenirs and a postcard with my picture  B)
Egn told me a bit about Lithuania. Do you know that Lithuania (in Lithuanian Lietuva) means rain land? Here is my picture with Lithuania flag.
I'm was so tired that I decided to have a sleep. Katyte was so pleasant I laid my head on her sweet fur and we travelled to the land of dreams together.
That's all for now.
With love, Squizzle. 

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Anykš&#269;iai, Lithuania - 3rd April 2010

By: egn

Hi Mummy!

Sorry that I made you wate for this letter so long. I was so afraid that you'll be worry.
I hope you won't be mad at me after all. I visisted engs grandmother in a marvellous town Anyksciai.
Here I am, just got to egns grandmother apartment.
Here you have some nice flowers. I think they suit with my fur  :D
Here is a view through another window. This is Antano Baranausko gymnasium. Egns grandfather was a teacher and a headmaster there. At night this school looks very antique because of there columns, which are only able to see at night.
I have to admit- I liked that view.
Suddenly egn saw a beautiful dog running around. She just couldn't be quiet! She asked him to come here...
You may not believe it, but that cute dog did come!
We ran outside to play but after we made no photos as we just had no time. I have to say Lithuanian dogs are very playful  ;)
Hugs, your Squizzle

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