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Grade 1C at Ivanhoe Primary has sent Alikira on a mission to see as much of the world as possible be

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Travelog for: Alkira

Dubai, United Arab Emirates - 7th May 2010


By: Helen

Paris, France - 9th May 2010


By: Helen

Paris, France - 12th May 2010

Seine, bridge.jpgbreakfast.jpg 

By: Helen

Paris, France - 13th May 2010

boat cruise.jpg 

By: Helen

Sarlat, France - 14th May 2010

on the train.jpgarrival in Sarlat.jpg 

By: Helen

Sarlat, France - 15th May 2010

street in Sarlat.jpglunch in Sarlat.jpggeese in Sarlat.jpg 

By: Helen

Sarlat, France - 16th May 2010

castle.jpgDordogne.jpgon a gabarre.jpg 

By: Helen

Sarlat, France - 17th May 2010

school in Sarlat.jpg 

By: Helen

Sarlat, France - 18th May 2010

castelnaud.jpgcross bow.jpg 

By: Helen

Sarlat, France - 3rd June 2010


By: Christophe

Monte Calor, Monaco - 9th June 2010


By: shanshan

North Pole, Russia & Finland - 18th August 2010


By: xiaofeng

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