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Ride on a duck boat.

See shore birds on a beach.

See the statue of "Make Way for Ducklings".

Sit on an egg.

See the statue of Hans Christian Anderson in Central Park.

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Travelog for: Quacker

Arlington, MA, USA - 2nd May 2010

By: McFloozy

Hallelujah! I am alive!

I went to Spy Pond with Honk! (who actually has an exclamation mark in his name!). We were looking for ducks and geese.

Both of us were pretty excited to go to a place called Spy Pond in Arlington, Massachusetts. It was a hot day, but there was a nice breeze off the pond. Some kids were out there in kayaks and canoes.

Guess what?!?!?!?

We saw REAL ducks and geese! That was like a miracle. I just loved looking at those floating ducks.

spy pond.JPG
quacker and honk comp.JPG
quacker and honk with ducks.JPG

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Arlington, MA, USA - 2nd May 2010

By: McFloozy

Here I am with my cousins. They live on Spy Pond.

Honk! went off with the geese, but I stayed a little longer to enjoy some conversation with my cousins.


quacker with ducks.JPG

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Concord, MA, USA - 8th May 2010

By: McFloozy

Today I was released into the wild. It's a big day for me... the beginning of my new life as a wandering ToyVoyager.

Snowflake came with me to the release spot, and posed for a farewell picture. That helped me feel safe and secure. I stayed under this large map of the United States. I hope it gives people some ideas of interesting places to take me. Maybe I can go on a college tour.... B)

I hope somebody friendly finds me, and takes me to interesting places. I hope they update my story so McFloozy can watch me go around the world!

Bye bye McFloozy! Take care of yourself.  :rolleyes:

snowflake and quacker goodbye.JPG
quacker under map.JPG

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Concord, MA, USA - 10th May 2010

By: kate&steph

Ummm... we found Quaker in the hallway. he/she is maddddd cute. we took pretty pix and will leave Quaker somewhere to be found by others. love,
-Kate and Steph

PS. quack!quack!

Photo 1.jpg
Photo 2.jpg

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Acton, MA, USA - 11th May 2010

By: Quackerthemallard

So, I went to Acton, MA, and hung out with this cool chick named Sydney.  She's a cockatiel.  Her sister Charley was kind of afraid of me - ?????????? - but Sydney shared her food with me!



And look!  I fulfilled one of my life missions and got to sit on some eggs :D Honestly, though, it wasn't very comfortable..............


This was lots of fun, and I'm looking forward to my next adventure!! 

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Roma, Italy - 10th June 2010

By: QuackersCuties


I am writing to say that yes, I am still out there in the wild, wild world, and that I have been many places - INCLUDING ROMA! I can see you are green with envy, but please, try to get past that and appreciate the wonders of my travels.

In Rome, I travelled to many fascinating places, including the Vatican, the Colosseum, and our fabulous hotel. I will post more later, and add a couple photos when I can!


Okay, so I've uploaded some photos!

First is me at the Vatican, and then me outside the Colosseum, and then inside the Colosseum with a friend, and then at the grave of the famous John Keats! His headstone didn't have his name on it, but he is indeed the Young English Poet it refers to.

More to come . . .

~ Quacker

Picture 5.png
Picture 1.png
Picture 7.png
Picture 11.png

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