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Travelog for: Palette

Arlington, MA, USA - 1st May 2010

By: McFloozy

I started out my life here in Arlington, MA. McFloozy took me out for a bike ride! I was so excited to get outdoors. You see, I had been in a box in the attic for years, and it is so cold there (and so hot in the summer), and so boring in that box all year round.

Now I can travel and enjoy life in the world. I am making lots of friends already. :p

I went on a bike ride with Stretch, and here is a picture of us ready for our adventure on the Minuteman Bike Path.

palette stretch bike bag.JPG
palette stretch bike path.JPG

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Lexington, MA, USA - 1st May 2010

By: McFloozy

We rode all the way to Lexington, MA!

It was wonderful on the Minuteman Bike Path. It's very flat, and there were a lot of children riding their bicycles. Some of those guys do not know how to steer yet, and that was scary. But, McFloozy was good at steering, and we did not have any accident.

Lexington is a very historic town. This is where the minutemen gathered in 1775, at the beginning of the American Revolutionary War. The one where they broke free of Britian.  Well, I found some lovely and colorful flowers there. That made me very happy.

palette in pansies.JPG

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Arlington MA, USA - 1st May 2010

By: McFloozy

From Lexington, we rode back to Arlington. We saw a statue of Uncle Sam. The guy with the big hat and the red and white striped outfit.

Well, it turns out he was a real person, named Samuel Wilson. And he was born in Arlington, Massachusetts, on September 10, 1766!

How do you like that?!

Here I am with the inscription from his statue. Stretch wanted his picture taken with the statue, so I let him go ahead and do that.

After we were done with our bike ride, McFloozy was putting her bike away, and we decided to play in her helmet. That was lots of fun!

palette sam.JPG
palette stretch in helmet.JPG

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Arlington, MA, USA - 3rd May 2010

By: McFloozy

Hey! I am in a box! I am going on a trip!

I will fly in a plane, then ride in a bus, then sit on a shelf, and end up in Poughkeepsie, New York. I hope.

I think I am going to college! I must be very, very smart to have such an opportunity. Or maybe just charming.

Anyway, I hope I can visit a friend there, and then be released into the wild. Maybe someone will pick me up from a common room, or the cafe. I hope they take some pictures, and put them in my travelog.

I love adventures! :p

palette goes to vassar.JPG

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Stow, MA, USA - 4th June 2010

By: McFloozy

Well, I had a nice trip to Poughkeepsie, NY. Then, I came back to Massachusetts.

I went geocaching with Cilly and McFloozy and friends.

Here I am with Cilly.


I liked lying on the bridge and watching the stream flow. They were playing Pooh Sticks. I didn't win.


We found a geocache, and we put some things in for the next finders. I tried to hide in there, but I wouldn't quite fit. It was pretty full.


While we were walking along through the woods, I enjoyed the view from the top of Ethan's head. I could see really far from up here.


In one of the caches, we got a nice dinosaur. He isn't a ToyVoyager, but he was very friendly. We shook hands.


After this outing, I am on my way to Maine. I don't know what I'll find there, but it should be fun! I'll leave some messages later on.

Bye for now! :o

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Scarborough, ME, USA - 3rd August 2010

By: Ethaniel

I've been having a lovely time in Maine.  I went on a walk on the eastern trail, a trail for walking and biking in Scarborough.  I passed through some lovely forest and also stopped to look at the Scarborough Marsh and a local pond.  It was quite an adventurous day! When I got home I took a nap, because I want to make sure I'm well rested for my upcoming Canadian Rockies adventure! 

palette 002.JPG
palette 003.JPG
palette 005.JPG
palette 007.JPG
palette 008.JPG

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Banff National Park, Canada - 7th August 2010

By: Ethaniel

I went on an amazing backpacking trip to Banff national park in the Canadian Rockies!  The mountains were spectacular and breathtaking, and we also saw some beautiful mountain lakes.  We saw lots of signs alerting hikers and tourists about bear activity in the park, so I'm guessing the park rangers knew I was coming. 

Palette 2.JPG
Palette 3.JPG
Palette 7.JPG
Palette 8.JPG
Palette 9.JPG
Palette 10.JPG
Palette 11.JPG

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