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To learn 25 new recipes from different areas.

To visit Italy.

Have my picture taken with a giant Mega Man.

Have my picture taken with someone in leiderhosen.

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Travelog for: Rosario

San Diego CA, United States - 30th August 2010

By: Xadrian

Hi my name is Rosario!
I'm a friendly and curious dragon who lives in San Diego, California.


I like to go on many adventures and explore many different areas!





Maybe you would be kind enough to host me?

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San Diego CA, United States - 5th September 2010

By: Xadrian

Today is my last day in San Diego! It seems I will be traveling to Australia to visit Punk's family. After my adventures in Australia I will then travel to Italy!

Punk assured me his mom is very nice and will take me on all sorts of adventures!


I was nervous to be leaving and traveling in an envelope for such a long time, but the other Toyvoyagers told me not to worry, I would be there before I knew it! The other TV's gave me hugs and wished me luck on my trip, then it was off to the post office to start my journey!


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Milton, Australia - 13th September 2010

By: emo_kid

Hi Mum

Ive arrived in Australia... And I was greeted by not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 other TVs... And Punk was right about his mum, emo_kid seems pretty cool... She has half pink hair... :)

She said she's going to help me post some photo's soon...

Love Rosario xox

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Milton, Australia - 13th September 2010

By: emo_kid

Hi Mum

Synapse, Bruno, Lenny and Nursy all greeted me on my arrival to Australia


When we went home I met Itci
and Atila
We then looked through all the pictures for tattoo's that emo_kid will get
And then attacked Itci with cuddles

emo_kid walks to work everyday and passes a primary school where they have these giant pencils out the front
and someone painted the toilet block
how cool is that?

Unfortuantly it's supposed to rain over the weekend, so we wont be going into the city, but we may be helping punk_boi fix his car...

Love Rosario

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Milton, Australia - 21st September 2010

By: emo_kid

Hi Mum

punk_boi has been sick, so we haven't been able to help with the car :(

Bussi arived today. He thought he'd been kidnapped by pirates...

This is where emo_kid works.
this is where we were hiding :)

Love Rosario

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Milton, Australia - 23rd September 2010

By: emo_kid

Hi Mum

Today i got to help emo_kid with her work. I got to help file
and print labels

after a while we had coffee

and then it was time for lunch. emo_kid had a chicken and salad roll
but she doesn't like grated carrott, so we got it. YUM :)

In the afternoon we stumbled across this WWII monument

and while waiting for punk_boi to finish work, we checked out the fake Eiffel Tower on Park rd

We're going into the city tomorrow...

Love Rosario

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Brisbane, Australia - 24th September 2010

By: emo_kid

Hi Mum

OMG, we finally got to go into the city... So exciting.
Here's me on the bus going in
We walked around for a bit and found this cool looking church. There are heaps of churches in the city.
This is city hall. We weren't allowed to go inside, but here's some interesting information about it.
"City hall was erected between 1920 and 1930 and is heritage listed. The sandstone-faced building features a finely detailed main entrance topped by a 92 metre clock tower. It is currently undergoing renovations."
This is the Treasury Building, formerly the Queensland Government Treasury Building, but now it is the Treasury Casino. It was built between 1886 and 1928 in three stages. It is Located at the end of Queen st Mall. There’s accommodation and of course, gambling, so naturally we weren’t allowed in.
Next we found some Kangaroo’s… They’re not real kangaroos though; they’re made out of scrap metal.
Then we met Adrian Burragubba, a native aboriginal, who busks in the Queen st mall. He’s been doing it for the past 16 years, and has even fought the government over aboriginal wages. He comes from a community in central Queensland. We didn’t want to disturb his music, so we had a group photo with him. He sits on genuine Kangaroo skin and plays the didgeridoo and clapsticks. He is dressed in traditional aboriginal dress and body paint. We were all nervous, but it was so interesting and unlike anything ive heard before.
Next we stumbled across “The Drovers”. They were originally created as part of Expo ’88, and were part of a series of 80 sculptures displaying people in everyday situations in Australia. In 1989 they were purchased by Department if Primary Industries and installed in there present location, out the front of the Department if Primary Industries building on Ann st. In 2005, they were re-created in cast aluminium to preserve them for generations to come. The drovers represent the old swagmen around a camp fire.
We found this really interesting statue of a man on horseback, giving a lady water and food, with lots of children standing around. I’m not sure what it all means, but they look cool.
Next we saw this, it’s an old Servants home, which was built in 1865 and bought in 1873 by the Brisbane School of Arts. Here’s some information about it.
Although it wasn’t very interesting inside, as it’s being used as an art gallery / coffee shop now, we got to sign the guest book.
Sadly it was then time to go back to work. Here we are on the train.
Im exhausted now, so im going to sleep.

Love Rosario xox

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Paddington, Australia - 26th September 2010

By: emo_kid

Hi mum

I got to cook today. We’re making Satay Chicken for dinner.
First you cut the chicken
Then I measured the rice
And put it on to cook
Then I preheated the pan
And browned the chicken
Add the sauce
And the vegies (we used frozen vegies)
Cook until everything is warmed through
Spoon some rice in a bowl
And then add the satay chicken.

Love Rosario xox

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Milton, Australia - 28th September 2010

By: emo_kid

Hi Mum

Bruno had to go home today, to ensure he arrived in time for his mums birthday...
We had a little treat of m&m's YUM!!!
and then said goodbye, he looks comfortable in there...

Did you hear about the Roller Derby on the 16th Oct??? Im a bit excited...

Love Rosario xox

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Paddington & Milton, Australia - 19th October 2010

By: emo_kid

Hi Mom

Well the following are bits and pieces from over the last few days. The rain just wont go away, so we haven't been out much. :(

On the way home the other day, we found a rat. He wasn't to healthy so we gave him some water. He survived :)
And I had to have my photo taken with this Ferrari we spotted

On Sunday was emo_kids birthday. She only has punk_boi here, so not many presents, and we just had a quiet one at home.

Today there were 2 packages waiting for us.
The first was Sweet Mimi
And the next was Miguel
This is Miguel's first trip, so ive been asigned to be his buddy :)

Well bye for now,

Love Rosario

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Milton, Australia - 20th October 2010

By: emo_kid

Hi Mum

Today Bussi, Lenny and Nursy are all leaving us, so we threw them a going away party.

The chocolate was so good

Hope they have fun where they're going, Bye

Love Rosario

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Around Brisbane, Australia - 11th November 2010

By: emo_kid

Hi Mum

Sorry its been a while since an update, emo_kid has had an insane work schedule lately...
But here's an update of what ive been up to...

While emo_kid's been working, we've been catching up on our reading

We went for a trip into the city one day and came home with all sorts of goodies...

We even found a tunnel to chill in

We stayed up all night talking to the teddies emo_kid won out of the claw machine, and the spider...

And then one day this envelope arrived

We were all very curious and then this monkey jumped out and starting hanging from the chair screaming "im free, im free"

After a couple of minutes he calmed down, and shared his cookies with us

Someone glued a coin to the pavement. Looks like an Australian 10cent piece.

More to come soon

Love Rosario

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Unknown, Unknown - 15th March 2011

By: Xadrian

Hi, this is Rosario's mentor.  During Rosario's visit to Australia, a massive flooding occurred in the QLD area where he was visiting.  We have not heard from Rosario or his host in months and we hope that they are both OK and recovering  :(

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