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Go to a Cubs baseball game in Chicago, IL

Go to Disneyworld in Orlando, FL

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Travelog for: Addison

HOME, USA - 13th August 2010

By: DragonflyXO

Hi!  My name is Addison!
My mom bought me on eBay about a week ago and I finally arrived at my new home here in Tucson, AZ (USA).  I got to meet my new family—Brownie White, Pear, Teddy Bear, Nike and Charlie Bear—and they all seemed really nice!


I didn’t get to meet my other sibling—Emily S.—because she’s in Iowa right now.  She’s a ToyVoyager just like me and Charlie Bear!  Even though we haven't met yet, I’m sure that we will get along just fine.  :D


My mom told me that my first trip will be starting in about a week or so.  I’m going to be staying in Florida with starryeyed!


I’m hoping that I’ll be able to go to Disneyworld, but we’ll see!


I’ll keep you posted!

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HOME, USA - 14th August 2010

By: DragonflyXO

Hi again!
Tonight my mom got me all packed for my trip to Florida.  She says that Tanya is going to Disneyworld at the end of this month and she doesn't want me to miss out on that!  So I'll be heading out sooner than expected!  I think Mom's jealous that I get to go and she doesn't!  ;) 

Next stop: Florida!

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Jacksonville,Florida, United States - 18th August 2010

By: starryeyed

Hello Mom, I have arrived safely in Florida.  Here I am tucked safely in the package, Whew am I ready to get out of here..
It is really hot here so I am going to stay inside where it is cool until I get used to this heat. B)
I met a friend who told me we are going to have lots of fun together. His name is Lil Devil and he is mischievous..
I am going to have lots of adventures here in Florida with Tanya She has 3 pets and I met one of them today. Her cat named Gypsy. Although it seemed that all she wanted to do was smell me :o
Well Mom I am gonna go explore and will have more to share soon :D

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Naval Station Mayport, United States - 20th August 2010

By: starryeyed

Hi Mom :) Guess what.. Tanya's husband is in the Navy, and today we visited the Navy Base. I got to see lots of big ships that have traveled all over the world. Here I am with some of them. Just imagine all of the places they have been...
They are so big and thousands of people live and work on them while they sail the seas.
Tanya's husband works on helicopters. Here I am with a HS-60 Bravo Nighthawk(isn't that an awesome name)  helicopter that is on display
Do you see me I look so small beside that huge aircraft..  :rolleyes:

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Jacksonville,Florida, United States - 22nd August 2010

By: starryeyed

Hi Mom  :D I have been having lots of fun here in Florida! It rained for a bit yesterday, but I made it outside in time to do some exploring before the the storms started rolling in.
I wanted to get a good look around so I sat up high in this tree. I could look all over Tanya's yard. I didn't see any tree frogs or crawly things up there.

Then I found this prickly cactus. I didn't hurt myself don't worry, but those prickers look sharp. No crawly things there either
We were getting ready to go inside because the sky started getting really dark   :(
And then lookie what we found just hanging out on Tanya's house  :o
They come out mostly at night and you can hear them a lot before it rains making their "rain call"
Well that little frog was right cause we made it inside just in time because the rain started pouring down
I met some new friends and relaxed inside for the rest of the day. Here are some of my new buddies
This is a little birdie that Tanya made He is really sweet
Tanya's beagle Bailey is really friendly and only tried to chew on me once,lol :rolleyes:
She has a tank with some fresh water fish This one is called a gourami

Little Devil and I watched some MTV music videos

Then we went for a drive to visit Tanya's cousin. We went over a big bridge called the Dames Point bridge It crosses over the St.Johns River and has towers that are over 400 feet high !

While we were at Tanya's cousin's I met their Red Nose Pit Bull named Duke.
Some people think that pit bulls are mean but most of them are really nice and smart dogs like Duke. He even let me ride on his bac

I will have more to share again soon  :D Addison

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Orlando Florida, United States - 27th August 2010

By: starryeyed

Hi Mom  :D I had a busy and fun weekend in Orlando Florida.
There are lots of pictures to share and I can't wait to tell you about all that I saw !
Early on Thursday morning we went to a place with lots of brochures inside and this sign outside.
Tanya said that I didn't need a ticket so I guess that bears get into Disney World for free.
We traveled for 2 hours to Orlando. It was a nice ride and there were lots of shops along the way selling fresh Florida citrus fruit.. Yum
Then I saw this sign "We're Here"
This is Main Street in Disney World
And here I am in front of Cinderella's castle
Riding on a flying Dumbo
Disney World was lots of fun and there was a huge parade and lots of fireworks at night.
The next day I went to Animal Kingdom, I hoped that I would see a bear there.
me in front of a waterfall
With African Drums
I went on an African Safari and saw Elephants Flamingos and more
Then after my safari I saw these interesting primates called lemurs
They were just hanging around
Part of the park was made to look like Asia and the other like Africa with lots of cool animals and things to see
I did find a bear and guess what he was even
Here I am in front of Mount Everest well not really but a ride called Expedition Everest

The last day of my visit I went to Hollywood Studios
This is in front of the Rock and Roller Coaster
I learned how Hollywood movies are made on the backlot tour
And even got to see New York City, or a least a Hollywood prop of it
There was even a Muppet Area of the park

Well I had a lot of fun and hope that you like seeing all of the things that I saw :D

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