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Have a birthday party with lots of cake

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Travelog for: Rowley

At Home, England - 21st July 2010

By: kittyboo

Hello, Rowley here


Today I've been hanging out with my friend Theo

We were sat on our Mummy's bed, discussing how much cake we could eat today

We're having fun today before I leave to visit AandJWheeler in america, how exciting!


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Post Office, England - 24th July 2010

By: kittyboo

Rowley went to the post office today snuggled up ready to sleep through the journey and dream of cake. I hope he arrives quickly ready to enjoy America.

I'll put some pictures up when my laptop decides to acknowledge the sd card.


* Posted Jul 28, 2010, 9:58 am [Quote] [View just this post] Go to the top of the page

Springfield, Ohio, USA - 2nd August 2010

By: AandJWheeler

Rowley has arrived safetly in America and is very eager to get to the local bakery for a piece of cake. Pictures will be up very soon, but for now, we have stuff to do and people to see :-D

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Springfield, Ohio, United States - 15th August 2010

By: AandJWheeler

Sorry for not updating lately, having problems with the internet here. We are pretty sure we have it all figured out now. I have been having lots of fun and have several pictures to upload soon. We had one of my host's family members in, Kraig, he was really nice. I went on the trip to take him home (it was a 3 hour drive). It got kind of boring but we stopped at Long John Silvers for lunch. We also visited a bakery, Schueler's, and my host's got me a cup cake all for my self! It was very delicious! We also had doughnuts, it was amazing. Well, for now I am going to bed, we are going to a local museum tomorrow.

Good night,

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Springfield, Ohio, USA - 20th August 2010

By: AandJWheeler

We went to the mall the other day, it was so much fun. We went to a sports store and my hosts took pictures of me with their favorite team logos! I had a blast! :D :D


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