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Visit the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, PA

Get her picture taken with hydrangeas in Virginia/Washington DC

Go shopping in New York City, NY

Visit the beach in San Diego, CA and bring home a seashell as a souvenir

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Travelog for: Emily S.

HOME, USA - 1st August 2010

By: DragonflyXO

Hi, Iím Emily!  I live in Tucson, AZ with my family: Kristee, Adam, Kelso, Brownie White, Pear, Nike and Teddy Bear.  Kristee is my mom, Adam is her boyfriend, and Kelso is their pet bunny.  My mom just joined ToyVoyagers the other day and she thinks that Iíd enjoy going on some trips around the world!  As of right now, Iím her only ToyVoyager.

-Brownie White is the oldest of my siblings.  Sheís a brown and white bunny that was a gift at my momís baby shower 20 years ago!  Since sheís already travelled quite a bit, my mom thinks she should stay home and make any TVs weíre hosting feel welcome.

-Pear is a lime green bear that was given to my mom by my Aunt Kyle.  Pear isnít too keen on the idea of leaving home just yet, so heíll be staying home and keeping Brownie White company.

-Teddy Bear is a brown bear that was given to my mom by my grandpa.  Heís the protector of the family and a bit too big to travel, so heíll be keeping an eye on things here and making sure that nobody gets into trouble.

-Nike is a Pomeranian puppy that was given to my mom by her boyfriend, Adam.  My mom knows Nike is a curious pup, so she worries that if he were to go on trips, heíd end up wandering off and getting lost.  So heíll also be staying home.

My mom thinks Iím old enough and small enough to be able to travel the world on my own and she has lots of ideas on places I could go.  I can see my mom is a little worried about letting me go on my own, but Iíve promised her that Iíll be the most well-behaved doll I can possibly be.  Iím hoping Iíll be able to go on my first trip soon!  Iíll keep you posted!

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HOME, USA - 1st August 2010

By: DragonflyXO

My mom just came to me with some exciting news!


I'm going to be going on my first trip this week!  I'm going to be going to Iowa!  While there, my host, Luci, is planning on taking me to the State Fair!  I'm extremely excited!


I told the rest of my siblings about my first trip and they're all really happy for me (but I think they're going to miss me while I'm gone).
I'll keep you posted!

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HOME, USA - 2nd August 2010

By: DragonflyXO

Hi Again!
My mom has decided to send me off sooner than originally planned.  First I'll be spending about two weeks in Iowa with my first host, Luci.  After that I'll be heading off to Washington State to spend some time with my second host, Jess!

My siblings were sad to see me go.  They said their goodbyes and wished me luck.


Then my mom wrapped me up in my special blanket to keep me safe and warm on my trip.


She gave me a kiss goodbye, told me to be a good doll and tucked me in.  Tomorrow, my journey begins!  See you soon, Luci!



P.S. I'm kind of bummed that I won't be here to meet the first TV we're hosting, Clover, but I know she'll have a good time.  My mom's already made a special present to give her when she arrives!  :)

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Newton, IA, USA - 5th August 2010

By: voto

Hi mom! Tonight I arrived in Newton, Iowa, to visit my new host, Luci! A couple things about Newton, Iowa:

Newton is a city in and the county seat of Jasper County, Iowa, United States. As of the 2000 census, the city population was 15,579. It is the home of Maytag Dairy Farms and was formerly home to the Maytag Corporation's corporate headquarters until the Whirlpool Corporation acquired it in 2006. It is also the location of Iowa Speedway.

We went up to her apartment to get acquainted and enjoy our first night together.

First, I snuggled into the couch with my blanket.


Luci was playing some text rpg on her computer and invited me to play along.


Here I met Charlie. :)


And to top it all off, we had some delicious snacks - extra sharp cheddar and sour punch straws! Very balanced!


Well, it's been a long journey and a full night for me. It's off to bed with another update tomorrow.

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Newton, IA, USA - 5th August 2010

By: voto

Hello again mum! Today we were lazy and stayed indoors, even though it was nice outside. I am having a wonderful time! This morning I was greeted by some new friends:



... and there are loads more here to keep me company!

Look, here's the view from Luci's balcony (she's on the 3rd floor, ooooh):


This afternoon Luci sat me down and we went through her postcard collection. She is a Postcrossing member and has over 80 postcards received from all over the world.


Tomorrow she plans to take me to Newton's public parks and take pictures of me with all the pretty flowers and statues. :)

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Newton, IA, USA - 6th August 2010

By: voto

Dear mum,

Today did not go as planned, but that's okay. My host had some things come up that needed her attention, so I stayed at home with my new friends (see last update). Hopefully we'll be back on track soon!

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Newton, IA, USA - 9th August 2010

By: voto

Hi mum! It's been a little while since my last update. Guess what Luci and I have been doing? CLEANING! Weeee!

In anticipation on Luci's grandmum's arrival next weekend, we've been cleaning the whole place up and down (with her mum's help, of course).  :)

We cleaned and swept the living room, cleaned all of Charlie's fur off everything (silly cat!), cleaned Luci's room and dusted everything down. After that I was pretty tired out, but there is still more to do!

Here are some pictures from our adventures:

There was a lot of trash discovered while we were cleaning. It all needs to go out!


The bathroom is almost done!


Of course, Charlie was no help at all :(


Cleaning is hard work - so I took a nap.


Then Luci read to me out of one of her library books - The Catcher in the Rye. We've just started :)


We're still planning to go to Newton's small botanical garden soon (and the store for groceries) before her grandmum comes on Sunday. I miss you and hope you're having a good time!

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Newton, IA, USA - 11th August 2010

By: voto

Hello mum! Some bad weather here - we have been having torrential rains and thunderstorms for the last two nights. So, there's been RECORD flooding. Luci's house isn't near the flood zone, but we weren't able to go out and take pictures either because the roads are closed and officials are trying to keep people away.

I hope the floods recede before the fair next week!

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Des Moines, IA, USA - 12th August 2010

By: voto

Hi again mum! Today we took a trip to Des Moines, which is about 30 minutes to the west of Luci's home (and also the capital here). I took some pictures of the flooding so that you could see:

See here how the water comes up right to the road? It's like an ocean out there in those fields!



Once we got to Des Moines, we stopped by a craft store:


We took some pictures with the Halloween decorations!


And some pretty floral decorations...


After the craft store, we went to the mall to look at some new clothes :)


That's the story for today! I heard today that it's supposed to rain (AGAIN) next Tuesday (our day planned for the fair) so we may be going Wednesday instead, when it's going to be nice and sunny.

Much love!

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Newton, IA, USA - 16th August 2010

By: voto

Hi again mum :)

Just a quick check up here. Luci's grandmum came into town (my what a nice lady!), and we introduced ourselves.

Looks like our fair plans for tomorrow are going to be switched due to more rain - now we are going on Wednesday and I will be heading to Washington State after that!

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Des Moines, IA, USA - 17th August 2010

By: voto

Hello mum! Today we went to the state fair with Luci's friend, Ashley, and her grandma. It was rainy, lightly drizzling, most of the day, but we still had a really good time. Here are some highlights from the trip:

Me and Luci's grandma:


Me and Luci's friend Ashley:


We parked at the local high school and rode the bus to the fairgrounds:


Our first stop was to get breakfast, yummy corndog!


Here is a view on the main street and the grandstands, a little empty because of the rain:


Next we went to the petting zoo, and I took a picture with the goats and camels :)



We saw some local wildlife (mostly fish) in the Department of Natural Resources building:


There were a lot of food booths, with a lot of fried goodies!


Then we went to the arts buildings...

Firstly, we saw a huge sand sculpture called "Star Boars"


Then we saw some ice sculptures, one particularly of a dragon:


Then were the national acclaimed Iowa State Fair Butter sculptures... the theme this year was Dr. Suess:



and the main attraction, THE BUTTER COW!


Then we went to the Midway to ride some rides. Some of them weren't working because of the rain, but Luci and Ashley had good thrills!



Passing by a building, we saw the winner of the biggest pumpkin contest, over 1000 pounds!


Our last stop was a woodcarving show - where the artist carved with a chainsaw!


So mum, that was our state fair trip. Tomorrow I'll be packing up and will be on my way to see Jess in Washington State! I can't wait to see what new adventures are in store for me there. :)

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Seattle, WA, USA - 26th August 2010

By: Jess Roqs

I'm in Seattle! Wow. I can't wait to start checking everything out. My host said that we are going to a soccer game this weekend. She also has two other(TobiHH and Frazza Froog) TV's visiting her and one came all the way from Germany. WOW
So I just completed one of my life missions!


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Seattle, USA - 27th August 2010

By: Jess Roqs

We all got to go see a super funny play this weekend. It was a performance of Dr Horrible's Sing-along Blog. It was funny and very entertaining.
After the play JessRoqs took us to eat some cupcakes. They were HUGE but super super yummy!


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Seattle, USA - 2nd September 2010

By: Jess Roqs

JessRoqs told us we were going to "work" this whole weekend.  I was confused because I thought she worked from home. JessRoqs was volunteering at a gaming convention called PAX for the labor day weekend. She was in charge of 5 of the vendors showing off their games and comic books for the 75,000 attendees. We got to meet a lot of really cool people and saw a lot of great games. JessRoqs was always running from one place to another fetching things for the vendors but she was nice enough to take us along in her bookbag and let us poke our heads out of the bag. It was a lot of hard work but fun too.


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Seattle, USA - 6th September 2010

By: Jess Roqs

Holy cow what a busy busy day. JessRoqs had a friend visiting for the weekend and we all went out to see the sights of Seattle.

We started with breakfast at the Kona Kitchen. Their claim to fame is the that owner is the "bad guy" from the movie Karate Kid 2. They have pictures of him in the restaurant. The food was really good too.

After breakfast we went to see GasWorks Park. GasWorks park is where they have the fourth of July fireworks over Lake Union everyyear. It's the location of a former Coal Gasification plant and still has some of the old equipment on display.  We even got to see the Spaceneedle from across the lake. It was a little cloudy but still really cool to see.


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