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Travelog for: Nursy

Los Angeles, United States - 26th March 2011

By: pinkandgray

Ohh, a marathon.  That sounds exciting.  I wonder what is going on.

Claire and I are in Santa Monica, at the 3rd Street Promenade.

Lots of people around.

I like the palm trees.

That is one big video game set-up.

Is it a dinosaur or is it a shrub?  This was fun.  Can't wait to see what is next.

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Los Angeles, California, United States - 4th April 2011

By: pinkandgray

Claire and I went to MacArthur park.  It is near downtown Los Angeles, and there is a metro stop right near it.

There were lots of birds and lots of people there.  I also hear that sometimes they shoot movies there.

You can see the fountain in the middle of water behind me.  It was a nice adventure. 

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Los Angeles, California, United States - 10th April 2011

By: pinkandgray

Claire and I going to see the Fisher family.  I think they had a show on HBO called "Six Feet Under."

I guess they aren't home.  Oh well.  Better luck next time.

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Los Angeles, CA, United States - 23rd April 2011

By: pinkandgray

We are on the metro.

All aboard for a trip to downtown Los Angeles.

Here we are.  We made it.

Los Angeles does have lots of traffic.

And tall buildings.

I wonder if they can see me from the top of the building.

Claire came with me today.

She is quite nice.

It is not all tall buildings, there was this nice little section with a fountain and benches.

We had a fun day.

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Boom, Belgium - 12th June 2011

By: eurydike

Hey Mommy,
we had a great time in Belgium with the scouts.
First the weather wasnīt fine and my host was sick but then it was a great weekend.
We went to Belgium by bus.
It was so much fun and everywhere German scouts (11-16 years old) and of course the leaders ...
The first night was cold and it was pretty good to sleep with my friends so we could warm each other :)
In the morning I enjoyed the silence because I woke up really early. So I took the time to read a book. But this was the last time for reading.
In this camp, called Intercamp were around 2500 scouts from different countries (England, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, America, Canada, Tschechien, Poland and Germany).
It was a great view from the banner and gaming point to the tents
The Intercamp flag was yellow like the sun
and so much children played ... me too :)
My host printed a T-Shirt with the Intercamp 2011 Logo and I tried to wear it, but it was a bit to small ;)
and she let me use her Gilwell ... WOWWWWWW
It was a great time at Intercamp 2011.

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Dublin/Loughrea, Ireland - 25th July 2011

By: eurydike

Hello Guys,
I was on honeymoon... ok .. it wasnīt my honeymoon but the hosts honeymoon.
It was pretty good. But letīs start at the beginning.
We landed in Dublin and they lost our luggage :( so we had to wait about 2 hours but I played a little bit.
The first week I gone for a daily donkey walk. It was so great to see all the green and the nature.
The donkeys "John-Willy" and "Hero were really nice.
The donkey on the picture is "John-Willy", he had to take me in his luggage all the time .. ;)
The nature was so adorable. I saw a lot of fantastic places and ruins.
This is "Hero", he was the younger one.
It was a great time in the nature but there wasnīt so much time to photograph all the impressions.
So, I went on to Dublin City for a week and saw so much more and had more time to stop.

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Dublin, Ireland - 2nd August 2011

By: eurydike

The second week was so loud and full of music and fun.
I started with a sightseeing through the city.
I saw a man who made great pictures with chalk.
The weather was good but on the "needle" I had a big cloud in the backround
I went to the Leprechaun Museum (donīt do that, if youīll go to Dublin - I was bored but the Leprechaun was so funny that I wanted to show him to you)
Here was the entry of the "losing money museum"
My host Mom had fun with me
Of course I saw a lot of pubs and I loved the atmosphere in there ... but I just took a picutre for you infront of the pub.
(too much beer ...  :rolleyes:)
It was a little bit romantic on the bridge in Dublin.
The half penny bridge is called like this because in the 19th century the took a half penny from the people so they could cross it and go to the other side.
Now there are a lot more bridges and you donīt have to pay anymore :)
I also visited the christ church.
It was a typical Irish church.
One day I met some nice girls but they didnīt spoke to me... sad but so I just stopped by and left them soon.
Here you can see the half penny bridge
Of course I drunk some Guiness in the Guiness Brewery ;)
I also visited a great museum called DUBLINIA
It was a museum with a viking and a medieval section.
Sad but true the children shoes were often made from worn out adult one
Sad but true they got us in the Medieval ;) Little joke but I took the host Mom with me for these pictures
It wasnīt allowed to take any photos in the library of the Trinity College. But it was so great that I bought 2 postcards and made a picture in the hotel for you
One of the last days I went to Bray. It is 45 minutes away from Dublin and I had a great day on the beach and in the sun.
We got the first Geocache in Europe. This was a highlight.
I climbed a little bit for it but the view was adorable.

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Elche, Spain - 18th November 2011

By: Ikusi

She went back home! :)

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