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Travelog for: Buster

Limburg, Netherlands - 23rd August 2010

By: Braveheart Sam

A busy day!
First at Annie's home (read my profile, and you understand). She took me with her to her job, grabbed Claudia and said: I've got a gift for you...
Tadaaaa! Out came I. Claudia never saw me coming! She was really surprised!

Then we went for a walk, together with my DT's (Dog-Travelers) Ami, the brown one, and Gaio.

After the walk, I posed with Grouchy and Takkie. He's a dog too.

Then Claudia went to do some voluntary work. She visits people who want to adopt a dog from Spain. She talks to them, asks questions, and if everything is good, the adoption is made final.
My other TV's went along too.

And now it's very late, I need to sleep! Talk to you soon!


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Home, Netherlands - 8th September 2010

By: Braveheart Sam

Busy day yesterday.

First I went to work. We have a huuuuuge order that has to be ready for X-mas, so mom and myself worked on that.

Then we had lunch and a nice glass of tea.

And back home, we had to clean!

I helped to fix a light in our globe... look, it's me!
I'm on top of the world!


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Home, Netherlands - 8th September 2010

By: Braveheart Sam

Today I said goodbye to Takkie. He's is now on his way to the USA.
He was a bit affraid to get in the envelope, so I made sure no nasty things were in there. Then he looked with me and after he was sure it was safe to travel with, I closed the envelope and wrote down the address.
Safe journey, Takkie!


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Margraten, Netherlands - 9th September 2010

By: Braveheart Sam

A special day today. I never saw this before, it was quite impressive!
Mom took me to Margraten, a small town in the south of Limburg, a province of Holland.
There she parked the car at a place that was sooo nice, it looked like heaven.
We walked pass a small pool, went up a few stairs and what I saw took my breath away....


White crosses, as far as you could look!
We visited an ABMC place. Which is American Battle Monuments Commission. Soldiers that died in WW2 are burried here. A total of 8301 soldiers!
There are a lot of ABMC's in the world, but this one is special.
The local people of Margraten fellt sorry for the soldiers that were burried, they never got any flowers, because their family lives far far away. So the people of Margraten decided that citizens could adopt a grave. The only thing the adopter should do is bring flowers. On special occasions or because he or she wants to go.
My mom adopted this grave and today she took me to give Pvt. Isabel G. Valdez flowers. For some reason, there has to be a bit yellow in the bundle.

Mom is trying very hard to find relatives of Pvt. Isabel G. Valdez. She wrote strangers letters, started a group on facebook, wrote the government, but due to a fire long long time ago, all archives about Pvt. Valdez got lost.
Maybe you can help her?
Send mom a PM and she will give you more info.
It really would mean a lot to her.

At our way back, mom took my picture at this statue.
It's the mourning woman overlooking the pool.
On the building behind her it says:
"Each for his own memorial
earned praise that will never die
and with it
the grandest of all sepulchres
not that in which
his mortal bones are laid
but at home
in the minds of men"

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Home, Netherlands - 2nd October 2010

By: Braveheart Sam

Oh... this is so terrible...
Mom has 2 TV's and she's taking good care of them. But she also has 2 little monkeys and they are sitting in a box!


Can I get them out? The one on the left is called Steve, he has a swimsuit on. The one on the right is Paula, she's a punk girl.

Mom says that the 2 monkeys are Monchhichi's and should stay in that box. I disagree.
Can someone give me a hand and free these poor souls?

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Brunssum, Netherlands - 15th October 2010

By: Braveheart Sam

An envelope arrived today...

I listened, I could hear something, listen Nippy, do you hear that too?

Yikes! Ik makes noise and it moves!!!

Oh, it's a nice guy, this one. His name is Eatcookie and his name is great! I hope, for my mom, he doesn't eat that many cookies...

He told us all about his travels so far.

It makes me wonder what it's like, out there...
Maybe I should leave my mom and travel?

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Heaven, Up there... - 4th August 2011

By: Braveheart Sam

What a sad, sad day...
Our little TV is no more...

One of our DT (Dog Traveler) has taken Buster for a walk to play.
They played to rough and Buster didn't make it.

Explicit Pictures!
Not for the faint of heart...

You are considered warned!


Rest In Peace, sweet sweet Buster...

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