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Travelog for: Bernie R.G.Bear

Macao, China - 12th September 2013

By: tammy_tami

To my dear mum,
These days, my host mummy back to work in Macao,so she still showed me around this city.In the weekends, we just walking around on the street.As the Chinese traditional festival,Mid-autumn Festival, is coming, there many traditional decorations on the street.You can see the second photo, the decoration which look like spacecraft are the lanterns! Are they interesting?:P Then we continue hang out in the street.You can see the third one, it's a church!
Here is my latest news in Macao!
Please take care there ><


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Guangzhou, China - 6th October 2013

By: tammy_tami

Hi mum,here is my latest news in China!
Last week, it's the National Day of China, Oct 1st, so host mum has 7 days holiday and back to Guangzhou[quote].We went to her grandma's home,it's so funny there.In these photos, you can see that i'm really happy to play with a cute doggy who named Wang Wang and four big Brocarded carp!! You see, Wang Wang really likes me, she's trying to kiss me, but host mum didn't allow her to do that :(. Anyway, it's great to play with Wang Wang.At noon, we have a great lunch.Chinese food is delicious and great!As autumn has came now, but here in Guangzhou still very hot!I like sunny day XD!
Please wait for my next update,love you mum <3


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Guangzhou, China - 10th October 2013

By: tammy_tami

Hello Mum!This is my last update in China.Continue the last update, after dinner,host my took me to Guangzhou Opera House to see a famous opera, La Traviata which was written by Verdi. On our way to that house, i saw many high modern builings,and one colorful tour!That tour is Guangzhou Tour, it's very high. About La Traviata, it's bravo and amazing, this is the first time that i watch an opera in China!!I think i like opera very much.
Next week, i will visit Australia.I really love China, an amazing land!China is so large, this i just visit the south of it, i hope i will have a chance back to here and visit the other parts in the future.I will miss all my  Chinese friends here><
Please wait for my new update in Australia!
Love you mum!


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Melbourne, Australia - 28th February 2014

By: apartmentcat

Hi Mum!

I finally arrived in Australia! I think I got a bit lost along the way, but here I am now. I climbed out of my box and met the other toys. They're all very nice.





To celebrate, we baked some vegemite and cheese scrolls!
Here is the dough in the breadmaker.


We tipped the dough out of the tin and pressed it flat.


Then we made it into a rectangle shape and spread Vegemite and cheese all over it.
The Vegemite smelled disgusting, but Host Sister says it's delicious. I don't know about that!


Then we rolled the dough up, cut it into scrolls and put them in the baking tin.


Here they are cooked. Wow, they grew so much bigger!


We all enjoyed the bread straight out of the oven with some butter on it. Yum!



I'm looking forward to lots more fun in Australia,
Talk to you soon!
Bernie R. G.

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Melbourne, Australia - 5th March 2014

By: apartmentcat

Hi Mum!

Today we said goodbye to Lotta. She is travelling to Canada.
She had a lovely time here and we wish her well.



Talk to you soon,

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