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Travelog for: Tomas

Torun (home), Poland - 22nd September 2010

By: Tomas

Today I'll have a first travel to China!
Sorry for big delay, but Daria, my mentor don't have much time.. :(
But I hope I'll have a wonderful travel around the world! :)

She put to evenlope 4 postcards for every hoster :) All was bought by the polish Baltic sea, where I was this weekend :)


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University, China - 16th January 2011


Hello, I am in Shanghai, China! I am very excited. :D
Snowball have taken me visit her university several days ago. She had her final term exams and she was busy in prepareing her exams.
I stayed with her and her friend in a lovely coffee shop. She reviewed her work there. The shop is very beautiful and there was a lovely cat there.
I have visited Snowball's university. It is very beautiful. I took a class with her but I can't understand what the professor said because I did not know Chinese.
Snowball promised that she would took me to a wonderful exhibition which recently hold in Shanghai. I am looking forward to it!  :rolleyes:
Don't worry about me. I had a nice time here!


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Shanghai, China - 1st February 2011


Shanghai is really cold these day! I have been to an exbihition called Shanghai Biennial. It was very beautiful but a little hard for me to understand :thinking:.
Snowball has taken me to have Korean food. It was very delicious! I enjoyed it a lot. I like the pumping porridge!
These days are the most inportant festival for Chinese. The festival is called the Spring Festival. Snowball is busy visiting relatives and friends. Chinese enjoy to have meal together and the old often give children the red pocket which are full of money! I like this festival!


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Shanghai, China - 13th November 2011


I have left Shanghai,China and continue my travel.
I am on my way to USA and I am looking forward to it a lot!

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Phoenix, Arizona, USA - 26th November 2011

By: brittaniethekid

I have arrived in Phoenix, Arizona! I will live with Brittanie for awhile before moving on. It is colder than I thought here but very sunny.  B)


I just missed the US holiday of Thanksgiving but it will be Christmas soon and I am very excited!

There are many other new friends to spend my time with while Brittanie works but she promises to show me around her home soon. Until then...!  :)


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