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Travelog for: Miguel

Winston-Salem, NC, USA - 2nd October 2010

By: atotalnobody

Hello Friends!

My name is Miguel and I am ready to start my journey as a Toy Voyager! I am a little shy at first but am definitely very friendly once I warm up to you. I love to have fun and play games. I can't wait to learn about the world around me and come back to tell my mom and dad about my wonderful travels. I also hope to meet many other toys to keep as penpals and long term friends.

Here I come!

Can't wait to meet you! :cyclops:

Welcome Duck.jpg

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Winston-Salem, NC (Home), USA - 5th October 2010

By: atotalnobody

Hello Friends!

I am uber excited! My mom has found me some hosts!!!! *Jumps for joy* I will be leaving in the next couple of days to my first host, emo_kid in Australia! I have never been to the 'land down under' *chuckle* so this will be an interesting experience for me. I wonder what the weather will be like? Maybe I should find out before I travel (Note to mom: Check weather in Australia!). I'll have mom take my picture before she officially sends me off  :)

Until then... *days dreams of what Australia will be like...*

- Much love

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Winston-Salem, NC (Home), USA - 7th October 2010

By: atotalnobody

Hello Friends!

Tonight my mom is preparing me for my long journey across the sea to Australia! My mom is organizing my package to ensure my safe arrival.

I am also saying goodbye to my pet friend TeddyBear... my parents dog. I think he is trying to play with me instead of saying his goodbye. I am going to miss him especially his kisses and licks.  :cyclops:

Look forward to meeting my new host! I am off to Australia in the morning!  B)

Time to ship.jpg
GB Teddy.jpg

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Milton, Australia - 19th October 2010

By: emo_kid

Hi Mum

Ive arrived in Australia :)
And i wasn't the only one this morning.
Here's Sweet Mimi
And here's me
emo_kid say's thanks for the postcards and card :)

P10 stays at home, so he's agreed to be my buddy and so has Synapse. So ill be looked after while im here :)

Well bye for now,

Love Miguel

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Milton & Paddington, Australia - 20th October 2010

By: emo_kid

Hi Mum

Last night i got to meet Atila
and Itci

Today we had a going away party for Bussi, Nursy and Lenny

I got to swim through the lollies and cookies (he he) :)

We said our goodbyes, even though we'd only just met

Love Miguel

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Around Brisbane, Australia - 11th November 2010

By: emo_kid

Hi Mum

Sorry its been a while since an update, emo_kid has had an insane work schedule lately...
But here's an update of what ive been up to...

While emo_kid's been working, we've been catching up on our reading

We went for a trip into the city one day and came home with all sorts of goodies...

We even found a tunnel to chill in

We stayed up all night talking to the teddies emo_kid won out of the claw machine, and the spider...

And then one day this envelope arrived

We were all very curious and then this monkey jumped out and starting hanging from the chair screaming "im free, im free"

After a couple of minutes he calmed down, and shared his cookies with us

Someone glued a coin to the pavement. Looks like an Australian 10cent piece.

More to come soon

Love Miguel

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FosterCareHome, Finland - 1st February 2014

By: FosterCareHome


I've arrived in snowy Finland! We had a great trip in the box, me and my amigos!

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FosterCareHome, Finland - 3rd November 2015

By: FosterCareHome

Quack! I'm still here, learning a new language and teaching everyone else Spanish  B)

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Bergrheinfeld, Germany - 13th November 2015

By: FosterCareHome

Today I arrived in Germany!

I'm so happy that I have a new home!

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