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Travelog for: Meep

Prague , Czech Republic - 14th October 2010

By: Yogurtfish

Hello world!

How are you today? My name is Meep! I am incredibly excited as Ihave never posted anything on a web page before! Well I still haven't I'm dictating as I pace back and forth in front of my owner. (I lack fingers you see). Today I announce my registration with this travel service and begin my hunt for a vacation spot. Neep (my wife) has nagged me about taking out the trash for too long! And therefore my owner has set me up for an adventure. Although I never thought an old mouse like me would ever go on one. They sound cold and tiring but I will persevere or get "lost" and never have to go back to Neep again. Maybe that wouldn't be too bad...
The soon to be toy voyager,

Photo on 2010-10-13 at 19.05.jpg

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