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go to Japan: preferably kyoto or tokyo

go to Italy.

see a carnival. (photographs prove it).

go on a boat. (photographs prove it).

see a veiw from the top of a mountain.

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Travelog for: AdrianMunk

saughall massie, England - 16th October 2010

By: evilkelsits

I, Adrian Munk(y), have took on a mission.

I am going to travel.
So I'm packing my bags and awaiting my time to leave.

Hopefully soon.

Yours munkily

A Munk.  B)

PM Evilkelsits if interested in hosting. me. B)

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in the post!, inbetween countries - 18th October 2010

By: evilkelsits

Heading to Essen, germany to see Fabi! :D
B) Even though I'm excited I'm still cool  B)


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Essen, Germany - 25th October 2010

By: BlackCat

Heyho out there,

wow, lights, sunshine, and a new face. I guess I arrived at my new host today. It was a long travel, but I am okay.

Fabi promised me to go outside with me later, as soon as she is ready with the housework. So be sure to get some photos later as well.

Now I will eat a banana and wait until we will leave the house.

I miss you,

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Essen, Germany - 25th October 2010

By: BlackCat

Hey mum,

there I am again. We had a lot of fun the last hours. So now I can make an update with photos :)!

First, I am not alone here. Scathach, another ToyVoyager, welcomed me with some chocolate.

Hello :)


I had to try it right away.

Jummie :)! It was good.

Then Fabi had to go to the doctor and I went with her. We went there by bus. When we came out of the bus, we saw the following part of Essen. It is called Essen-Steele and the houses are called "City Caree".

There is a bookshop on the left side.




On the way to Fabis doctor we found a car I was allowed to drive for a second.


Downstairs in the house of Fabis doctor is a pharmacy.

Inside the house it isn't looking so good.

Fabis doctor is not the only one who has a place to work there.

When the doctor sent us home again, Fabi went into a bakery with me. She said she needs something sweet now and her boyfriend called us and asked for something to eat as well. So we decided to buy a Danish pastry for her and a pretzel for her boyfriend. I was allowed to try it both at home.

Fabis Danish pastry

Jummie...vanilla pudding inside...

And from her boyfriend the pretzel.

I wanted it all for me :)!

Fabi said, that my tag is a bit too big for me. Would it be okay when we make a new one? Please let us know. She said she can make a sweet one for me or a smaller one or so. You can choose. :)

Now we will make supper. Maybe I will make another update later then ;)!


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Essen, Germany - 26th October 2010

By: BlackCat

Hey mum,

here I am again. Today we just had a short walk, as it was already getting dark outside. Tomorrow we will be away the whole day and I am not sure if I will find time to update my travellog, but Fabi promised to try it at least. But you will see.

Right in front of Fabis house are big road works going on. There was a bridge and they damaged it and built a new one now.


There are big machines for the work.



They are working on the new bridge already.



There you can see the new basement for one part of the bridge.


I found some flowers. They made us smile for a while.


You can see that it is autumn now.



At the end of our walk I was able to see a German train. It was really fast, but the camera was fast enough.

I am excited because of tomorrow. Fabi said it will be raining, but we hope it won't as we just have outdoor things planned. But maybe her best friend has a good idea when it rains.


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Kevelaer, Germany - 27th October 2010

By: BlackCat

Hey mum,

what a long day. My feet are hurting. But I hope you will like the updates I have for you.

The weather was not so good, but it wasn't raining, so Fabi and her best friend Boris went to Kevelaer with me.

Kevelaer is a famous place of pilgrimage in Germany. They have a lot chapels, churchs and such in the small town.

Fabi wanted to go there, as she was there often when she was younger and missed it a bit. She told us that it is really nice there, even if you are not a Christian.

There were a lot old houses in Kevelaer.






We found two statues. Both are standing for the pilgrims who are coming to Kevelaer for visiting the stations of the cross and such.



And a statue where we don't know what it is...


There is one big church, called Basilica.




The main Kevelaer pilgrimage church was raised to the status of a papal basilica in 1923. The Basilica is where the major pilgrimage services are held.

Next to the Basilica is the Chapel of Grace.





Already in Nazareth, Mary lived among the people, among the apostles and first Christians. She experienced what continues to move many Christians to this very day. In Kevelaer, the faithful of all ages, both men and women, those seeking enlightenment and those in desperation, those acting out of belief and out of trust, all come to her. Shepherds and their flocks gather around her image, which is unusually close to them all, virtually close enough to touch.

The interior of the Chapel of Grace creates the impression that the artists and craftsmen who decorated it were filled with a determination to give of their best for the Almighty.

All of this beauty has been created in honour of the loveliest of them all: Mary, honoured and celebrated not for her external beauty, but also for her internal perfection, as a person full of grace.

And we saw the Candle Chapel.



Fabi lighted a candle for her neighbour, who was like a grandmother for her and died in January this year. She was in Kevelaer with her last time and the neighbour was a Christian.

The Candle Chapel is the oldest pilgrimage church in Kevelaer - therefore most processions still continue to make a stop here. The countless coats of arms, the abundance of candle offerings, the windows and the messages of gratitude are all evidence of the living tradition of pilgrimage here.

Then we saw the Priest's house.


The Priests house, the oldest stone building in Kevelaer, houses the pilgrimage offices. It is also the parish house of St.-Marien.

After seeing all these pilgrimage places, we went around in town a bit and found some shops with candles and other stuff.



And we found a fountain with Noah's ark on it. Can you see the monkey? :)





That was a long walk in Kevelaer. I really liked it there and I hope you like the pictures and the informations as well.

We didn't went home after that. But you will see in the next update, which I will write right after this.

I miss you,

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Kleve, Germany - 27th October 2010

By: BlackCat


after visiting Kevelaer we drove to Kleve. Fabi wanted to see the extensive gardens which greatly influenced European landscape designs.

Here some informations from wikipedia about it:

During the Thirty Years War the city had been under the control of the Dutch Republic, who in 1647 had given Johann Moritz von Nassau-Siegen administrative control over the city. He approved a renovation of the Schwanenburg in the baroque style and commissioned the construction of extensive gardens that greatly influenced European landscape designs of the 17th century. Significant amounts of his original plan for Kleve were realized and have been maintained to the present, a particularly beloved example of which being the Forstgarten.

Right next to the gardens is a small zoo, we didn't went in, but we were able to see some animals from the outside.

Gardens :)






After that we were all so tired, that we drove home again.


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Essen, Germany - 27th October 2010

By: BlackCat

Hey mum,

last update for today. While Fabi is typing this, I am sleeping already. I was so tired. It was a long day for a small monkey like me.

When we came home an envelope was waiting for Fabi. Gwyn arrived here. Fabi is her first host as well, so we sat down and talked a bit. I told her about my adventures until now and she is happy to be with us now. I guess we will have a great time, or what do you think? :)



Hopefully the weather will be nice tomorrow, so Fabi can go out with us again. You will see it.


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Essen, Germany - 28th October 2010

By: BlackCat

Hey :),

today a new Voyager arrived here. Michel is a far traveled bear. I was so happy to talk with someone who traveled for a bit already. We asked him thousand questions about his travel.



I hope he will have a great time with us.


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Essen, Germany - 29th October 2010

By: BlackCat

Hey :),

today we visited the old synagogue in Essen. In the old synagogue is a museum now. You can see a lot about the history of the synagogue, a lot about Judaism and such stuff. I made a lot photos for you, hope you will like them.


That's the synagogue from the outside. It was just renovated and opened again some weeks ago.



Here you can see a model of the synagogue.

That's a picture how the synagogue looked from inside, when it was still used.


This is an interactive card where you can touch different places like New York or London and they tell you all about the Judaism in that town (like where is a synagogue, where can you eat Jewish food and such).

Here you could learn a Jewish dance.

That's how it looks inside now.

And now some pictures without me to show you how nice it was there:



It was a nice day and I hope we can visit a lot more places like this in the next weeks.


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Essen, Germany - 31st October 2010

By: BlackCat


I guess Fabi took her Halloween costume a little bit too serious...I was scared...but it was nice.




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Essen, Germany - 10th November 2010

By: BlackCat

Hey :)!

Today we went to Kettwig. Fabi is really stressed at the moment, so I am not sure if there will be a lot updates in the next days. But you will see. Latest in December we will sure have some photos of you again.



Love you,

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Essen, Germany - 15th November 2010

By: BlackCat

Hey :)!

Today we visited the grandparents of Fabis boyfriend. Fabi showed us a church which is right over the street from their home. I am sorry that I haven't more pictures for today, but we weren't there for a long time.



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Essen, Germany - 24th November 2010

By: BlackCat

Hey :)!

Today we went to the castle ruin in Essen. It is a really nice place to be. I loved it a lot.

Fabi said from now on she will try to make more pictures again. She can't promise, but she will do her best.

So enjoy the pictures of the castle ruin and us.







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Essen, Germany - 28th November 2010

By: BlackCat

Happy first advent :)!


Sorry for the bad photo quality :(!

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