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To go to Devon/Cornwall and watch the surfers

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Travelog for: Fidget

Stockton, United Kingdom - 19th December 2010

By: mysticsweetness

Hey Dudes and Dudettes

Im a new voyager and would love to travel all over the world. At the moment i am at home with my mum Lorraine, her babies Evie and Emily and my bestest bud HayleyMae. I have attached a picture of me and HayleyMae.

This is just a quick update to say hi to all and if anyone wants to host me please let my mum know.

Peace out



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Stockton, United Kingdom - 6th January 2011

By: mysticsweetness

I am now on my way to a new host today, yippee.

I get to start my travels and im so excited.

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Pentney, Norfolk, United Kingdom - 7th January 2011

By: LittleBlogFrog

Hi Mum!

Wow, what a quick journey!... good ol' Royal Mail :)


Well, I just wanted to let you know that I arrived safely and that I was greeted by another
TV called Dottie Mouse when I got here. She had a lovely knitted jumper on and as my host
didnt want me to feel left out she found me a Toyvoyager jumper out to keep me warm, what
do you think mum?  :p


Unfortunately my host has to work this weekend but we plan to go out in the coming
week to explore and in the meantime I have dottie mouse for company. She has
been telling me all about her adventures with my host already... she went to watch the
Britains Got Talent auditions this week and saw Ant & Dec  :D

Anyway, I better go for now.
Speak soon,

Fidget x

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The Walks, Kings Lynn, England - 11th January 2011

By: LittleBlogFrog


Mum can I just say that when you told me I was going on holiday I had imagined
it to be somewhere lovely and hot with a few palm trees around involving alot
of sunbathing. Its very cold and windy here!!  ;)

Anyway, we didnt let the weather bring us down or stop our exploring.

Today my host had to pop to town so Dottie Mouse and I decided to go with her and
got on the bus to Kings Lynn.


We went for a stroll in 'The Walks' which is a huge park in the centre of Kings Lynn
and the only surviving 18th century town walk in the county.

My host said its a beautiful place in Summer but the wet weather doesnt do
it justice this time of year though...still i enjoyed it and we had a nice walk!


One of the trees has been carved into this figure - clever, eh?


This is Gannock Arch, it was orginally the entrance to the park many many years ago...



As you go under the arch you find yourself on a bridge over the river
and this is the view...


My host said in Summer this is the area where all the ducks usually are, waiting
to see if anyone passing has any bread for them :)


Well, Im back in the warm for the afternoon now mum.

My host and I are hoping for some dry weather to explore in on our next outing,
fingers crossed.

Love from Fidget x

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Kings Lynn Docks, Norfolk, England - 15th January 2011

By: LittleBlogFrog

Hi Mum,

My host needed to pop to town again today and while we were there we stopped
off at Kings Lynn Docks where there is a disused building with boarded up windows
that have been painted with artwork...




Overlooking the river 'Ouse' is this statue of  Captain George Vancouver .....


As you can see by my hair, its still very windy here.. but at least we have had
no rain today :)

Fidget x

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Pentney, Norfolk, England - 19th January 2011

By: LittleBlogFrog

Hi Mum, I hope you are well.

The weather looked like it was starting to brighten up yesterday but unfortunately
we've woken up today to see frost outside again.. oh well! The sun is trying to push
through though...

Im just having a quiet day at the office where my host works, its about a 25 minute
walk from her house so I walked with her to get here this morning...

This is the view from the driveway to her house today..


We decided to take some pictures during our walk...



As you can see my host lives in the middle of the countryside, its very quiet..



Well I better go for now but I will post again very soon and show you some
more pictures of what Ive been up to :)

Fidget x

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East Walton, Norfolk, England - 22nd January 2011

By: LittleBlogFrog

Hi Mum,

Me again :) Today I spent the day with my host and her boyfriend in a little village
called East Walton where her boyfriend lives.

We decided to bake some gingerbread men! My host told me she isnt a very
good cook but luckily her boyfriend helped us out alot.

Here I am with our rolled out gingerbread dough... mmm..


...Then we cut out lots of gingerbread men!


..Ready for baking! ...


..They smelt very yummy when they were ready...


We then got to decorate them with some baby blue icing we made.. we iced
nappies onto the baby gingerbreads  :p (Note the back cooling tray, unfortunately
some of our gingerbread men burnt a little :s)


...and some of the gingerbread men got some ''dolly mixture'' buttons...


Heehee, well my host and I have bought some of them home with us so we are just
about to share them ...yummy!

Speak soon,
Fidget x

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Pentney, Norfolk, England - 25th January 2011

By: LittleBlogFrog

Hi Mum,

My host decided to go for a swim today and just as she was packing her bag the
postman brought her a parcel, inside the parcel was another TV called Mumu! So
we BOTH decided that we would take a walk with our host to the swimming pool.

This is Energise, a private swimming pool, gym and spa located just 5 minutes away
from my hosts house... handy, eh?


Here I am inside the changing rooms....


Mumu and I waited here for my host to get changed...


We decided that it would be best to stay dry today so we let my host have her swim
while I made myself comfortable in the changing room locker and chatted to Mumu
about her adventures so far..


It looks like we've all got home just in time.. the clouds outside are very grey and it
looks like its going to rain some more.

Speak to you soon,
Fidget x

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Pentney, Norfolk, England - 29th January 2011

By: LittleBlogFrog

Hi Mum, How are you? Im doing well and Mumu is settling in properly now. 

Today, my host hoped she would get the chance to take Mumu and I out to explore
but unfortunately she had to change her plans at the last minute, although she did
say not to worry as we hope to go out during the week.

We havent been at home doing nothing though! My host is busy making a surprise
valentine gift for her boyfriend and Mumu and I have been helping her out, we will
share the photos with you when it is complete.

We have also be helping out and playing with our hosts pet hamster. This is
''Bobbypin'', shes a syrian hamster that my host rehomed because she was being
pestered by cats at her old home  , she got very scared because of it... but now
she seems happier and is getting braver everyday!


Anyway, we hope to get out and about soon.
Please pray for some nice weather for us  :p

Speak soon,
Fidget x

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Kings Lynn, Norfolk, England - 1st February 2011

By: LittleBlogFrog

Hi Mum,

We caught a bus into Kings Lynn again today...


...but today we decided to explore the outskirts of the town and went for a wander
towards Saturday Market Place to look at some of the buildings round there... This
is the first building you notice round there because it is HUGE! This is St Margarets
Church and as well as a normal clock it displays a moon clock that reveals the
phases of the moon as well as the times of Kings Lynn high tide.


Facing this huge church is the Guild Hall, another pretty building..


...Another little walk from here is a garden area and right in the middle of it stands
the Greyfriars Tower which is really tall and has an archway to walk under it... it is
one of only 3 of its kind left in England now! ..Here I am outside the tower and then
under the archway....



Of course after all that walking we had to stop for a little something to eat!  :p


..Well better go for now,
Love Fidget x

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Valentines Day Prep, Norfolk, England - 2nd February 2011

By: LittleBlogFrog

Hi again mum,

I thought I would update my travelog and tell you about one of the little projects
my host, Mumu & I have been working on while the weather has been bad


As my host needs to save money right now she has decided to give a handmade
card and handmade gift to her boyfriend for Valentines Day this year.

Yes, we are a little early for Valentines Day! but it is all going to take time and
we have just finished the first part of the gift which is a ''bottle of love''; an
empty wine bottle filled with little messages and love quotes which are all tied
up into little scrolls.

My host prepared all the scrolls first of all - that was the time-consuming part...!
She also made a card out of craft materials she had at home...


...and here are our tub of little scrolls... there is quite a lot of them!


The next part was something Mumu and I volunteered to do... we had to
put all the scrolls into the empty wine bottle, so Mumu held the bottle still
while I popped in a scroll one at a time.


..It soon started filling up!


...We got a wine label made to stick on the bottle that is personalised with my
hosts' boyfriends name on it.. it also has a little rhyme on it that says ''When
we're together or When we're apart, you're first in my thoughts and first in my


..my host thinks we might have to make a few more scrolls to fill the whole
bottle up though...

We have one more gift to make to go with it, maybe I'll show you that next time :)

Peace out,

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British Heart Foundation, Norfolk, England - 4th February 2011

By: LittleBlogFrog

Hi Mum,

Just thought Id tell you what I got up to last night.

Every year in February (For Valentines Day) the British Heart Foundation shop lets the
public write valentines messages on paper hearts that for a small donation they will
display in their shop window.

My host has written one for her boyfriend for the past three years so its turning into
a tradition and she went back the other day to write her fourth message. Then last
night, my host, her boyfriend and I went to go and see it :)


Here are some other peoples heart messages...


and here is my hosts one, they put it right on the entrance door of the shop so
everybody who walks in will see it! (message on right hand side)


..Well better go for now.
Ill update again very soon as I have one more Valentines related thing to show
you :)

Fidget x

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Valentines Prep, Norfolk, England - 4th February 2011

By: LittleBlogFrog

Hi Mum,

Thought I would just let you know about the other part of the Valentines gift
my host, Mumu and I made for her boyfriend.


This gift was very quick and easy to do, this is all we needed:


A rubiks cube and a little book of photo stickers (moo.com)

The next bit is very simple, we had to take the stickers and stick them on each
side of the Rubiks cube (the photo below is of my host & her boyfriend with
face masks on heehee)


Then we just kept going...


Until the whole of the cube was covered in photo stickers 


Et Voila!
...We have now finished our valentines day prep and this can go in the gift bag
with the ''bottle of love'' we made the other day 

Well I better be going now but I hope you have a great weekend
Love Fidget x

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Pentney, Norfolk, England - 8th February 2011

By: LittleBlogFrog

Hi Mum,

We have sun!! Im so excited...its still very cold but it makes such a difference to
see a good bit of sunshine outside. My host decided we should make the most
of it and we went for a bike ride around the village.

This is Pentneys village sign. Alot of Norfolk villages have signs that look like this.
Each one usually depicts the kind of things you will see in the village. On the
Pentney sign you can see 'Pentney Abbey' which my host says is located some-
where tucked away on the outskirts of the village (my host hopes to go and find
it one day!)


This is the local church, the St Mary Magdalene church...



We passed alot of horses during our bike ride, their owners were busy feeding
them though so we didnt want to disturb them by taken photographs.

..Lastly, what Norfolk is known for .. lots of flat countryside land...


....Well I better go for now,
Take care
Fidget x

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Valentines Day, Norfolk, England - 14th February 2011

By: LittleBlogFrog

Hi Mum,

How are you? I just thought I would post to wish you a very Happy Valentines
Day! Mumu and I have been spending an evening indoors as it was my host
and her boyfriends turn to go out alone tonight.

She did show us the big card and rose she got though, she also got the menu
and a little heart chocolate from the restaurant they had dinner at!


I hope you have had a lovely day with the one(s) you love.

Love You! From Fidget x
P.S My hosts boyfriend loved the presents we helped to make for him!

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