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Travelog for: Theodore Taylor

Mira Mesa, California, United States - 23rd January 2011

By: Xadrian

Hi there!  My name is Theodore Taylor and I am a wiener dog! I can't wait to travel the world and have many adventures :)


Theodore's Itinerary: 

Netherlands with After4Ever (Complete)
Russia with forelka

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Rotterdam, the Netherlands - 5th February 2011

By: after4ever

Hi Mom!

I have arrived save from a long, long trip. I was sleeping when suddenly I heard some noise..... You know I don't scare easily but I was a little afraid and dove in the back corner of the nice envelop that's been my home for a while. Then I saw a face, a friendly face. The woman called me by my name and asked me to come out. Her name is Corien and she is my new host. I think I like her but she's not you mommy!



Corien said she had been waiting for me to arrive very impatiently.... I'm her first visitor so for her it's a little strange as well... I gave her the gifts mom and I purchased her and she was very pleased with them!


After meeting Corien and her boyfriend Rob I met the two other men I will be sharing the house with.... I was a little frightened at first but Corien told me they are very sweet and they really like dogs. There names are Edje and Ozzy and they promised to only play together and just give me a hug or a kiss now and then. Also when I am cold I can lie against Edje and he will keep me warm.... Sweet isn't it?


Bye mom, I'll write again soon!

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Katwijk, the Netherlands - 6th February 2011

By: after4ever

Yesterday we went on a trip to the dunes and the seaside in Katwijk. It was spectaculair because there was a storm....

First we went to a place called 'Panbos' which means forest of Pan. This is a place near the sea with a lot of trees and dunes.

We took Rob's car and he let me steer a bit.... On the highway he took over so that I could look out of the window and enjoy the Dutch landscape


In Pan's forest we went for a hike and I climbed a lot of trees!


I got really tired of all the hiked and climbing so sweet Rob put me in his pocket where it was nice and warm. I was very glad I didn't have to walk for a while....


In the Pan forest there is a special place, it's a wall that was built in the 2nd world war to stop tanks and protect the area from attacks coming from the seaside. Corien let me walk this wall.... It was very impressive and real big so a little scary as well....


After climbing the wall we had some hot chocolat and applepie.... jummie! Then we went on to another place in Katwijk... the sea! Sadly there was a lot of cold wind today so Corien didn't really want to go on the sand. I saw the sea from a distance. Corien promised me we will go to the seaside another time when the weather is better!


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Blijdorp, Rotterdam, the Netherlands - 8th February 2011

By: after4ever

It's a real sunny day today in the Netherlands. Corien has a day of and took me on a trip to the Zoo in Rotterdam ( Blijdorp ). I had a lot of fun and saw some great animals!


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Rotterdam, the Netherlands - 11th February 2011

By: after4ever

Hi Mom!

This morning Corien came home very tired.... She had worked all night and because of that we have a lazy day. I helped her as much as possible with the stuff she had to do today. Fortunately that wasn't too much so she ( and we) had time to relax.
I made some new friends, Toy Voyagers that live here and will be traveling soon. Pipps really scared me at the beginning but I found out she is real sweet and careful. I think maybe she is a little bit in love with me mom, she couldn't stop touching me  :o



At first we helped Corien write some cards to people all over the world. I wrote a piece on them as well:



After finishing the cards Corien wanted to take a bath. We went with her to keep her company and I made sure that the water was warm enough.




After bathing Pipps, Tarantino ( I can call him 'Tino' 'cause we're friends now ) and I went downstairs to watch some t.v.



It was a real nice day. I hope tomorrow the weather is good enough to go out and see some more of this city. Corien promised to take me to the market when it doesn't rain..... fingers crossed!


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Rotterdam, the Netherlands - 19th February 2011

By: after4ever

Today a new friend arrived, Grumpy. I hope we will become good friends!



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Brielle, the Netherlands - 19th February 2011

By: after4ever

Today our hosts took us to a small town called 'Brielle' today. Brielle is a very old, fortified town. We made some pictures in the car on the way there and in the old town:















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Brielle, the Netherlands - 19th February 2011

By: after4ever

We stopped for a drink and a bite.... I had a 'kokosmakroon', a Dutch cookie with some cocos. Nice!




Next to the cafe there was a playground where I had some fun with my new friend Grumpy


In the old town we went to some shops with Dutch souvenirs:



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Rotterdam, Netherlands - 2nd March 2011

By: after4ever

Today SunnyHH arrived. He was a bit tired coming all the way from Australia but he was still awake enough to tell us all about his adventures. He has been traveling for a real long time and had some fascinating stories to tell.... We sat there for about 5 hours:




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Rotterdam, Netherlands - 2nd March 2011

By: after4ever

It has rained a lot the last few days but today is a sunny day! My host Corien has a day of and decided to take us to the park for a stroke and some photo's. The other ToyVoyagers that came along are SunnyHH and Grumpy











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Rotterdam, Netherlands - 5th March 2011

By: after4ever

Today Beaver from Russia arrived, we were all very anxious to meet him:



I talked to him alone for a while.... He told me a lot about Russia and all the things and people he met on his journey. Very interesting!


We also made a group photo with all the Toyvoyagers who are visiting: myself, Grumpy, SunnyHH and Beaver, a stay-at-home Toyvoyager named Coco and 2 guys who are going to be voyagers soon, Mr. Blue the peacock and Arie the honeybee:


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Rotterdam, Netherlands - 8th March 2011

By: after4ever

Today I'm feeling a bit sad but I'm excited as well...... I'm going on a trip to Russia. Of course I'll miss my friends over here a lot



We had a little goodbye party with springtime-cupcakes:



I gave all my friends a big hug. Especially Grumpy, I got very attached to him the time we spent together. He'll never say it but I know he likes me too. Hope we'll meet again sometime!




Bye bye, hope you'll all make a lot of great journeys!!!


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Lost?, Lost? - 19th April 2011

By: Xadrian

Theodore, where are you?

Are you lost?

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