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Taste some fruit grown in every country I visit.

Have pics of me taken hanging upside down in different places.

Meet other bats. (One bat met! :-D Thank you, Braveheart Sam!)

To read about vampires so that if there is any Dracula turned himself into a bat I could recognice h

To visit prehistorical and historical places

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Travelog for: Veronica

Nuuksio, at home, Finland - 27th March 2011

By: Eohippus


:) Hello, world!

Iīm Veronica, a little bat, and I am just starting my career as a voyager, observer and blog keeper.  :D

I live in a little old red cottage in Nuuksio forest, Finland, with my mentor Henna, two cat grannies and some other toyvoyagers.

Here I am just hanging around..  ;)

And here we are all hanging around!  :rolleyes:  You can see there Orkku Orava and Petunia who are also TV:s mentored by Henna, and Ursel HH, who is visiting us. They all wanted to try the upside down hanging, to find out how it feels to be a bat! The are all very nice!

Today we went all for a walk to the forest, although the moving there is a bit demanding now because of all the snow. We toys we are so slight we just run over the snow, but poor Henna weighs so much more than we toys do (even though she is quite slender!  ;) ) that she was walking the snow up to her knees most of the time. 

We climbed to some interesting looking trees.
This one had a hole big enough to live in!


This tree had an interesing mushroom, like a balcony, growing on its side.  :D


Here I am standing in middle of the small village road, mainly just to show you how much snow and ice we still have here!  ;)

We came to the shore of a small lake called Sahajärvi. It was of course still in thick ice.
There was some boats turned upside down, waiting for the spring to come..  :)

We saw this empty sauna building on the shore and climbed the stairs to watch over the ice.


After spending some hours outside it felt really good to have some hot tea!  :D


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Nuuksio, at home, Finland - 14th July 2011

By: Eohippus

Hello everyone!  :D

It is long time since I last time made an update.
I just donīt feel like fighting over the comp keyboard with my fellow toyvoyagers here!  :rolleyes: Because they are long way from home, they have an urge to tell for their mommies and mentors about their doings and whereabouts, whereas I who still am at home with my mentor donīt really need to.  :)

We have been doing and seeing so many things since I last was here!  :o I will just put here some pics which are here easily at hand for you to see.  :)

We have spent lots of time in forest!  :)
Here we are collecting lichen for Rendolph who is a reindeer and loves to eat it!  :rolleyes:

Here I am feeding a campfire with Rendolph and Zoe, who is a kiwi. We have all become very good friends here, although we tend to tease each other quite a lot!  ;)

Here we are doing some serious reparation works in the cottage! Only we forgot to ask a leave from Henna first and she was A BIT surprised when she saw the new arrangements we made here, like the little toyvoyager-door in one of the walls.  :stare:

Here we are learning to shoot!

This is a pic of the first prey of wild strawberries  this summer.  ;) They were very wild - runned like hell and shouted nasty things to us!

In this pic we are in Lappland, admiring the great view.  :) The little doggie is Torsten and the squirrel is Orkku Orava.

I think it would be nice to go to see some other part of the world, but Iīm not in a hurry - itīs kinda interesting here too!  ;)

See you again!

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Brunssum, Holland - 17th August 2011

By: Braveheart Sam

Hi Mom!

Again a new adventure in a new country!

After sitting in a box for quite some time, I was picked up and put down.
I heard some mooohs and meeeeehs. It got a little heavy too...

My new host opened the envelope and two faces came inside!

The host told them to step aside and let me catch some breath. So they did.

I introduced myself, made sure they know I don't eat any meat! And that pleased them a lot. Apparently, there's another bat in this house, that does eat meat!
I only eat chocolate, I know you gave it to me for traveling, but I got in Holland so fast, I decided to give it to my new host. Here you are, for you! Thank you! Very nice of you!

Now I'm gonna "hang around" and sleep some, it has been a bit too much, traveling. Getting older...
Bye mom! More from me soon!

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Brunssummerheide, Holland - 18th August 2011

By: Braveheart Sam

Today I met another bat! His name is Tule Dracule, but he's not a TV. Unlike me, he is a meat eating bat.
He's a nice guy!
Tule's job is to protect his moms received postcrossing-cards, together with Billie.

Here I am, talking with them both about Holland.

After that, Billie showed me the fishtank. Tule had to go back to his place, or the fish would die.

After a bit sightseeing, we all went for a walk.
Me, the DV's (Dog Voyagers), Billie, Thea the Sheep and Henk the Cow.
Here we all are, taking a little break.
The dogs weren't patient at all!!!
But we had fun!

Here I am, posing on a stack of fresh cut grain.

Djeezzz, we walked that far???

This here is a route-sign for bike riders. Don't like bikes, I rather fly. But I can use the card  so I won't get lost!

Fun day, saw a lot of the area, hope to see more soon!

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Brunssum, Holland - 19th August 2011

By: Braveheart Sam

Look at the dark sky! How terrible, I don't like to fly in the rain!
Sorry mom, probably no update today!

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Brunssum, Holland - 20th August 2011

By: Braveheart Sam

Weather is great! So here's a tour thru the garden.

Hanging in the Wisteria.

Hanging in a waterplant.

Hanging on a funny smelling plant....? My host found an illegal plantation in a forrest, while searching for her dog. She took a small plant with her and put it in her garden. It's not growing very well and there are no flowers, but it is funny to see (and smell) this in her garden.

Hanging in the apple tree. Yes, two whole apples!!!

Chilling with my hosts 2 DV's (Dog Voyagers). The brown one is named Ami and he is born in Spain. He flew to Holland! He's adopted. The white one is Gaio and he is born in Portugal. He came here by car. His brother lives in Holland too. Gaio is a Podengo Portugues Pequeno, in Holland there are about 12 PPP's.

This is Bruno, a DV from Spain too. He's here as a foster dog. One day he will be adopted too (they hope) and he will move out. Then a new DV will come.

They have a pond too, with koi fish.
I'll think I'll take a pond-tour....

Here I go!!!!!!!!!!!!




Bruno helped me to dry land.
Nice trip, right?

Till next time! Love, Veronica

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Brunssum, Holland - 20th August 2011

By: Braveheart Sam

Today a new TV arrived and they needed a helping... uh... tooth.


We heard shouting: Hello? Is somebody there to get me out? Hello? Helloooohooooo!!!! and Henk the Cow listened closely.
I know there is someone...

Nobody could get whatever out, so I helped a ha...euh, tooth.

He wanted to know if it was okay to get out, sure it is! Welcome!

His name is Dikkie Dik and he's from television! He was looking for Billie, she was playing with Umechan, so we called them both to come check it out.

Then we all introduced ourselves and we talked about our adventures so far.

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Brunssum, Holland - 21st August 2011

By: Braveheart Sam

I write this travelog for Henk the Cow. He is not well, let me tell you why.

Crying and in shock state of mind, Henk the Cow went to his host and showed her his back.
Oh my!!!! His tail almost fell off!!!

He was very upset when his host told him that she needed to give him a little surgery. He freaked out!

We all gave him something relaxing to drink.

And some more...

And more... (Umechan couldn't watch anymore)

What Henk the Cow didn't know, was that he drank Vodka.
He was out!

Our host took a needle...
And a blue tread (his favorite color)
And she fixed his tail. Poor thing was moaning, dispite his level of alcohol.
We decided not to include the pictures, they are very graphic...

After surgery, Henk the Cow got a nice bed and we all prayed and wished he would get better soon, each of us in his own way.

Get well, Henk the Cow!

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Brunssum, Holland - 22nd August 2011

By: Braveheart Sam

Today I completed one of my missions, thanks to my host and her laptop.
I told her I had to know everything about vampires and how I can recognize one. She told me that the meaning of bats is very diffrent in many countries.
I had no idea what she meant, so I started reading...
wikipedia: vampires!
"Method of destruction".... are you kidding me???
A lot of books with vampires as main character are written.
Porphyria is a disease of blood, it can cause sensitivity for light...?
I have no such thing! But I don't drink blood...
In America, Asia and Africa there are diffrent views of vampires. Hmmmm... makes it more difficult for me! I had no idea there is so much info!
I see there are also films and tv-series made with vampires in them. I guess I have to watch that too! It's a lot of information.

Sorry mom, no life mission completed yet! Okay, I did read about it, but I have to know more, so I have to read a book and watch movies too!
Hope to do so soon.
Love, Veronica

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Brunssum, Holland - 26th August 2011

By: Braveheart Sam

Just wanted to share you what my host likes to drink... beer from a blue bottle!!!???
It's called Chateau Neubourg. And it does taste not so strong "beery".

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At work, Holland - 1st September 2011

By: Braveheart Sam

Hey mom!

Today our host took us to work. She carries us in a specially made bag, so we won't damage ourselves.

Here we are, waiting for the bag.

And here we go!

As always, the ladies are last in line!!!

Here we are at her work. She is a guide to mentally challenged adults. She does crafts with the group and they sell their made stuff in the little store, what is placed here too.
She told the people about ToyVoyagers and they all thought I looked very good!
Well... duh!

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Schinveld, Holland - 4th September 2011

By: Braveheart Sam

Road trip!!!


Today we went for a walk in Schinveld. There is a small "airport" for gliders and small planes , Highland cattle walks free throughout the forrest and much more!

Here's a small engine plane, getting ready to take off. I had no time to pose.

There is also a fishing pond. Lot's of people were sitting there to fish.

In the distance you can see a cow.

Before we knew it, we were standing in the middle of a lot of cows and it was getting a bit scary. You are supposed to stay 20 meters away from them, but they started to go towards us!!
My host got a bit scared and she walked thru blackberry bushes and cut her legs open on the thorns.

After that little incident, we had to take a little rest.
That was a close call....

We walked back to the car and came by the airport again. We are still in danger, according to this sign. It says "dangerous territory".
The gliders don't get in the air by a motor on the plane, but by a winch.
Winch launching uses a powerful stationary engine located on the ground at the far end of the launch area. The glider is attached to one end of 800–1200 metres (about 2,500-4,000 ft) of cable and the winch rapidly winds it in. When the winch is loose of the glider, it falls down on the runway. Therefor it is a dangerous place to walk and you cannot go there. However... Gaio the DV thought diffrent about that and he got underneath the gate and ran across the runway, while our host started screaming. The dog wouldn't come to her, so she just walked away. (there was no plane-action, so it was safe for the dog).  When he saw she walked away, he came running back.

The wooden gate where Gaio went underneath.
The sign says "dangerous, access prohibited".

Over here you see a pole with coloured bands.
Every color has a walking route. We didn't go by any color, my host knew where to go, but if you want to walk 12 kilometers for example, you folow the red band and then you know it's a long walk.
Next time we will follow a certain color, just to see were it will take us.

Talk to you soon!
Love, Veronica

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At work, Holland - 19th September 2011

By: Braveheart Sam

Today our host took us to her work.
She wanted to show us something.

An envelope? A new TV!!!

First a card came out.

Then a tiny little furry animal.

Dikkie Dik saw it was a pussycat.

They are now big friends!

Mom, sorry for not oploading so much. The weather has been really bad the whole summer!
Hope to give you something nice to see really soon!

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At work, Holland - 22nd September 2011

By: Braveheart Sam

Big day today. The goodbye of two TV's!


Bye Sweet Mimi


Bye Lester

Bye everybody!
Safe travels!
Love ya!

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Brunssummerheide, Holland - 27th September 2011

By: Braveheart Sam


Today we went for another walk in the forrest / heath.



Hihi, Bruno is peeing!

Just hanging around...


Can you see me?
Here I am!

More pics to follow!

Love, me x

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