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Travelog for: froggy

Fürstenau, Germany - 2nd February 2011

By: aileen

Hi there!
Now I'm here to post the first news of my journey.
Yesterday Aileen created a kind of scarf and a little travel tag for me. I'm so glad because earlier I had something like a chain and I looked like a prisioner. But now it's better!


I currently live in a house where you can also find some offices etc. for chimney sweepers. And they even have a huge metal chimney sweeper!




Aileen allowed me to play on her guitar. Oh I'm sorry for the strange noises... I'm not sure whether this kind of music is supposed to be like this.


But I think I prefer to play piano. Oookay, it's no real piano, but anyway. Maybe someone lets me play on a real piano during my journey?


In return I would help you in the kitchen! Have a look!


I also know how to make tea!


But still I need to develop my drawing skills...



Maybe we should better play hide and seek


I'm a little bit scared that I could miss my friend, Hundi.
He's not a ToyVoyager but travels a lot with Aileen.


I'm still curious where I'm going to travel.
Maybe it's Hawaii?


...or Italy?


I really hope that I have the chance to see the sea during my journey... I want that more than anything else! Aileen told me so much about the sea and she also showed me some sea shells.


So please, please, please, if you can show me the sea or ANYTHING else that's interesting, write a pm to Aileen!
Hope to see you (in real life) soon =).

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Fürstenau, Germany - 3rd February 2011

By: aileen

Wooow I'm so excited! Today I started my first trip to GabbyGecko in Colorado, US!
But I really hope that the trip in this stupid envelope doesn't take too long, I don't have any space to breath here! But at least I have it cosy :) . Yesterday Aileen and I went into town and visited the surrondings. We took quite a lot of pictures and I she promised me to upload them soon so I'll have something to look at as soon as I'm online again.
Wish me luck that this trip doesn't take that long!

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Fürstenau, Germany - 6th February 2011

By: aileen

Hi froggy!

Here are the promised pictures.

First we went to the playground in the parc.
Froggy tested a lot of things out.




But the canon in the castle was even more special.
You really don't need to be scared froggy, it doesn't shoot anymore.


But you can really find a lot of old things here, froggy, that's right. Some of them can be a litte bit scary, like this tunnel that's not used anymore. And NO, you're not allowed to enter, froggy! Although it might be interesting...



I know that you thought that this old castle is boring.




Then you found the well and suddenly it wasn't as boring as it seemed to be, right?



That's it. I hope you like your pictures and especially I hope that you have a good tour to GabbyGecko in Colorado, US!
Say hi from me!

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Elizabeth, CO, USA - 12th February 2011

By: GabbyGecko

Hi Mom!!! I maaaaaaaaade it! I had quite the snuggly journey in my pink wrapping. I really do appreciate the extra special wrappy - it really helped my legs so that I was nice and limber when I got out of the box. It only took me one or two hops before I was all stretched out!

Also - everyone loved the campaigning you did on my box! :)


Also - my host was very appreciative over the chocolate. In fact - one of the chocolate sticks didn't even make it into the picture...


There are three other ToyVoyagers here - Diddl Maus the Mouse and Nathalie the Duck are also visiting with me. Pea the Gecko is the resident ToyVoyager here & travels with her host. They told me all about the trip that we are taking to Lake Havasu next week! They have made me very excited!

In addition to me coming in th email, our host was very excited because one of her phots came in the mail today. She had it printed to give to a friend. We were very careful not to get paw prints on it!


Well, I think we are all going to settle into bed here. Tomorrow we are going to go work on Valentines Day decorations!! It is quite the house. It was very nice of Diddle Maus to volunteer to give up his room for me. He said he fits very nicely in one of Pea's drawers.

Good niiiiight!

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Gigi's Cupcakes Littleton, CO, USA - 13th February 2011

By: GabbyGecko

We got to go and pick out our very own cupcake for Valentines day! There is a bakery by us that makes nothing but cupcakes & it is called Gigi's Cupcakes.

Everyday there are 12 different types of cupcakes to choose from every day. And those types change every day! They bake them fresh in the back of the store. We were going to get our picture taken in the store, but we were kicked out for drooling on the glass before we could get one.

We couldnt have our cupcakes until after dinner. So we all sat here by the box until that time just to be sure that our host didnt forget about us.


This was their "Winter" menu. We drooled all over this piece of paper.


Finally it was time to open!


We each got to pick one cupcake. They were bigger than us!


I got an "Italian Cream" cupcake! Look how big the mountain of frosting is! It weighs a ton too! I hope eating this doesn't slow down my hopping. It's a cream flavored cupcake with a cream filing and vanilla butter cream frosting. It has a handful of coconut on top of it. I wish you could have tried some Mom!


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