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Travelog for: Archimonde

Home, Singapore - 24th February 2011

By: Erulisse

Howdy!  I'm Archimonde the mouse.  I was picked up by my mentor, Erulisse, on Tuesday evening and life hasn't been the same then!  For the first time in my life, I left the confines of the store and took a bus & MRT ride on the same day.  The journey was short but exciting as I'm seeing things I've never seen before.

Upon arrival on the place where I came to call Home, I was introduced to heaps of other plushies.  They were of all sizes, types and colors.  It was so overwhelming but everyone did their best to make me feel welcome.  Before I gotten everything, I was told by my mentor that I will become a ToyVoyager and will travel all around the world!

I like the sound of that and am looking forward to meeting my first host, whoever he/she might be!

In the meantime, while waiting, am just gonna explore the house and hang out with my new found friends.  Till the next time ~


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Home, Singapore - 1st March 2011

By: Erulisse

I feel so lost!  The world seems like such a huge place, and I understand that I haven't even gotten out of my home yet!  I've heard from Bump and the rest that there's a resident cat in the home.  We haven't been introduced yet, obviously coz my mentor is worried about my safety.  I look forward to meeting Meow though.  Am pretty sure we'll get along fine.

Was introduced to cross-stitching by my mentor yesterday. 


After watching for an hour or so, I decided to give it a try under Erulisse's watchful eye.  Verdict: it's an awesome thing to do!  I hope I'll be able to work on a mouse design someday...


That aside, there's nothing more that I want than to see the world.  To leave my home and explore whatever that is out there.  My mentor casually mentioned that she'll be bringing me out soon.  She cautioned that it wouldn't be much of a big deal, but hey, I'll be leaving the house for the 1st time!  There's sooooo much to be excited about!

Hmmm I wonder if there's anyone out there would would like to host me?  I'd love to go anywhere.

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Home, Singapore - 2nd March 2011

By: Erulisse

I didn't have to wait long!  My mentor brought me out today and I had a great time on the overall!

First up was to her workplace.  Okay, I admit.  It was kinda boring being "at work".  She was sooooo busy that she didn't have much time for me.  I just left pretty much to myself, so all I did was read, explore the area around her desk (I was cautioned not to wander off as mean humans exist in the office!) and snooze.  8hrs of work.  I am so lucky that I don't have to do anything like that.  I hated the phone ringing most.  Noise noise noise coming from every cubicle.  Ugh!


For dinner, we went to have a buffet at this place called Sakura.  It was an international buffet.  I've never seen that much food in my life!  Tucked in to herbal chicken soup, sashimi, chawanmushi, prawns, snow crabs... etc.  Boy I felt really fat after that!  Now I can understand why Mr Greedy grew to such a shape haha :P

http://i1178.photobucket.com/albums/x374/BumpTV/ArchimondeTV/06-sakura01.jpg http://i1178.photobucket.com/albums/x374/BumpTV/ArchimondeTV/06-sakura02.jpg

After dinner, we went to Plaza Singapura to watch a movie at the Golden Village Cineplex on the top floor.  We watched "Black Swan".  It was dark, intense, and beautiful.  Loved every single bit of it.


Upon returning home, I was informed that I'll be going to Germany!  Whoah!  That's one really short notice!  Erulisse has already bought a padded envelope for me to travel in and made me a tag in hurry.  The tag looks kinda ugly but she assured me that it'll only be a temporary one.  I'll find a new tag waiting for me when I get home. 

I'm excited and afraid at the same time.  I hope the mail people treat me well! 

Bye bye for now! :D

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Sülfeld, Germany - 15th March 2011

By: RikeH

Hello Mum,

I arrived safe in Sülfeld. But sadly a little late to go on the holiday with RikeH and Dicker Kumpel.

But I heart other voices outside of my envelope and decided to climb out of it. Two other TVs arrived, too, and jumped out of their envelopes - just as I did.

In the house were a lovely old lady  - she took us on a walk through Sülfeld, because the weather was so nice.

Here you see Gracy, Paddington Bear and me in front of the old school.


Look, this is the place, where the mayor works - and the emblem of Sülfeld.


The house has a nice old door.


I relaxed in the sun, next to a little lake.


The old church of Sülfeld is really beautiful.


On the other side of the street is the old pharmacy.


This was a nice walk.

Many greetings


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Sülfeld, Germany - 20th March 2011

By: RikeH

Hi Mum,

it is a sunny Sunday today. We enjoyed the sun and waited for our hosts to come home.


And here they come - Dicker Kumpel and his guest Inuk - RikeH is behind the camera...


Dicker Kumpel apologized for not being here when we arrived - but no problem, the mail system worked slowly.We talked a lot about the last days.


There were many beautiful flowers in the garden - I wanted to show you some of it.




They are really nice, aren't they? RikeH told me that it is good to have the Springtime now.

Later we went into the house and sat on our place. Dicker Kumpel and his guests have an own big armchair.


Suddenly we heart someone laughing. A yellow guy looked around the corner.


Dicker Kumpel and Inuk met him in Zingst. He heard about the life of ToyVoyagers and wants to become one, too. Well, we will see - he had to talk to RikeH about it...


Next week we will visit a really big city called Hamburg - Dicker Kumpel told us, that it is a great place to see.


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Hamburg, Germany - 21st March 2011

By: RikeH

Hello Mum,

we went to Hamburg today. Behind me you can see the Gothic Revival Church of St. Nicholas. It was formerly one of the five Lutheran main churches in Hamburg. It is now in ruins, serving as a memorial.


We went there because a colleague of RikeH told us, that there is an elevater, who can take us to a 75,3 metre-high platform inside the spire.


Of course we tried it out. And here you see the view – it was amazing. You can see the Townhall and the Lake Alster behind me.


This was the view to the old warehouse destrict of Hamburg – there are many nice old buildings.


The next direction is to the Port of Hamburg. I would love to start a cruise from there, Mum.


It was nice on the platform, but very windy and RikeH was afraid of loosing us, so we went down to the ground. Here you see all of us together.


Can you imagine – I was there on the tower!!!


It was amazing.


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Bad Oldesloe, Germany - 27th March 2011

By: RikeH

Hi Mum,

we went to Bad Oldesloe. This is a small town near to Sülfeld. When we went into the city centre we crossed a bridge and saw this nice little river.


This is the Townhall.


There are many nice old buildings.


We saw the river again - there were some ducks, I told them about the life of a ToyVoyager, but they were not interested in coming with us.


Two other beautiful views - it was a nice place - I understand why the ducks live here.



Many Greetings

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Hamburg, Germany - 1st April 2011

By: RikeH

Hi Mum,

we went to Hamburg to see the Lake Alster. Here we are on the way in the train.


I looked out of the window.


We saw ducks in Bad Oldesloe – well – they live here in the city, too.


This is the view over the Lake Binnenalster. This big white building behind me is the Four Seasons Hotel of Hamburg.


We went onto the Lombards-Bridge to see more of the Lake.


Well, we walked around the Lake – this is the other side – and you can see the Bridge – far away. The little boats are for boat trips on the Alster.


We crossed the street and saw the Town-Hall.


I loved this view, too.


Back to work we passed this Theater.


What a nice day.

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Bad Segeberg, Germany - 3rd April 2011

By: RikeH

Hi Mum,

look at this photo – you can surely imagine, where I am?


No - I am not in the USA, but in Bad Segeberg. They have a outdoor theatre here, where they play Winnetou-Stories.

They have a nice big lake here.


I liked the view over the Lake.


We walked around the Lake – it was a long way.


There were nice flowers next to the path.


We went into the city to see the Church of Bad Segeberg – it is a nice little town.



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Sülfeld, Germany - 6th April 2011

By: RikeH

Hi Mum,

the weather was wonderful – and we decided to make a trip with the bike.

The way was really long!


After some kilometers I relaxed in the sun.


There was a lake – many fishes lives there.


Back home I relaxed among beautiful flowers, what a nice trip.


Many greetings

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Travemünde, Germany - 10th April 2011

By: RikeH

Hello Mum,

we went to the Baltic Sea - to a place called Travemünde. The weather was really nice in the morning. We walked along the beach.


There were beautiful buildings.


We had a delicious dinner in this funny chair.



Later the weather was a little cloudy, but no problem for a ToyVoyager.


This is the oldest lighthouse of Germany,  but it was not open.


Behind me is a big hotel, we should spend some time here, Mum.


Look - this is the photo of the afternoon - it was so windy!


The trainstation of Travemünde is funny, on the tower you can see, when the next train to Lübeck will leave.


At home we had delicious muffins.



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Hamburg, Germany - 17th April 2011

By: RikeH

Hi Mum,

We went to a fair in Hamburg. It was so funny. We saw many things. These sharks were very scary!


This slide was built in 1907. It was really funny.


There was a big wheel.


And a fast  carrousel. I didn’t want to use it.


I preferred this one!



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Hamburg, Germany - 21st April 2011

By: RikeH

Hello Mum,

We went to Hamburg again to see the Port.  First we had a look at the new building of a philharmonics.


And I saw a very big ship on the Elbe River.


This is the Cap San Diego  - it is a museum now.


Behind me you see another museum-ship – it is a sailing ship – the Rickmer Rickmers.


These are little boats which pull the big ships.


This is a nicer view of the Rickmer Rickmers.


This monument is a thank you for the crew of the ship Cap Anamur. They helped many Vietnamese people.


I really liked the Port of Hamburg.



Many greetings

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Sülfeld, Germany - 24th April 2011

By: RikeH

Hi Mum,

Happy Easter!!!

Today it is Easter and I met the Easter bunny. He told me that I should seek for some surprises.


But first I talked with some other funny guys hanging around here.



Then it was time to seek for some nice things. I found something...


...it is an Easter net, as they say here in Germany.


It was a difficult search, so I asked Long Hippo to help me.


He gave me a hint. There is a bunny with an egg in his bucket.


It is for me!


The bunny told me that there will be one more surprise outside.

So I went out and found a bunny out of chocolate!


What a lot of presents for me!


When I sat there, some chicken came. They were so cute!


They wanted some chocolate, but it is not good for them - so I gave them some grain.


I really hope that you have a great Easter weekend, too, Mum!


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