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Travelog for: Mi-Go

Base camp, England - 18th April 2011

By: Leslee

I have been at my base camp with Leslee for a month or so.  SHe found me at the charity shop and realised straight away that I didn't want a child owner and took me home.
It's ok here, there are lots of other toys for company but I have itchy feet.  I plan to go traveling as soon as I can.

I've had a great day today out in the garden and have been sharing my handywork skills helping Leslee make furniture for little Yewlee out in the sun today. 
The next job is to make me some travel bags.  One for me to carry my things to in and a larger one for me to travel comfortably in.
I can't do the sewing bit but I think I might write myself a list of things to pack.

I wonder where I'll go?  I don't mind really.  Not that I don't care, I just know how to have fun anywhere!


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Homestead Park York, England - 20th April 2011

By: Leslee

The weather here is so lovely that we haven't been making travel bags yet!
Today the big ones had an appointment near a park so I had a good play.


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base camp, England - 29th April 2011

By: Leslee

Mi Go thought he might have to go wild because he is so large but is excited at the moment because he might have a host.

Mi Go is enjoying having me at home today as a bank holiday has been declared today for the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

He has been helping me today by operating the timer for me to do little bursts of work then play (FlyLady style).

Mi Go ding-a-ling smaller.jpg

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Moscow, Russia - 22nd May 2011

By: TaisAfinskaia

Hello mummy!
This is my first day in Russia and the first place we visited was main Russian templ - The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour on the bank of the Moskva River, a few blocks west of the Kremlin. With an overall height of 105 metres (344 ft), it is the tallest Orthodox church in the world!
There is a bridge near it, you can see it at the last photo. People who just married come here to lock their padlock with their names on special trees. So romantic!


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50 km, Moscow area, Russia - 13th June 2011

By: TaisAfinskaia

Hello mummy!
Today I`ll show Maria`s country-house. It is tiny and not very comfortable but they like to come there. At first photo you can see awful guy!!!! Booo! I suppose he is instead of dog to safe house :)
The thing I liked the most is old chair where I can have a rest.

And mummy look at the last photo! I met the girl from my dreams... is not she beautiful? But she seems not to be interested in boyfriends :(
But I hope she`ll change her mind!


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Moscow, Russia - 2nd July 2011

By: TaisAfinskaia

Hello mummy!
Maria is busy with her wedding preparation, that`s why we don`t have many updates. Not to waste time she took me to one of her meetings with photographer. The meeting was in the center of Moscow so we took some pictures. The one good news in all this that Maria will take me to her honey moon in two weeks :)


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50 km from Moscow, Russia - 12th July 2011

By: TaisAfinskaia

Hello mummy!
I`m again in the countryside. But now I have a friend! She is a cat and a little bit lazy! But I like her anyway. Now it is very nice time in the countryside, everything is in blossom and I can spend much time at the open air....

But now my friend cat is calling me home. See you soon!


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Palermo, Italy - 20th July 2011

By: TaisAfinskaia

Hello Lesley!
I`m spending with Maria her honey-moon :)
These two photos are from Palermo. Not the best photos but all TVs had their special day during traveling and my day was very boring :(
But you can enjoy the view of Zisa:

The Zisa is a castle in the western part of Palermo, Sicily.

The construction was begun in the 12th century by Arabian craftsmen for king William I of Sicily, and completed by his son William II. The edifice had been conceived as summer residence for the Norman kings, as a part of the large hunting resort known as Genoard ("Paradise on Earth") that included also the Cuba Sottana, the Cuba Soprana and the Uscibene palace.


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Rome, Italy - 25th July 2011

By: TaisAfinskaia

I`m in Rome! Maria is mad about Rome :)
Most of my photos are made in from of or from  Monument to Vittorio Emanuele II.
People who live in Rome don`t like it and call " pie", but I like it. It is marvelous. What do you think mummy?

And of course Colosseum!!!!!


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Moscow, Russia - 2nd October 2011

By: TaisAfinskaia

Hello dear mummy!
I visited exhibition of Sponge Bob! It was fun. There were many children there and my friend Bussi and I were playing with them.


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Moscow area forest, Russia - 16th October 2011

By: TaisAfinskaia

Hello Lesley!
We are enjoying Russian autumn. It i not still very cold, but sunny. I ride my bicycle and walked in the forest with my friend Bussi.
Look how bright Russian autumn is!


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Bruchsal, Germany - 25th November 2011

By: fam-united

Today another package arrived at our place. We all were really curious. It was a new toyvoyager called Drescher, who just had arrived at our place.



We decided to listen to the White Christmas Album while we baked a Hannchen Jensen cake, which you can see on the left page. We baked it with peaches, because we don't like cherries in it.



While we took care for the Hannchen Jensen cake, Petra baked some cookies. You see, it isn't that easy to hold me back from eating everything. I just threw them around when I jumped up to catch some of the finished warm cookies.


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Bruchsal, Germany - 27th November 2011

By: fam-united

Today we baked a braided yeast bun, because Petra's one son had a belated birthday party. It tasted really fine - and once more they had to take care for me to not eat it all before any other person had a chance to get a slice of it.




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Bruchsal, Germany - 29th November 2011

By: fam-united

Today we wanted to create some tea-light holder. We needed four pieces of hard transparency foil and napkins with small ornaments on them and some glue for napkins and white colour.

At first I had to rip out some ornaments of my napkin.



Then I had to glue it on the foil.


After it was dry again, I stamped some white colour around the ornament.


Some even used golden colour.


Petra helped us to staple them together.




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Bruchsal, Germany - 14th December 2011

By: fam-united

Today we helped Petra to bake two large apple cakes, because tomorrow is the last day of her son's alternative service.
We prepared the dough and cut apples into pieces, added cinnamon, raisins and sliced almonds to the apples and cooked them. Then we made a part of the dough in the plate and filled it with the warm apples and covered it with dough again. I would so love to make this internet able to give you a hint of the smell in the kitchen, yummy.

While we all worked really hard, one of us sat around and only listened to music of the cd-played. Of course one whose name is Priscilla can only listen to music of Elvis, especially when it is Christmas time and it is a Christmas album.



The first of us, who discovered the new cd was Henry the Adventure Hound.




We needed a lot of flour for the cake.












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