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Travelog for: _Mishuta_

York Base Camp, England - 25th June 2011

By: Leslee


I am wanting to go and see the city very soon and Leslee says it will be soon.
She is babysitting today and had to turn down an offer for us to all go to see an air show at the coast.  When the child leaves tomorrow we might go into the town.

I watched root mash being cooked in a slow cooker.  Lesley doesn't have a stove but is learning how to use this slow cooker. 
This root mash has carrots, sweet potato, potato, parsnip and cauliflower but lesley says that she makes it different every time.
This is the first time she has had root mash since she gave the broken stove to the rag&bone man.
I met Mr Pepper bear and Mrs Salt bear as we added seasoning and some mint leaves.

Leslee got a better bag for me and my ToyVoyager friends to travel in so that we don't all jiggle together so much.
It is much more comfy than the monster bag.

I hope I can show you the town soon
Love from Mishuta

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York, England - 26th June 2011

By: Leslee

Yay!  We did go out.
The boy here couldn't find any clothes he would wear and then some of his friends came round but Leslee said "enough is enough" , sent the friends home and took us ToyVoyagers all out  for almost two hours and left the boy at home (he is a big boy).

It was so hot here today!  The hottest day of the year so far.

I went in the new bag with the other ToyVoyagers in Leslee's bike panniers.  It took about ten minutes to get there.

Here is where  Leslee parked the bike. 

There is a big medieval wall around the city.  We cycled under Monk Bar to get into the town.
The Bars are gates.
The big arch is big enough for bikes and there is a bigger one to the right for cars (just one at a time - controlled by traffic lights)
Behind me is another arch but you can't see it very well, just a bit at the top.  Under that arch is a popular model shop, oh I should have photographed it.  Next time I will because I want a better look.

Anyway, it was that little dark passageway that I was interested in today.
Here I am half way up...

and this is what it looks like up there

We all walked along the wall to the next gate.  I got photos but I will save them for another day because there were so many and the other Toyvoyagers are waiting for the PC.
They know it was exciting for me because it was my first visit to the city.  Leslee says we will do the rest of the walls if we have time.


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York, England - 26th June 2011

By: Leslee


Finally I can tell you about the rest of my walk on the walls.

straight away, from the walls I could see this painted advert on a house wall.
It has been there for over 60 years and repainted since too.

I could see the Minster from the walls

and some lovely gardens

Some parts of the wall look like castle because it was a defensive wall

It was interesting to peer down into people's gardens

This is nearl at the end of this wall

This is inside the gate (at the top)

and this is under the bar.  You can see the gate from the underneath.

From the top of the bar I could see the Art Gallery

I went to get a closer look at this tour bus
The fountain was very refreshing

This is William Etty,  Leslee says he was an artist painter http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Etty

This is the theatre that I saw next

This is an old church just near the Monster.  People like to get married here and get their wedding photos taken at the Minster.

Phillip showed me the York Minster

Here is me at the Minster
You can see the famous Rose Window (the round one) which got destroyed in a fire after being stuck by lightening when Leslee was a girl.  It has been restored.

I posed with Constantine.  I had to wait quite a while to get this photo because everyone wants to take a photo of themselves with Constantine.
(There were Romans living in York and Vikings - I am going to try and get a photograph with a real Viking one day!)
Constantine is scratching my ear heh heh heh!  I wanted to get closer but the other TV's said that he had smelly feet.

xx Bye

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York, England - 2nd July 2011

By: Leslee

Leslee nipped out today to get clothes for Owen so I came along to get a better look at the model shop under Monk bar.

http://i531.photobucket.com/albums/dd358/hipapotomus/tv-3.jpg It is such a great shop and sells lots of models, and kits.
I liked this train set the best.

Here is another part of the wall we saw on the way to the supermarket on the way home.
This was behind some appartments so tourists don't usually see this part.
You can see a big chimney from here too.  It is very old so it can't be knocked down.  This is right outside the supermarket we were heading to.

xx By Mom

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swimming baths, England - 3rd July 2011

By: Leslee

Hi Mom,
I went to the swimming baths on Sunday.  It is not far away, just 5 minutes to walk.




(I didn't go in though - she said it wasn't a good idea.)

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Grandma's house, England - 5th July 2011

By: Leslee

Hi, on Tuesday I went with Owen and Leslee to Grandma's house for tea.
We ate braised liver.  Mmmm
I enjoyed playing on the piano.  This little cat makes a lot of noise when anyone makes him jump so I played the piano very loudly and he was a very noisey cat!

Everyone played on this Eeyore

I like Grandma's house.

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York Base Camp, England - 9th July 2011

By: Leslee

HI Mom.  Another rainy weekend.  There were three thunderstorms on Friday night!

On Saturday I watched Leslee make Haggis with cabbage and mashed potato.
When it aws made it looked so good that I forgot to photograph mine before I ate it!

Then I watched Leslee make a Monchhichi.  He is not finished yet.

xx Bye

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York Base Camp, England - 11th July 2011

By: Leslee

Karlie made the family tea today!

He went out with Leslee to pull up some carrots but aparently they forgot to do it anyway.  Instead, they went shopping and brought food home.
The other ToyVoyagers and I came to have a look at all the food.
Uh oh!  My bow keeps coming undone!  Leslee is very good at tying bows and keeps helping me with it.  She asked me if I wanted her to put a little stitch in it but I told her that she should ask you first.

Then he made coleslaw with the carrots he bought and served it with tuna, potatos and garlic bread.
We all came and had a good taste.

xx Bye
(You can see more abuot Karlies shopping and cooking in his travelog)

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York, England - 12th July 2011

By: Leslee

Hi Mom.

I went out Geocacheing!
Walked for quite a while until we found this one.  It was the first one that Leslee and Owen have ever found!
It was very interesting.

While we were out and about I did a bit of foraging!
Because Leslee doesn't have a car, she uses the cycle track a lot.  The cycle track used to be a traintrack past the chocolate factory and also was used to transport blackberries and fruits to markets.

I found:


Lots and lots of brambles that were not ripe yet.  This one had a cute little sheild bug on it!

one ripe bramble

cherry plums


and a dog (black labradore)

The dog wanted to come home with us!

Oh oh oh and here is that chimney that I saw before but this time I had time to take a photo.  It is called the destructor.

TV Phillip is waiting for the computer so I must go 
<3 <3  xx Mishuta

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Phillips leaving party, England - 16th July 2011

By: Leslee

I went to an Indian resaurant for Philips leaving do.

Here we all are.  We got dressed up.


I made friends with the waiter.  The waiter insisted on holding my hand for a photograph.

The food was a bit spicy and made me very thirsty.

After the meal we all went out side and had our photograph taken together

The photo was taken at Whip Ma Whop Ma Gate.  It is shortest street with the longest name!

We walked along a another part of the bar walls
We saw an old thing on the floor, I don't know what it is!
we found a geocache near here

and we spotted an old ice house

We went by the river again on the way home and I saw even more geese

And I got chance to show the other toyvoyagers how to look for berries.

Phew, what an evening!!
Love from Mishuta

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Museum Gardens, England - 23rd July 2011

By: Leslee

I went to the Museum gardens yesterday.  Just a quick visit.  I'll try to take more photos of other parts of it next time like the huge trees, squirrels medieval hospitium, Roman fortress, observatory and Museum.

This is St Mary's Abbey inside the gardens.
This abbey was built in 1088 but in the 1530s King Henry the 8th banned monasteries and got rid of the monks and used the ABbey for himself when he was passing by this way!  Then it fell to ruin.  That is what Leslee told me anyway.

We just came here for a little rest because we all had tired feet.
We did some puzzles.
The gardens are just here in the middle of town and a great place for people to come to rest or eat their lunches.

Then we went to Leslee's friends house to babysit.

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Homestead Park York, England - 26th July 2011

By: Leslee

Hi, I went to a park called Homestead park  It was given to the people by Joseph Rowntree, a man who owned the chocolate factory here and did lots of charity work.

I played in the play park

until I needed a rest

The I walked home by the river

and met some geese

Mmmm, McDonalds for tea on the way home!!

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Grandma's house, England - 1st August 2011

By: Leslee

Hi, I am so excited that I am going to the seaside!

It was a last minute decision to go for the afternoon.  I went to meet grandma and grandad first and got to see their tomatos
and their plums

I tried and orange tomato and it was lovely and sweet, but I didn't try a plum because they are not ready yet.

Then off I go to the car...

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Bridlington , england - 3rd August 2011

By: Leslee

It is Sunday the 7th today but I am going to tell you about the trip to the seaside I had last week on the 3 of August.

We are all going camping tomorrow for a week so I have to tell you about the seaside quickly and then I'll be able to tell you all about the camping in the lake distric when I get back.

In Bridlington, there were lots of shops like this that sold buckets and spades, mats, balls, kites, raincoats, sunglasses and lots of fun things.

Here is the beach at one side of the harbour.  The weather isn't great and it looks a bit dull but it was lovely and refreshing.

I walked on the beach for a bit.

Owen was looking in the pools between the rocks and the wall.  He found a little fish but it was too fast to photograph.

All this seaweed was on the wall.path I was walking on!

Look at all the seaweed on here!

Little waves splashed up

Here is a little fairground for young children

There were lots of boats in the harbour.  Mostly fishing boats.

This man had been painting his boat ans was having a rest while it dried.

I found lobster pots on the fishing peir

and anchors

Here is the town

I made a popple friend in a charity shop

We went to McDonalds for lunch
and met a smurf

and had donuts for pudding

Pirate trip anyone?

This side of the beach is covered in lovely pebbles

People like to make pictures and words out of the pebbles

This man was writing a message for his girlfriend.

We came here to find a Geocache

So next time I update, I can tell you about the lakes here xx Bye

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York City Centre, england - 4th August 2011

By: Leslee

Oh, and I forgot to tell you I went into town on Thursday.  It was raining so I didn't get many photos, but I will show you three.

I found the bear shop.  Leslee said it is good for bacon sandwiches and coffee as well as bears.  The bears cost lots of money!

This is the Peter Rabbit shop, Beatrix Potter

And it rained so much that Leslee went to a hairdressers.  You don't need an appointment here, and she wasn't worried about getting the new hair wet because she doesn't like to pay the 15 for blow drying anyway.  She doesn't feel so silly walking home with damp hair when it is raining.

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