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Travelog for: _Mishuta_

Alexandra Palace, north London, UK - 23rd September 2012

By: Thomisa

Hi Mum!

Well, today we went to a Christmas craft fair at Alexandra Palace. This is a very impressive building, built in 1873. It's the place where the first television service was broadcast by the BBC:


I had an amazing view across London! In the background you can see St. Paul's Cathedral, the Shard and the Gherkin:


This is all of us in the car driving up to the Palace. We were going to get the train but it wasn't working. You can see the mast:


And here I am inside:


There were lots of stalls. Host mum and host nan bought some things to help them make Christmas cards and other crafty items:

You can also see the famous organ in the background. It's called the Willis Organ and has been there since 1875!

We had a great day, but I was exhausted by the end  :thinking:

Bye for now,

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Hertfordshire, UK - 29th September 2012

By: Thomisa

Hi Mum,

Well today we got to explore the new campervan! Here we all are in the front:


And this is us all on the back seat:


I decided to help hostdad fix the front seats. He asked me to find him a spanner...


While I was in the front garden, I thought I'd take a break and relax amongst the plants:


Bye for now,
Love Mishuta

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Hertfordshire, UK - 2nd October 2012

By: Thomisa

Hi Mum,

I just realised I put the wrong date in my travelog for my campervan entry. Whoops. October 29th hasn't even happened yet  :)

We said goodbye to Krummelnirps...


It was very sad, but hopefully we'll meet again one day.


Love, Mishuta

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Hertfordshire, UK - 19th October 2012

By: Thomisa

Hi Mum,

Well, it was my host brother's 5th birthday the other day. We had lots of preparations to do for his party, so here we are buying some more sweets:


And then Kathy and I helped to put up a banner:


I was feeling a bit nosy and wanted to see what was in the party bags. This was one of the girls' ones:


Then Kathy said she really wanted some sweets, so we climbed up...


This is one of the boys' party bags.

Then hostmum came along...  :cyclops: But it was OK as she just laughed at us!  :D

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Hertfordshire, UK - 21st October 2012

By: Thomisa

Hi Mum,

Well, this is my last day here in the UK. We had a bit of a celebration and went to the circus! Here it is:


I was so excited  :D

Here I am inside waiting for the show:


And eating some popcorn which was really yummy!


Me watching the show:


I saw acrobats and clowns and girls with lots of hula hoops! It was so much fun! Hostmum said she remembers when she was little she went to the circus and saw animals! They don't have animals anymore as it's cruel to keep them in small cages. I saw animals at the zoo though, where they have lots more space.

It was a fun way to spend my last day here. I shall be sad to go, but am looking forward to meeting my next family.

Bye for now,

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near Dinard, France - 16th November 2012

By: lapoussine35

Bonjour de France! Hello from France!  I made it across the Channel and am getting used to a new language and new surroundings!  To begin with the mailboxes are no longer red but yellow!  I'm so glad to have climbed out of this one and to see the sun again!  Elise picked me up and we rode home on the bike together.  https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/--hX92DLoEoE/UKZlyQJuO5I/AAAAAAAAMQg/f2WorxCEnog/w505-h673-p-k/tv%2Bday%2Bone1.JPG
I was a little tired and thirsty when we arrived.  Tea seemed like a nice option so I started looking around the house.  Luckily, my new host family is as addicted to tea as I am...or at least I thought they were until I started looking at the tins.  Sugar, flour, coffee....no tea!  It turns out the tea tin is used all the time so Erin keeps it apart from the rest of the set. 
After a drink, I was ready to explore a bit more.  I was feeling a bit cramped after all the time in the envelope and I wanted to walk the kinks out.  We walked down to the river via a corn field.  Brittany is one of the last regions in France to harvest their feed corn every year.  The stalks were still standing tall when we walked by!  I couldn't resist playing hide-and-go-seek.  Can you find me?
Finally we got down near the river and started to walk along the waterfront.  I barely had time to get a glimpse of the Rance (the river's name) and we had to rush back to pick up Laura from school.  I promise to show you more soon but for now, just a glimpse of it with me and the dingies.

PS My new host Mom is still trying to figure out the photo-thing here.  She promises to try and improve the sizing issue as she goes along!

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Guernsey, Guernsey - 1st December 2012

By: lapoussine35

I love Guernsey!  There I’ve said it!  The island, the people, the food, the complete and total change that comes from leaving France, French and Euros behind for a taste of English, (Guernsey) Pounds, and the island touch!  The Channel Islands are made up of two distinct political entities–the Bailiwick of Jersey and the Bailiwick of Guernsey (including Herm, Sark and Alderney).  Today, both bailiwicks are self-governing British Crown Dependencies with their own governments, post, and money.  While Jersey is closer to us, I got to go to Guernsey for my first foray into the Channel!

Like here in Brittany, the better part of the coast is lined with pedestrian trails perfect for walking and exploring.  We ended up getting out near Fort Saumarez, just across from Lihou Island.  The island is covered in military history.  Fort Saumarez has been a strategic a spot centuries and traces of human existence there go back even further.  As we walked up to the see the tower firsthand, a small sign for “Le Creux és Faies” passage tomb caught our attention.  The Megalithic passage tomb dates to the 3-2,500 BC!  Judging by the massive stones that form its walls, it will still be standing centuries from now!  I actually felt tall walking into it.  While I didn’t have to duck, it’s clear that the first people using the tomb were more like me in size than today’s “average” population. 
The spot’s long-lasting strategic importance is also clear–the Germans simply built their observation tower on top of the older Victorian Martello tower.  When you look at the tower, you can see where stone gives way to concrete casing.  If you stare out to see, you can look at the house on Lihou Island.  As it was high tide, we couldn’t walk over but simply wonder who would want to live in such splendid isolation.  We headed south from the tower our eyes on the horizon. 
We took a leisurely pace as we wandered from l’Eree Bay to Rocquaine Bay, Fort Grey beckoning us on.  The sandy beaches were mainly deserted, we passed a few people walking their dogs but otherwise we were alone.  I can imagine them in summer covered with sunbathers and swimmers instead of decaying seaweed.
Fort Grey, otherwise known as the Château Rocquaine, houses a shipwreck museum.  Like the majority of the tourist sites on the island, it was closed.  To be honest, I didn’t miss the “must-see sites.”  The beauty of the coast more than made up for a lack of museums to explore.  (In all fairness, there were a couple of sites open but we chose to focus our morning on a part of the coastal scenery.)  Fort Grey, built-in 1804, is another Martello tower.  At this point, I was a bit tired, so I decided to relax and curl up for a nap while my hosts headed out for lunch and more sight-seeing! 

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Pleurtuit, France - 2nd December 2012

By: lapoussine35

I love this sign--I think it sums up one of the essential parts of wandering around exploring around the holidays ie the need to have a hot drink in your hands!  Christmas tea--1.80€, mulled wine 2€, hot chocolate 2€! What would you choose?

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Pleurtuit, France - 3rd December 2012

By: lapoussine35

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas here!  The streets are decked out, the lights are up and it's time to start thinking about Christmas chocolates and other goodies!  Here in France, the Bûche de Noël is a traditional Christmas dessert.  While my host Mom is planning a giant one for Christmas, she couldn't resist this miniature one at the store!  The Yule Log, if you want to call it by its English name, is a rolled cake designed to look like a log.  If you want to try making one at home, there's a recipe here: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/buche-de-noel/
The one I tried was a coffee buttercream flavored one!  Yummy!

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Rennes, France - 12th December 2012

By: lapoussine35

Laura took me to Rennes today to visit the Christmas market in front of the town hall.  The market is open every day from 10am to 8pm.  It was rather cold when we arrived around lunchtime and I wouldn't want to come back in the evening--I would freeze!  The first thing we saw as we arrived was a giant crèche or manager.  I'm standing where Baby Jesus would be--he's not there yet.  You can just see the manger where he'll be on Christmas.
Right next to the manger scene, I saw a huge mailbox just for letters to Santa Claus or Père Noël in French.  The French Post guarantees that every child who rides to Santa (by December 20th I believe) will get a reply.  Laura mailed her letter a few days ago but just had to go over and look at this mailbox.  If you want to write to Santa without using a mailbox, you can use their website here: http://www.laposte.fr/pere-noel/
We started walking through the market, checking out all the stands.  Laura and I couldn't help but be attracted to all the Santas.  Did you know that Santa plays the saxophone?  After the Santas, we went and got some hot chocolate to share.
I ended my time at the Christmas market with a ride on the merry-go-round.  Can you see me on the saddle?  I started to fall off but Laura pushed me up again.  I loved the old-fashioned carved animals.  I think Laura and I would have been willing to ride all day.  Unfortunately, it was a bit expensive; 2€ for one single ride!  I'm going to wait for the free merry-go-round next week to really enjoy myself!
On the way out, we came by a man selling Christmas trees.  I love the smell of fresh cut pine!  It smells like Christmas to me!  I think we're going to look for a tree this weekend closer to home.  I can't wait to help decorate it too!

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La Richardais, France - 12th February 2013

By: lapoussine35

Mishuta left today for England!  Have a safe trip!

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Heathrow Airport, T5, United Kingdom - 24th February 2013

By: NerdBird

I've just arrived in the UK and I'm already going on a trip! Right now I'm in the British Airways lounge in Heathrow Terminal 5, where I'm looking at planes. If the pictures are a bit blurry, it's because the champagne in the lounge is free... Nah, just kidding, neither my host nor I drink, it's more that it's darned difficult to hold me and take a picture on a smartphone at the same time. Plus, my host forgot to turn the flash on. She promises the next pictures will be much better. :cyclops:
Anyway, this is me enjoying the view of the planes. Not really a planespotter, am I, but I did notice that one of the BA planes have the right pattern but seems to be gold instead of blue and read. That's because it's one of the Dove planes, painted like that in honour of the London 2012 Olympics. More here: Nerdy article for planespotters :-)

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Heathrow Airport, T5, United Kingdom - 24th February 2013

By: NerdBird

I met a large, posh cousin of mine!  B)

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Heathrow Airport, T5, United Kingdom - 24th February 2013

By: NerdBird

And... here's the plane pic  :stare:


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Harrods, Heathrow Airport, T5, United Kingdom - 24th February 2013

By: NerdBird

Me and big cousin! He works as a mascot for Harrods...


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