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Travelog for: _Mishuta_

lake district, england - 8th August 2011

By: Leslee

I went to the Lake distric in a camper van!!!
Here I am and the other ToyVoyagers in the van on our way there.

I liked looking out of the window

As we drove it got hillier and hillier and we even saw a few lakes.

We didn't take any photos at the campsite straight away because the ground was very wet and we took a long time to get the tent up and make food.

I did take photos the next morning when I woke up very early but I will show you those later

xx Bye

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Burns Farm Camp Site, England - 9th August 2011

By: Leslee

I woke up very early at the campsite.  It was very quite but the sun was rising and quite bright.  I was too excited to go back to sleep so I watched the sun rising.

It was so lovely I showed it to the other ToyVoyagers and then we went to look over the stone wall to say good morning to the cows.

Leslee wanted to climb a very big hill but there wasn't much room in her backpack for ToyVoyagers to rest in, so the others stayed at the camp site watching the cows, sheep and chickens.

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Catbells, england - 9th August 2011

By: Leslee

Here we had just started top climb Catbells
and I looked behind me to see that there were lots of people climbing too.

To the side I could see the lake Derwent Water

Up and up

Eventually I got to the top of the first peak.  I thought I was there already but there was more!

From here I could see the valley at the other side

Off I went again and after a while I looked back and could see the first peak below me
If you were to fly in that direction, you would get to Scotland.  If you look very carefully with the photo big, you might even be able to see Scotland(behing the wind turbines).

And here I am!!!
I made it to the top of Catbells.

I could see so much from up here

I needed some energy replacing after all that!
Mmmm, Snickers bar!

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Catbells, England - 9th August 2011

By: Leslee

After I climbed Catbells, I had to walk back down again.  It was much quieter climbing down.  All those other people when a different way.

This way was pretty, I liked the ferns.

Almost back at the campsite, the sky was pretty and there was nearly a full moon.

These sheep belong to the farmer who runs the campsite.  There are lots of sheep in the lake district.

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Aira Force, England - 12th August 2011

By: Leslee

I want to show you what I spent a lot of time doing in the campervan while it was raining.
Here is Yewlee and me helping Leslee make mini sock monkeys for peoples' Christmas presents.

and I walked out into the drizzle to see the cows going for milking.

Then it was time to go out in the campervan.  We stopped at a very green place.  It was raining a bit but everyone has good waterproof clothes now.

First we met some sheep.  Lots of them.  They all moved when we walked by.
These sheep are not kept for profit because they are endangered and are only found in this area.  The grey ones are adults and the black ones are lambs.

I could still see big hills

I walked into the wood and eventually came to a beautiful and very noisy waterfall.

I walked along the river for a while too

I got really wet though, so we went to Keswick town.

I bought sausage and chips with curry sauce from the chip shop there.  Mmmm.  It was a bit too much for me so Leslee helped me out with the rest.

I chose some chocolate to take back to the campervan for the evening.  More Mmmmm.

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wastwater, England - 13th August 2011

By: Leslee

When I got to Wastwater in the campervan it wasn't raining so I got out for a good look.

It was really lovely but Leslee was rubbish with the camera!!

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St Bees, England - 13th August 2011

By: Leslee

I also popped in to St Bees to see what it was like.
It is a little seaside town.


I got out of the van at the beach to stretch my legs a bit.

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Allonby, England - 14th August 2011

By: Leslee

This is Allonby
It is a tiny sea side town with this cute river running through it.

I found this little place in a church hall to have a scone

I had to walk across grassy dunes to get to the beach

I loved these blue thistles

There were pebbles all over!

It was just windy enough to try some kite flying.  If you look carefully you can see it.  It is very high!

The others where here too
and we played on this bit of wood for a long time.

and us bears did some good scavenging and found a feather and a mermaids purse.

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Burns Farm Camp Site, England - 14th August 2011

By: Leslee

This is my last night camping here.  It still keeps raining here and the groung is sopping wet, but the evening sky is pretty.


Tomorrow I go back to Leslee's house but hopefully I should have some fun on the way home too.

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Castlerigg, England - 15th August 2011

By: Leslee

Just round the corner from the campsite, is this magical place!  I can't believe it took me until the last day to visit it!!



This is Castlerigg, a magical stone circle.
It is similar to Stone henge but smaller.


I spent a lot of time here trying to imagine why these were built and sharing my theories with the other toyvoyagers.

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Buttermere, England - 15th August 2011

By: Leslee

This place was a pretty suprise.

I only realy came here for a drink and a snack and a little walk around.

It was a lovely place but my favourite part was watching the sparrows feeding.


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Leslee's friend's house, England - 21st August 2011

By: Leslee

Hee, look Mum.  I have been meeting animals!



I am glad to be back in York and also glad that it is not raining any more!

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York, England - 22nd August 2011

By: Leslee

I had a lovely walk by the river this morning.  Cody came too.


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Burnby hall, Pocklington, England - 23rd August 2011

By: Leslee

Today was fantastic!
I went to see a big pond full of Koi carp.

This pond has a very big collection of waterlillies.  There are lots of diferent kinds and they are all labeled. 

I watched the fish being fed.

and then I had a look in the museum,

It was a lovely garden with a rockery, victorian garden, aviary, a little wood...

and a picnick area :OD

I was just here for a little while, and it rainy.  Leslee calls this sort of rain drizzle.  It is not like real rain but you still get very wet.

I soon went back to the car to go somewhere else.

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Scarborough, England - 23rd August 2011

By: Leslee

Oh, finally I got on the computer!  She ran out of internet because of all the photos this summer but now I can come and tell you about Scarborough.

This is where I went after Burnby Hall.

It was drizzly but not too cold.
I stared off by having a bacon sandwich at the clock cafe.

I could see the castle on the hill from here

I had a good look in thse rock pools for crabs but I couldn't find any.



I got to meet the lifeguards!

So I decided to go and see thier big boat.
and I left a donation in their money box.

I had a look around and went to see the lighthouse
but it was really cold so I though it would be a good idea to have tea.
I had fish and chips for tea in a restaurant which had a boat for me to play on!

The I went to the arcade to play some games.

It was a lovely day but I was glad to get home where it was warm and have a cosy game of Risk,

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