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Travelog for: Quentin Ducky

The Garden , England - 2nd May 2011

By: Gizalba

Hello to everyone who reads this; my very first update! I have never typed on a keyboard before, so my little wings are struggling to get used to it. I am also having trouble uploading my avatar, because it keeps saying my pictures are too big. So I took some on mummy's mobile too, and they still won't upload. I think mummy is going to ask for advice on the forums. This blog looks sad with no pics :(

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Garden, England - 2nd May 2011

By: Gizalba

Try again....

Yay it's worked!!!! :D So this is me in the garden, and just as mummy was clicking the camera, she jumped because there was a meow from behind and it got all blurred. She took it again and then allowed Gizmo the cat to join in with the photos. When we looked at the picture on the computer screen I was completely white :( So mummy edited the photo a bit. It still doesn't look very good but on the original you can't see my beak at all, so there is a slight improvement ;)

After looking around the garden (this was a big deal to me as I have not been outside in many years), it was time for mummy to have her favourite dinner; roast potatoes and veg. Mummy says she doesn't have chicken on her roast dinner because she doesn't like eating dead bodies! I was quite greatful because I have some chick friends who would have been very disturbed.

voyager 005.JPG
voyager 015.JPG
voyager 011.JPG
voyager 014.JPG

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House/ Park, England - 3rd May 2011

By: Gizalba

Today I explored the house a bit more and had my first peek of the big wide world. First I found mummy's postcard collection, and to see the images of all thse wonderful places made me even more eager to go travelling.

I then ventured across the landing and found some interesting things in another room. I met some Buddhas who looked like rather cheerful chaps. I also found a nice old fashioned clock, and I even saw a picture of Martin Luther King! You can't see the quote on the picture, but at the top of the poster it says 'Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.' This quote and a meeting with Buddha made me feel happy. Happy that there is still love in the world, and that Toyvoyagers help to spread this :)

At the end of the day, mummy went to a dance class. When she came out we didn't have much time as her lift was waiting, but we managed to get one snap of me in front of the park. There is also a statue in that park, which I hope either myself or some visiter toyvoyagers can get a picture in front of sometime.

j 010.JPG
j 012.JPG
j 022.JPG
j 005.JPG

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Shopping centre, England - 4th May 2011

By: Gizalba

Today I helped mummy get her postcrossing postcards ready to be posted. Then I wanted a picture taken of me posing :D Sadly I wasn't allowed to actually post the cards, as mummy said the Post office might not serve a duck. However, when we came out I got a treat to make up for it; I went on a mini merry-go-round in the shopping centre! It was so much fun. I rode a big blue elephant. There was also a lion on the other side, but he looked scary and I wasn't brave enough.

The news came today that mummy has found me a European host to go to, who lives in Germany. She is going to get my travelling gear ready today and I will hopefully be off on my travels this time tomorrow. Yippee! :)

cards 1.jpg
cards 3.jpg
cards 4.jpg
cards 5.jpg

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House, England - 6th May 2011

By: Gizalba

Last night we made an oragami good luck charm to send with me to my host as a thankyou present. Mummy forgot to take pictures while we were making it, but she got one at the end of me modelling the finished product ;) Then we switched the lights off to see the beads glow in the dark!

Today was my big day; mummy tied an identity tag to me in case I get lost. Then it was time for me to crawl into my envelope. It was very sad for mummy to see me go, but I am so excited about boarding the plane to Germany. I should arrive with my first host in a few days time! Until then, quack quack ta ta  B)

leaving 1.jpg
leaving 2.jpg
Leaving 3.jpg
leaving 4.jpg

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Sülfeld, Germany - 13th May 2011

By: RikeH

Hello Mum,

Today I arrived in Germany. I was so happy to jump out of my envelope!

A friendly bunny gave me a warm welcome. He is called Dicker Kumpel and he is my host here.


He introduced me to the other guests here.  I showed my wonderful postcard and the beautiful origami good luck charm I brought for RikeH and Dicker Kumpel.  They all really liked it.


I went out into the garden and found this friendly hippo.


Then I found some nice flowers.



I talked with these funny guys.


Tomorrow we will have a big TV-Party - and two guests will come. I will tell you more about it.


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Sülfeld, Germany - 14th May 2011

By: RikeH

Hi Mum,

It was time to party today.  Dicker Kumpel's best friend - Murph - came too. He is a blue alien – and came with his guest Ulrich. We talked a lot and had fun.


Later RikeH came and told us that it was time to have coffee and delicious cake. We went to the table – or maybe on the table.


Of course we had beautiful flowers for our host for this afternoon.


Then I had a delicious piece of cake. It was so yummy!


Guess what – it was time for presents then. Murph and Ulrich brought some for us.



We looked what was in the baskets.


There were really delicious sweets.


Then Murph and Ulrich got presents, too.


Look what they got.


I loved the little ducks – and wanted to have them for me.



Unfortunately Murph and Ulrich caught us…


So I was a nice duck…


… and enjoyed the party with all other ToyVoyagers!



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Krakow, Poland - 20th May 2011

By: RikeH

Hi Mum,

we made a nice trip this week-end. We went to Krakow in Poland.
First we walked in the old city and saw this nice gate.


I played in the miniature.


This is a Part of the old City Wall.


We will see more in the next days.


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Krakow, Poland - 21st May 2011

By: RikeH

Hi Mum,

We visited the Wawel Royal Castle today. It is situated on a hill next to the Vistuala River.

On the way to the Castle we passed this wonderful church.


You see a part of the Castle behind me. It was a very steep way.


We had a nice view over the River.


And when I turned I had this tower behind me.


Religion is important in Poland - and I saw the momument for the pope John Paul II.


There was a big cathedral on the hill.


When we walked down to the river, we saw this big dragon. He was really scary!


Tomorrow we will make a boat trip, this will be fun, I hope.

Quentin Ducky

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Krakow, Poland - 22nd May 2011

By: RikeH

Hello Mum,

on Sunday we made our promised trip on a boat. It was so great.
Can you remember the Castle we saw yesterday? We will see it again.

But first you see me on the boat. I had a great place!


There was a big abbey next to the river.


Then we saw the Castle from the water - it was so nice and big!


It was a nice boat trip!

In the evening we made a walk on the Main Marketplace.




It looked great in the night!

Bye yours
Quentin Ducky

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Krakow, Poland - 23rd May 2011

By: RikeH

Hi Mum,

today was our last day in Krakow. Yesterday we went over the Main Marketplace - but in the night.

Now we saw it during the day!



There are wonderful gardens around the city centre. I loved this bridge.


And this fountain was so nice! RikeH had to stop me, because I wanted
to jump into the water!


On a big place we found this monument.


In the afternoon we had to fly back home. I had fun in the plane.


The view out of the window was amazing.


Quentin Ducky

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Sülfeld, Germany - 30th May 2011

By: RikeH

Hi Mum,

We talked about our life missions – and Dicker Kumpel told me that I could complete one of it here.

RikeH has some pets – and I will show them to you.

First you can see the fishes. I can see them when I am at home, because they live near to my chair.

There are different fishes  - but I don’t know their names. These blue-red fishes are really nice – they live in a big group.



The big red fish is really funny. He came to see, what I was doing.



Here you can see many of the fishes.


I love this place.


But I can show you more, Mum. RikeH has birds, too. You can see two of them on the cage.



I tried to feed Koko – but she was a little shy.


The blue one near to me is Bella, she lives here for a month now. RikeH told me that she makes a lot of nonsense.


Here you see me with all the budgies. Have you counted them? They seem to have a nice life here.


I spent my afternoon talking to the budgies – it is nice to have other birds here!


Quentin Ducky

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St. John's, Canada - 3rd June 2011

By: RikeH

Hello Mum,

we arrived in Canada. It was a long flight, but now we are here!

Today we made a trip to a point called Cape St. Francis.  On the way we stopped at this lovely beach.


Then we reached the Cape - and had a wonderful view.


I enjoyed sitting on the Cliff looking at the Cape.


We were allowed to sit in the front of the car - it was great!



Then we drove back to St. John's and went onto the Signal Hill. We saw a nice lake.


And there was the town.


This was the Building - where Mr. Marconi started the first wireless connection between Canada and
England a long time ago.


Here you see our lovely car. And the street, where we live at the moment. The houses are very colorful.


Many greetings
Quentin Ducky

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Cape St. Mary's, Canada - 5th June 2011

By: RikeH

Hello Mum,

We went to visit a lot of nesting birds today. But first we stopped at a little harbour with beautiful boats in different colors.


This net is used by the fishermen. I wanted to try it out, but I am too small.


Then we arrived at Cape St. Mary's Ecological Reserve. It is  is one of Newfoundland's major seabird colonies. During the breeding season, it is home to 24,000 Northern gannet, 20,000 black-legged kittiwake, 20,000 common murre, and 2,000 thick-billed murre.

Well - we wanted to go there and count them all. It was a nice walk along the coast.


We came nearer to the biggest rock. Most of the Northern gannets, for example, make their nests on "Bird Rock"—a 100-metre-tall stack of sandstone that is separated from the viewing area by a
chasm only a few metres wide.


Here you see me really close to the rock. I wanted to go nearer, but RikeH was a little afraid of the steep cliffs - and unfortunately she cannot fly - and told me that a 100-meter-fall would have been not really good for her.


This was the view to the other direction.



Maybe I should come back again, when I am retired from the ToyVoyagers and find a nice wife. We were not able to count the birds, because many of them were away to find food for their children.

This night we spent in a funny cottage. Have you ever seen something like this in a fridge?


There was a big bear, but I was not afraid of it.


I found a great chair to relax.


But it was nicer to spend the evening together with Lintilla and Dicker Kumpel in front of the fireplace.


Quentin Ducky

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Twillingate, Canada - 8th June 2011

By: RikeH

Hello Mum,

we were in Twillingate - a little town next to the sea with nice old houses.



Behind me you can see the harbour - and the way to the ocean.


This lovely beach was next to our home. We had a great view there.


Quentin Ducky

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