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Travelog for: Genoveva

Bremen, Germany - 6th May 2011

By: ApoloniaX

Genoveva joined the German Bookcrossing Monopoly game, playing for team 4, the Ballypollies.


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Bremen, Germany - 14th May 2011

By: ApoloniaX

Genoveva jumped into a cardboard box, along with a book and some other stuff she promised not to touch, and was posted to Florida. This is where she wants to live!

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Miami, Florida, United States - 26th May 2011

By: tarepanda

It's really stuffy inside the box.  I wonder if I have arrived?


Hallo meine Freunde! 


Wow what a great welcome party!  Orange and Mocha are BookCrossers too, how exciting!  And there are also BineHH the crab and Lenny Lion


Hey... I was hungry!!  It was a long trip!!  I know it's bad...


Wow did they save the airline peanuts from the BC in DC celebration for me?  I'm moved!! 


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Miami Beach, Florida, United States - 18th June 2011

By: tarepanda

Yay I get to play BookCrossing Monopoly again!!  Mocha finds it an interesting coincidence that his mommy and mine are on the same team.  But of course, I told him, my mommy sends me over to help.  I am a pro at this game already! 

Our team Thumbaline lands on "Square", so we have to release a book by a square.  Our host said that she knows of a very beautiful square for the book.  Hmmm, I wonder where that is.  As far as I know, we have very pretty town squares in Germany, but I don't think Miami will have something as nice.

This is the book we will release. The Boy Who Loved Anne Frank.


First, of course, we have to visit the website to register the book. 


Since weather has been somewhat rainy we put the book in a protective bag.


Off we go!  To my surprise we visit the Holocaust Memorial.  It doesn't look like there is a town sqaure around here?

At the entrance there is a statue of a mother with two children.


Behind the statue is a quote from Anne Frank on the wall.


There is a pond and a statue of a big hand.


First we pass by a wall etched with pictures during the war.  It's horrible to look at the pictures and imagine the suffering.


The hand is reflected in the water where there are some lotuses.  It's very beautiful.


Oh here is the square our host talks about!!  There are slits in the wall so sunlight creates squares of light on the wall.  What interesting sqaures!


We leave the book in the tunnel.


We hope someone will find and enjoy this book.  And of course, to journal it!


The light also shines through an opening to throw a yellow star on the ground.


We walk through the tunnel. At the end, there is an opening where the big hand statue is.  Up close, we can see that it is formed by many human figures.  They all have very sad and tortured faces.  We feel very emotional looking at them.  (yeah that was a bad pic but our host excused that it was hard to see the viewer under bright sun.)



At the end of the memorial is a sculpture similar to the one we saw at the entrance.  Only in this one, the mother and children have died.


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Miami Beach, Florida, United States - 30th July 2011

By: tarepanda

Today we go to South Beach, which is a very popular tourist destination. 


We are now on Ocean Drive, which is right next to the beach.  The street is lined with restaurants and hotels, many of which are built in the Art Deco style.  Many movies and magazine photos are shot here.  People like to dine al fresco, and it's a place to see and be seen. 




Look, this hotel has a swimming pool on its first floor!  You can lie on the beach chair there and watch the beach.  Weird.


This was the residence of Versace, a world renowned Italian designer who was killed right on the door steps years ago.  Hmm I think I can still smell the blood...


This is a station where people can rent a bicycle to go around.


So, this is Miami Beach.


This is the Atlanic Ocean!  Far, far away, on the other side of the ocean, is where I come from!


Being a tourist in Florida, of course we need to get some sun tan.  Pass me the lotion please...


On the way home, along the causeway, we can see the Port of Miami.  This is where we can get on a cruise ship to the Caribbeans.  Hmmm I hope one day I get to travel in one!


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Miami, Florida, United States - 25th August 2011

By: tarepanda

Today we are helping our host do a BookCrossing release!

Our host is playing the BookCrossing Monopoly game.  This round they have to do a restaurant release, as her team landed on a square saying "restaurant". 

First, we have to find a book.  Hmmm... I think we find the perfect book


We wrap the book up with a little description of what BookCrossing is.


Now Bally is all ready it's time to make a Bally roll!  We use a white towel and some paper.


Tada!  Bally is ready to roll!


We visit this place called Ozzi Sushi.


This is a kaitenzushi, which means that they have sushi going around the table and you select what you like, instead of ordering with the waitress or chef.


The sushi plates pass by us on little wooden boats.


Yum yum... they are pretty tasty. 


The plates are in different colors, indicating how much each costs.  The waitress does not take away the plates; when you are done, they come by and calculate how many plates you eat and how much you pay.

This is a very pretty pink roll with strawberry inside!


Bally and us enjoyed a farewell dinner together.


Bon voyage!!  Travel well, Bally, hope you find some new friends!


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Tampa, Florida, United States - 18th September 2011

By: tarepanda

Our host apologizes that she hasn't been keeping our journal more up to date.  But finally here's some!

We travel with her to Tampa, which is on the west coast of Central Florida, to watch an international dragon boat race.

Look here are some athletes ready to get on the boats.


And some getting off after a race.  Hey it's Team Germany!!


Looks like the Germans win the race, they look so excited!  Yay! (Sadly my photo w them didn't come out nice but Mocha lend me his...)


Here's another team heading to the race.  Good luck!


We visit a friend's VIP guest suite so we can get a full view of the race.



Looks like this is the mascot of the race.


We go inside the athlete area.  There is a kiosk selling smoothies.  Hmmm where are the guys from?


And the souvenir booth is always crowded.


There are some stores too.  This one is selling exercise machine.  I suppose the athletes have to work out a lot on them.  We want to try it but decide that we will look too bad compare to all the national teams here...


This one sells paddles.  Our host explains that while a regular wooden paddle sells for about $40, serious paddlers usually use a carbon fiber one that costs over $200.


There is also an exhibit about the history of dragon boats.


This is an ancient drawing from China, showing a very fancy boat.


There is even a dragon boat magazine.  Wow, Prince Henry and Kate are on the cover.  Kate is into dragon boating too, but she was asked to discontinue it, as it makes security real difficult.  Or so we were told.


We enter the athlete village, where the paddlers rest between races.  Each country has her own room.



Looks like the Brits are stretching out to get ready!


But of course the Germans are ready for them!


I wonder which country will go home with all the cups?


We visit the Hong Kong team.  They have won a plaque.


We watch the awards ceremony.


Trinidad and Tobago has won a few medals for her youth division.  Their fans are proudly waving the country flags.


Here are the Germans and the Canadians receiving their medals.  I feel very proud!


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Miami, Florida, United States - 23rd October 2011

By: tarepanda

My dear friends notice that I am a bit homesick, so when they heard about an Oktoberfest organized by the German American Club they take me along.


Look my friends this is the beautiful Neuschwanstein Castle!! Do we feel very much like in Germany now?


There is a band playing.


Feeling a bit hungry we decide to check out the menu.  I help my friends with the translation.


They have samples to show us what the food are like.  Yikes!  This is how the food looks like?  My mommy makes them ten times nicer!!


And of course we want some beer!


Oh dessert!! There is a German chocolate cake, which I tell them do not originated in Germany (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_chocolate_cake).  There are also Black Forest cake, apple strudel and more. 


Oh gosh, looking at these makes me go all nostalgic.  Hmmm I should have brought more wafer with me...



Guten Appetit!  Hey looks like we get a very thirsty fish here!  The food looks a bit sad, but well, they are Americans... what do they know about good German food!!


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Miami, Florida, United States - 2nd November 2011

By: tarepanda

Today my host teaches me to make a Chinese noodle dish.  It's called Dan Dan noodle, with a spicy sesame sauce and very easy to make.

First we minced up the garlic, and preserved mustard stem.  If you don't have that, you can use carrot or turnip.  It lends some crunchiness and flavor.  Normally minced pork is used but we use the vegetarian substitute here.


Next we stir fry the ingredients in the pan.


Now we put the noodle to boil.


While waiting for the noodle, we prepare the sauce.  We use chili sauce, soy sauce, peanut butter, vinegar, sesame paste and sesame oil.


We mix everything into a smooth paste.


The noodle is ready.  We put the stir-fried mix, along with some crushed peanuts and scallion, on top.


We add a little hot water to the paste to make a broth, and add it to the bowl.


Doesn't it look delicious?  This one is made mild, as you can hardly see any red chili oil floating on top.

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Miami, Florida, United States - 20th November 2011

By: tarepanda

Today we have another release for the BookCrossing monopoly game.  We are visiting some food trucks.  Next to me is a new arrival, Cody.  It's his first time out around Miami!  As he bores handsome teeth like me, we have become fast friends.


This truck is called 90 Miles.  The name comes from a monument in Key West, the southern most city in continental U.S., that says 90 Miles to Cuba.  This truck sells Cuban food.


While I am curious to try Cuban, Bally drags us to another truck.  What is it?  Yellow Submarine.


Bally shows us the menu... the yellow sub looks good.


We place our order.


The hotdog has chopped pineapple on top, so it looks yellowish.  it's delicious indeed!


Afterwards, we help Bally release a yellow book by the truck.  Mission accomplished!!


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Miami, Florida, United States - 6th December 2011

By: tarepanda

Today we go to the Miami Library Book Sale.  As we all love books we are very excited.


There are books everywhere!!




Look we have some great finds!  Our host usually get a few boxes to last her for releasing the whole year.


Afterwards, we go inside the library. 


We go up to the second floor where the audio books are.


Here we are!


The library also has computers to use.


Time to check out!  This is the self service counter where you check out the books by running them through the scanner.


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Miami, Florida, United States - 30th January 2012

By: tarepanda

As Chinese New Year is coming up, we help our host prepare her favorite New Year dish, turnip cake (Lo Bak Go).  (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turnip_cake)  My host makes it every year for the new year.  She brags that she cooks a really good version of it, when she gave it to her boss to share with his Chinese parents, they said it's the best they ever had.  : )  You can find the cake in Chinese restaurant dim sum too, but they are not as good. ; )  She also says that unlike the German food I've tried, hers is very authentic Chinese.

First we have to prepare the ingredient.  We used dried shrimp, dried scallop and mushroom, and we have to soak it in water first.  You can make the dish vegetarian by using mushroom, carrot, celery and other veggies, but her husband doesn't like it (he doesn't like much of her vegetarian stuff).


Next we chop up some sausage.


Now we stir fried it with some cooking wine, soy sauce and sugar.


Next is the preparation of the turnip, or daikon.  We use 5 lbs for one round of cake.  We clean and peel them.


While my host's grandma had to shred them by hand, now it is a breeze with a food processor.


We cook the radish, then add the mixings in.


We prepare the flour mix.  It's half rice flour and half corn starch in a small bowl of water. 


We put the radish mixture into a deep pan and stir in the flour mix.


We have to steam the mixture for 45 minutes.  While we are waiting, we prepare some cilantro.


Let's see if it's ready!  We stick a chopstick into the cake.  If it comes out clean it's good.


A little garnish with cilantro and sesame on top, and it's done!! 


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Tamarac, Florida, United States - 5th February 2012

By: tarepanda

Today we go with our host to the Chinese Buddhist Temple to celebrate Chinese New Year.


They have some cute monk statues around the building.


Look, they hang up a lot of red lanterns so it looks very festive.


Near the entrance is a big incense burner.


I say a little prayer, make a wish and insert the incense into the burner.


It looks very festive inside too!


The lanterns are made to look like lotus flowers.  Aren't they beautiful?


This is the main hall where the Buddha statue is.


We see more of the cute statues.


This is a beautiful bronze bell.


What are all these little lanterns hanging on the tree?


We make a donation and receive a little lantern.  We write our wish for the new year on the attached plate and hang it on the tree.  I hope our wish comes true!!   


It's lunch time!!  We line up in the dining hall to get our food.  At the temple, all food is vegetarian and cooked by volunteers.


Yummm... very healthy, and very delicious!  Hi Mommy, I think you  will enjoy this.  And I miss you!


There is a gift shop area. 

They have a big section of books and CDs.


Lucky charms, bracelets and more.


They have some paper lantern.


This is a weird looking puppet.


There are many type of food and snacks.  Some of them are home made by volunteers, some are vegetables and fruits donated by farmers and wholesalers, and some of them are imported from Taiwan.  Our host always get something when she visited the temple. 


We see a lot of paper strips hanging from the ceiling.  Our host tells us that at Lantern Festival (the last day of New Year, on the 15th day) a popular activity is to play riddles.  Each piece has a riddle on it .  If you know the answer you can take the riddle down and claim a prize.


Can you guess the answer to this riddle?


What are these?  My host says it's lion head but I am not sure if they look like the lions I know.  Maybe Chinese lion looks different?


Anyway, what a thrill to take a picture in the lion's mouth!


There is some kung fu performance.



The drummer's beats quicken.  I wonder what is coming up?


Wow look at the dragon!!  It's very lively!


Uh oh~!  Looks like it tangles itself up while chasing the ball!


Here comes the lions!!


Stay calm, stay calm.  If people eat vegetarian inside the temple I am sure lions do too...


The lions stand up real tall, by having one performer standing on the shoulder of other.  The scroll wishes everybody to be as lively and strong as dragon and tiger.


Now on to some quieter performances. A lady plays the flute.


And another does a sword dance.


What a fun experience this is!

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Miami, Florida, United States - 24th February 2012

By: tarepanda

Today the weather is very nice, so we go visit the U Pick farm.


We found some delicious strawberries!


These are the little flowers from the strawberry plants.


They are very juicy and delicious.  We pick and eat to our hearts' content.


Next we look for some tomatoes.


We find some Roma tomato.


The cherry tomato is very sweet so we decide to get them.


We also pick a few green peppers.


Here we are, enjoying ourselves among the parsley.


The basil doesn't look too great but we decide to get a little just to cook with pasta.


They have a field of flowers too, like sunflower, for people who want to take a bunch home.


For those who don't have time to pick the fruits and vegetables themselves, they can get it at the stall.


When we get home, our host scramble an egg with some of the tomato and chives we just got, with a bit of goat cheese too.


Mmm it sure is tasty!


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Lake Worth, Florida, United States - 4th March 2012

By: tarepanda

Today we go to Lake Worth for the street painting festival.  It's the largest of its kind in the U.S.


They close off a few streets and the artists paint on them.  The beginning section is drawn by students.  They may be young but they paint very well.



The event goes from Saturday to Sunday.  It takes a lot of hours to paint.

This one is very colorful!


Here's a painting of Nemo and his friends!


Looks like sea turtles is a popular theme.


This is a manatee, an endangered sea mammal found in Florida.


And a Florida beach!


The painter paints his own dog in this one.


And this man paints his wife.  It's very beautiful.  We debate whether she will be very moved by this or she will complain that he makes her look too fat. : D


The artist draws grid on her copy, so she can reproduce it accurately on the street.


This is so beautiful.  It's a shame to remember that when the festival is over, the art will not remain.


Besides street painting there are other arts on display too.  This stall sells palm frond art.  Frond is the base of a palm leaf.


This man is pretending to be a bronze statue.


There are a lot of reproduction of classics, all nicely done. 






Here's a picasso!


Not a classic, but rather an impressionist painting of Darth Vader!


There are some food booths too in case you get hungry.


They get a bit tired from kneeling on the street to paint, and do a little dance.


I guess cigar and fine arts kind of go together...


Oh look!  Harry Potter!


Pussy in Boots!


Some artists complete their work already while some are still hard at work.


So many paintings, and they are all simply amazing!  It's hard to imagine how they can accomplish this kneeling or lying on the street! 






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