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Travelog for: Aurora

Lucerne, Switzerland - 13th September 2011

By: amb167

Here I am in Switzerland! I really liked this funny sweater, and I was a bit chilly so I decided to try it on :)


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Salzburg, Austria - 15th September 2011

By: amb167

Hello again! Now I am in Austria :) It is a little bit cold here too. It even snowed last night! Today I went on a some really cool tours. First we went on a salt mine tour. There were fun slides, and there was a little boat ride inside the mine :) Then we went on the Sound of Music tour! They drove us all around the Salzburg countryside. The mist and snow capped Alps were so pretty to look at! But I must say, I am a little excited to get back to sunny California so I can meet my mom  :D


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Salzburg, Austria - 2nd October 2011

By: amb167

Today we got to ride the train! First class even  ;) We went from Salzburg, Austria to Zurich, Switzerland. Here I am with my aunt!


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Los Angeles, California, United States - 21st October 2011

By: amb167

Yesterday Maggie's mom had work, so when we all got home we ran around like crazy trying to pack up for Disneyland. We finally got everything ready and went straight to bed because we had to wake up really early today to leave. Maggie said it was a long, long drive but I didn't realize just how long of a drive it really was! It felt like we were driving FOREVER! But me and the other TV's told each other funny stories and sang songs to keep busy. Finally, just when I thought we might never make it, we saw the signs that said we were in L.A.!! Woohoo!!!! Disneyland, here we come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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