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Travelog for: Toivo

Jyväskylä, Finland - 23rd October 2011

By: Nonnariina

I´m Toivo, little bear from Finland. I love to see many places and get some new friends all around the world.

Tomorrow is exciting day because, I will left Finland and go to my first tripp! Wow, I´m so excited B)

World, here I come!

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Hildesheim, Germany - 26th October 2011

By: Bello

Hey at home! :)

Today I arrived the pretty town Hildesheim in Germany!

Oh its so exciting here!  ;)

So here im comming!


Here you can see me with my new friend Pimbo: :) ( he isnt a ToyVoyager!)


Thats are Hipp and Hopp!


Tommorrow will come more Pictures!
And on Saturday we will arriv the Heide Park! Its a Fun Park in Germany! (www.heide-park.de). There is a big Halloween special :D
Love you

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Hildesheim, Germany - 27th October 2011

By: Bello

Hey at Home!

Today is my second day in Germany and I enjoy it!

Today I had meet Toschka,Hoppel and Schnuffi :)

Here are some Photos:

This is Schnuffi a rabbit!

This is Hoppel,he is a rabbit too (their siblings)


So and this is Toschka a very lovely cat from my host:


Here im relaxing :D


Tommorrow we will get outside!
And I will meet Kalista a TV from Austria!!!!
I´m so excitedly
See you sonn

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Hildesheim, Germany - 28th October 2011

By: Bello

Hi Mum!
Its so beautiful here!
But I miss you a lot!
Here a little bit of pictures from Yesterday evening :)
Today we will go outside!
Photos from this you can see maybe today evening or tommorrow.
An Tommorrow we will drive to the HEIDE PARK!!! Check out the website ( [url=www.heide-park.de]Heide Park[/url]) !

047 (Kopie).JPG
055 (Kopie).JPG
049 (Kopie).JPG

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Hildesheim, Germany - 28th October 2011

By: Bello

Hey at home! :)
Today we saw the pretty Hildesheim!
We went to a playground.
There I met a other ToyVoyager Kalista!
It was a fantastic!One of my life missions is cpmpleted!
Love you :)

PA280005 (Kopie).JPG
PA280009 (Kopie).JPG
PA280007 (Kopie).JPG
PA280011 (Kopie).JPG
PA280012 (Kopie).JPG

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Hildesheim, Germany - 30th October 2011

By: Bello

Hey at home!
Yesterday was a fantastic day! After breakfast we went to the Heide Park Soltau. This is the biggest theme Park in north Germany! In the Heide Park was a Halloween Special. It was so beatiful! I drove with costers! There were a lot of witches,zombies and monsters so It was a kind of scary. At the end it was very dark so the photos at the end arent so much good.
But this was the best day! What a pitty,that you wasnt there.
Miss you
Toivo :)

PA290020 (Kopie).JPG
PA290023 (Kopie).JPG
PA290024 (Kopie).JPG
PA290027 (Kopie).JPG

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Hildesheim, Germany - 1st November 2011

By: Bello

Hey at home :)
Today was a day of relaxing!

I´ve only chilled with Kalsita
And play Videogames like Xbox Kinect :)
It was a fun!
Then we went outside in the darkness. It was a bit scary!
My host´s school continue today after holidays. :(
I´m going to continue my journey next week :)
Love you after all and miss you....

PB010055 (Kopie).JPG
PB010057 (Kopie).JPG
PB010059 (Kopie).JPG
PB010060 (Kopie).JPG
PB010061 (Kopie).JPG

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Hildesheim, Germany - 6th November 2011

By: Bello

Hey at home! :)
So im fine but my host was ill!
So he culdnt update my travellog and couldnt send me to my next host!
He is sorry!
SO tommorrow I will leave Hildesheim :)
Love you

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Münster, Germany - 10th November 2011

By: indrarado

Or Hallo in German.

I arrived in Münster. I'm a bit tired from the journey, but despite of that I really feel good. I am excited of what I will see next.


As I arrived at where my new host Daniela works, I had some time to explore this cool record store.


An guess what? I even found some Finish CDs:


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Münster, Germany - 11th November 2011

By: indrarado

Guten Tag!     Hyvää päivää!

Today Daniela had to work the whole day. But it was a bit special though as she had to go to the stock of her record store. While she was busy I had a stroll around. It was amazing! Thousands and thousands of Cds in here!


But my way there was even more exciting! I met Tutik on the train, he is tv from Turkey! He told me a lot about Münster. I'm so looking forward to it!
But see me on this fast train!


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Rhede, Germany - 15th November 2011

By: indrarado

Grüß Gott - like the bavarians say (about: jumala tervehtii)

My last weekend was great! I had a trip to Rhede, Daniela's small homtown about 90km from Münster.
It is a really cute and quite beautiful city near the border to the Netherlands. Here you can see me looking from a small park up to the Gudulakirche - the oldest still standing church in Rhede on which Daniela's grandpa has helped building the tower.


And we were lucky to be there at exactly the right time when a mass for St. Martin (of Tours) where children were celebrating his generosity together with their (grand)parents. So we had a short look inside.


After that we went on and saw the Castle of Rhede. But as it is on private grounds we weren't able to get too near.


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Rhede, Germany - 17th November 2011

By: indrarado


Here I am again! I told you I saw many things in Rhede. Here are some more:

We saw a soccer game of the local team. They are quite good. Here you can see them coming onto the field after break. See how misty the weather was? We had some difficulties seeing the other side.


And in the break we had a tasty "Waffel" (waffle). Hmmmm...


And in the evening?
Tutik and me met "Willy", the rabbit who lives in Daniela's parent's house. He's got a whole room for himself!


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Rhede, Germany - 19th November 2011

By: indrarado

A bit more from my weekend trip to Rhede:

With Daniela's mum we had a walk through a nearby forrest. It was really great as the wheater was still sunny. See us on the way:





There was a small farm where some friends were out on the field! Of course we had to go there and say Hello. They were really interested. But when Daniela put out her camera they acted like they hadn't even seen us... :)


It was really fun. And when we returned from the photo session a family waited for us. They saw us taking pictures and just had to ask what we were doing. The kids where amazed when they heard where I am from. I guess there will be another tv family here soon. ;)


And one other thing we saw in the woods. A memorial for Hermann Löns.


And after that exciting day we went to get some things for dinner. This time with Daniela's dad. And she told us that it was most likely now that we might get some sweets. See what Tutik and me got:


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Cologne, Germany - 20th November 2011

By: indrarado

It's me again!

You heard a bit of Rhede now.
I guess it is time to let you know about my trip from this weekend. Daniela was to a gala near Ahrweiler. Bad Neuenahr is a small but quite known spa.

First Tutik and me had to stay in the hotel room.


But on Saturday we had a short walk through the inner town. It is really quiet and beautiful.



Nice, isn't it?

And on our way back Daniela spent a day with us in cologne. A very great city! Most famous is the cathedral. And it is an really impressive building!



We went on to the Hohenzollern Bridge. Not even arrived you can see the central station best.


And as we stepped on the bridge I dared to look over the railings at the Rhine. But ohhhhh, that was deep. I was a bit scared.


Here you can see me on the other side of the bridge. a great view over the Rhine and at the cathedral, isn't it?


And did you know that this bridge is called the bridge of love? Lovers put a lock with their names around the railings and then throw the keys into the Rhine.


I won't be able to update the next week. But soon you will see what I did then...

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Cologne, Germany - 25th November 2011

By: indrarado

Hi there!

I forgot one picture from Cologne! This is me shaking Hands with a sweep. That means a lot of luck for me! ;)


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