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Travelog for: Pink_Bear

Essen, Germany - 22nd October 2011

By: BlackCat

I am one of five new toys of my mum BlackCat.


If you want to host me, please let my mum know.


Pink Bear

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Farm near Löbau, Germany - 29th October 2011

By: LadyButterfly

Hello mommy,

yeah I arrived safetly, what a joy! That was a trip, I can tell you. I was two days in the little prison called mailbox, it was cold and dark. On the photo you can see the mailbox I was trapped in.
My host Julia feels so sorry about it, that she first gave me a cup of hot chocolate and a piece of cake. Yummi, that was tasty!

But now we are not at Julias home, we visit her mother-in-law on her farm. So I don't have much time to write, because I want to go out and Julia want to show me around.
I'll tell you more later!

Pink Bear


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Farm, Germany - 29th October 2011

By: LadyButterfly

Hello again mommy,

what do you think, if it is possible to move to a farm? I know it's impossible, but I love beeing here on the farm of Julias mother-in-law. She showed me around and I met some nice animals.

What do you think, mommy, am I brave enough to ride a cow? No?
YES, I was brave enough. It took all my courage, but I jumped on the head of the big cow. But don't worry, I don't fell down and it was so cool. The first time I ride a cow!
Oh her name is Rosi and she is the oldest cow on the farm. I like her!


After my cowride, I climbed up under the roof of the barn. There I searched the needle in the haystack, but I didn't found it. It's a good place to play hide and seek.


Mommy? Shall I tell you something?
Today I realized I'm a really tiny bear!
Can you find me on the picture of the tractor tire?
Yes so tiny am I!


You know what? The family of my hosts boyfriend also celebrates Halloween! I love the decoration of the windows and the pumpkin is really sweet.


That was a nice day, but also a little bit hard! I think I will go to bed soon, I'm very tired.

Good Night, mommy
Pink Bear

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My hosts home, Germany - 30th October 2011

By: LadyButterfly

Hello mommy,

today we arrived my hosts home. The day is very sunny, but also very cold! The night was loooong, have you slept well? I was a little bit confused of the time change, but that was ok.
So early in the morning we leave the farm and drove to Julias home. She lives in the last floor of a high-rise. I was a little bit scared of watching down the balkonie, but Julia hold me tight, so I could watch around.


On the balkonie I found something crazy, so I think my host is a little bit crazy or have you ever seen trees in a cup? Julia called this flower "her tree with the hard name", because his name is so hard to pronounce. It is called "bougainvillea", but I like his colour.


Another crazy thing is the toy-prison. Yeah, you hear right! Julia has a toy-prison, but she told me it is called "pen" and it is a little bit strange, because Julia can't catch me in the pen. I'm so small I can slip through the rods.  ;)


And in the end I met Hanni the TV of my host. Hanni is still home and waits to go on tour in the round robin.


Today Julia was a little bit sad about the time change, because she wanted to show me a windmill, but her little daughter is to confused of the change. She took a very long nap.
But tomorrow we want to go out and see the windmill and maybe also a huskie-race.

Pink Bear

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My hosts home, Germany - 31st October 2011

By: LadyButterfly

Good evening mommy,

today just a short message and no photos, because it was a bad day. Julia got sick, so she wasn't able to show me the windmill, she feels very sorry. But tomorrow she promised we will visit the windmill and take many pictures for you.

Oh, my host Julia, her family, Hanni and I wish you a happy Halloween and don't be scared this night!  ;)

Pink Bear

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Kottmarsdorf, Germany - 1st November 2011

By: LadyButterfly

Heyho mommy,

I'm so excited of that day, it was great! The weather was nice, sunny and if I could believe the thermometer shows 38 °C. Ok Julia told me, we had not such high temperature, because the thermometer was wrong, the sun were shining on it.  :D

But after all Julia feels much better today, so she took me to the windmill in Kottmarsdorf, as she promised me yesterday.


This windmill is called Bockwindmühle and is one of the oldest type of windmills in germany. It was build in 1843 and was used for grinding until 1943. Today the windmill is still used but only to show visitors how to grind flour.
It was a little bit sad, because the season of show grinding is over, so I couldn't watch it.



Here are some facts about the windmill, I think it is very interesting!


Me, having a look over the oberlausitzer hills or some people call them mountains.  ;)
But you can't see them very good on the photo, because it was a little bit foggy.


And at the end of the day I had a great look on the sunset.


What a exciting day, mommy, but now I'm so tired I could fall in bed and sleep the whole night long.
I hope you had also a great day!

Pink Bear

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My hosts home, Germany - 2nd November 2011

By: LadyButterfly

Hello again mommy,

we had much luck with the weather yesterday. Today it was gray, but warm, so we decided to stay at home. Julia wants to do some housework, so I had some time to look around. Guess what I have found?
A blackboard and some chalk! So I wrote you a little message!


Later that day we build up the bird house and fill it with fodder for the wild birds. Julia told me the birds are a little bit stupid. Last winter they found the fodder when the winter was over.
But I think I made something wrong, because I was trapped in the bird house. But don't be concern mommy, Julia helped me out.


Tomorrow we will drive to Julias parents and she told me, I will meet two dogs. I'm a little bit nervous. Well, I was brave enough to sit on a cows head, tomorrow I will be brave enought to meet the dogs! I think that will be cool!

Have a nice evening mommy!

Pink Bear

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Bed at my hosts home, Germany - 4th November 2011

By: LadyButterfly

Hey mommy,

a bad day again, tha night was stormy and I was a little bit afraid about the roof. Today it is a little bit better, bet there are still many clouds, it is cold and we still have a strong wind.
We decided to stay home and make a "stay-in-bed-party".


Together with some new friends and toys which stay at home we snuggle in the warm bed. The blue teddy is almost 25 years old, he was the birthday-present for Julia.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, yesterday I met Sina!


She is one of the two dogs of Julias parents. Sina is a english pointer from Spain, she was saved from a killing station. But at the moment she has not much luck! She had an accident with a car, but Sina is on the mend.
Julia told me yesterday, that Sina is to stupid to die!
She don't meant it bad, but she said Sina has two things in her head... food and balls!

I hope the weather will be better tomorrow, so we can go out and have some fun outside!

Have a nice day and a much better start of the weekend!

Pink Bear

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Kitchen of my hosts home, Germany - 4th November 2011

By: LadyButterfly

Hey mommy,

it's me again! I hope I can write these lines without exploding, because I'm so full of the good dinner! Me and my hosts TV Hanni cooked it together.

After our bed-party we were so hungry and Julia told us we can help her cooking. So Hanni and I done it.


We made a meal out of noodles, zucchini and leek, but it was hard to prepare the food. Hanni tried to steal every piece of food we had to slice.


Together we had to wait for the water to cook. But we had to go down from the handle, because it was a little bit hot on the bottom.


Hummmmmm that smelled so tasty!


And here is our ready meal. It was delicious and we had a great dinner together. A great ending of a nice bed-party-day!

Good night mommy, I miss you!

Pink Bear

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Kottmar, Germany - 6th November 2011

By: LadyButterfly

Hey mommy,

how was your sunday? Was it as nice and sunny as here? We had sun all day long and it was very very warm. Julia said it's to warm for november, but I like the weather. And because the weather was so nice and Hanni will leave us tomorrow we took a trip to the Kottmar. That's a mountain near Kottmarsdorf... yeah as the name said!  :D


Yes it's warm here, but we still have autumn and so the wood looks like this. I had so much fun playing in the leaves together with Hanni, but then Julia told us, we will see a real special sight. And then I saw a sign!


We went to the Spreefountain! How cool is that? But befor we saw the fountain we had to walk a little bit through the wood.


And this is it... the fountain of the Spree. There we took a little rest and watch around. So I found a sign which told me the legend of Spreefountain.


Together with Hanni we tried to translate the legend into english and here is the legend.
Here, where today the spree-fountain is, were many, many years ago moss covered rock and huge meadows. This was the home of the gnom Gerbod. Many little elfes saved the water wealth of the Kottmar and tease Gerbod with her singing. But the laugh of the gnom banish the elfes forever. Gerbod got mad and throw a spear. This spear drilled into the earth and made a new fountain. The little creek joint soon the Spree and the village Gersdorf was build there.


Oh and mommy, mommy... I also found the gnom! But can you find me on the picture. I realized again... I'm a very tiny bear! I'm smaller than a gnom, that's funny!


We walked on and found another legend. This was the legend of the wolveholes.
Many centurys ago the Kottmar was a impenetrable wood, with dark holes where bears and wolves lived.
The villagers were afraid of this animals, who threaten the people. So the villagers dig holes all around the Kottmar-mountain and covered them with rods to made ´traps for the villains.
So the wild animals wheren’t a danger for the villagers and the people in the villages had peace again.

Julia told me, in the region are wolves again, but I don't have to be affraid, they aren't dangerous for human. Only the farmers have problems with the wolves because the catch their sheeps. There are many discussions around the wolves here, because the farmers are mad, but they get compensation if a wolve caught a sheep or causes other damages.


This is one of such wolveholes... can you see me?
Hanni was a little bit affraid she will fall in such a trap, but I wasn't affraid. As I said... I'm a tiny bear!  ;)


And last but not least we found another legend. It was the legend of the crystal coffin at the Kottmar.
In the wood of the Kottmar at Kottmarsdorf, near Löbau you can find in the morning a rock with a indentation, which was sometimes a door. Sometimes it should still appear today. In this rock there should lay a beautifull girl, named Mirinda in a crytsal coffin.
The only sign, which shows her body lays here are three little flames, which hopping around the rock in the evening.


We also found Mirinda, she is so beautifull and I was so curious I wanted to look at the little flames, but Julia said we will never find out of the wood in the dark. So we went back home, drank coffee and now we watch "X-Men"!

Tomorrow, Hanni told me, we have to say "Good Bye" to her. She will go on her own journey... I hope she has a nice travel!

So mommy, this was my wonderfull sunday, I hope yours was as much nice as mine.

Have a nice week!

Pink Bear

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My hosts home, Germany - 9th November 2011

By: LadyButterfly

Hello mommy,

I almost forgot to make an update. Julia had so much to do the last few days there was just time for one or two photos. The weather is also bad, it is very stormy and it turns colder every day. Maybe I'll see the first snow of the year here.


Mommy, do you know this picture. Julia made the same one, a few days after I arrived here. Now she took this photo again, to show you how it looks today. All leaves have fallen down from the trees. Hihi the trees look a little bit naked!  ;)


Me infront of the sunset on last monday! It was the last very nice day we had, now it is grey and most time of the day very dark. I miss the sun a little bit!


Today it is really time to say "Goodbye" to Hanni! She will leave us today and start her own journey around the world. I help her to prepare for the journey, because I allready know how it is to travel around.
I think I will miss Hanni, but I' sure she will meet very nice people.

So mommy, not much what I have to tell you, but I guess you are happy to hear from me. Now I will bring Hanni together with Julia to the postoffice.

Have a nice day mommy!

Pink Bear

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My hosts home, Germany - 10th November 2011

By: LadyButterfly

Hey mommy,

a bad day again, but much more worse than the other days. It's so foggy outsite, we can't see very much, not even the supermarket across the street.
Julia said, it is a tired weather!


Today I feel a little bit lonely, because Hanni has left for the Round Robin and I'm the only ToyVoyager here. But I found a good methode against the lonelyness.
I watched the TV-homepage and had a look what my borthers and sisters are doing.


And because it is so cold, me and Julia drank hot chocolate together.  It's so comfortable to stay at home, but Julia is a little bit sad, because she wants to go outside and show me new things.


But instead of going out and freezing, we stayed at home and Julia an me made something very creativ on her notebook. This is a scrapbook of some beautifull pictures of me.
Julia called the picture "PinkBear and the autumn!"


Do you like it, mommy?

So now we have lunch, we will eat spaghetti with tomato-sauce.

Have nice day!

Pink Bear

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My hosts home, Germany - 11th November 2011

By: LadyButterfly

Hi mommy,

how do you do?
Yesterday in the evening a new guest arrived here. Funny, Hanni leaves and Icy comes. I was so happy to meet him and he is sooooo cuddly!


Now I'm not alone anymore!
Heya and today we celebrate together the beginning of the carneval season. Julia told us it isn't so popular here to celebrate it. Only the children and one or two strongholds are celebrating carneval.
But that doesn't mean that we won't celebrate it.
And the coolest thing you can see on the photo!


Julia took the picture exactly on the 11.11.11 at 11:11:11 am. That's funny, isn't it? And Julia also gives us two hats. Mine is a little flower, because Julia wasn't able to build such a small hat for me.
After celebrating we helped Julia to take the plants from the balkonie inside. It's to cold for them now and I used this moment to climb Julias baobab. She called it her "moneytree", because the more he grow, the more money you will have. I don't know if she made a joke!  ;)


Then I was exhausted and take a rest at the beach!
Ok it isn't a real beach, but the sand is from a real beach corsica and the mussles are from greece.


So mommy, we will make a trip, but Julia said it is a surprise where we will go... hummm so I have to wait!

I hope you have a nice day, mommy!

Pink Bear

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My hosts home, Germany - 17th November 2011

By: LadyButterfly

Hello mommy,

the last days were very busy, so my host Julia hadn't much time to update my travellog. She is very sorry about that. But I can tell you something... we made some nice photos the last days!

Last weekend we visited my hosts parents. We want to make a big trip, but every plans have changed. Julia was a little bit sad about it, but can't change the situation. So she decided to show me the very special houses of the Oberlausitz.


This is a house called "Umgebindehaus" and it's owned by Julias parents. These houses where build for weavers who lived and worked in such houses. In the part with the bows, was the loom and the living rooms. The other parts of the house mostly were used as a barn.
Today these houses are monuments and may not be changed. Julias parents have rehabilitated it over 10 years.
It's the perfect house for a tiny bear like me... it's also very small inside... small but cuddly!

The weather last weekend was so sunny, so Julia made a photo of me infront of the beautifull landscape. She told me it looks also very nice in spring, when the rape is blooming yellow or in winter, when the snow covers the fields.


In the end of the weekend, we visited the "Reiterhaus" together!


This house is one of the oldest and beautifullest houses which are called "Umgebindehaus". It was build in 1660 and first used as a farmer house. Since this time it wasn't reconstructed or changed. The only thing which was exchanged over the years, was the straw on the roof.
Today the "Reiterhaus" is a monument and also a museum.


And yesterday we welcomed Julias new guest Mr.Zwie-Fox he arrived two days ago,but Julia wasn't at home. So she could welcome him yesterday the first time. He is a very old fox, but also really nice and he brought sweets with him. Yummi!


So mommy, I think the next days I will leave Julia! I made my mission and helped a newbie on the feet. Now it's time to help another newbie. I think Julia will do her mission as a host very good in the future and I also miss you very much!

I hope to see you soon mommy!

Pink Bear

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My hosts home, Germany - 20th November 2011

By: LadyButterfly

Hi mommy! :)

Wooooohhhhh I have a little hangover from the party last night!
That was cool, I can tell you!
LadyButterfly told me it is time for me to continue my journey and so I will leave her tomorrow. That's great, it was very nice here, but I think it's also time to help another newbie.

So we had a great party yesterday!
It was a welcomeparty for Arty Bunneh from the USA, who arrived yesterday. And it is a goodbyeparty for me. I will miss all my new friends, but I'm sure I will meet much more friends all over the world.

So we all together prepare for the meal!
I took the buns out of the bag!


Then I heated up the sausages!


Then we were ready for the party! That was so great!


I can tell you... the hotdogs were amazing... when I'm home we should make some hotdogs on our own!


We had a great time together, mommy! We celebrated the whole night and sleep very long today.

So it is my last day here and we will do a last trip, Julia told me. Together we will visit the second fountain of the Spree, befor it's tomorrow time for me to continue my journey.

Have a nice sunday, mommy!


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