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Travelog for: MokoMoko

Glasgow, Scotland, The UK - 8th January 2020

By: Katusha

Our new year we started with the trip to Scotland! Hurray! I was so happy to return there. It's one of my favourite destinations. Probably I say it every time but it really is so!




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Oban, Scotland, The UK - 9th January 2020

By: Katusha

We are going to Oban this time! It's a small resort town in the north-east of Scotland. It can be pretty busy in summer during the tourist season. In January it's very quiet, some places are closed but you still can have a lovely time walking it's cute narrow streets, going up to the McCaig's Tower where you can enjoy a spectacular vista of the Oban Bay. Then you can have some fantastic seafood and a pint in one of the little bars that aren't too busy at this time of a year. We chose the Oban Inn. And it just filled us with warmth and friendliness. We had a great time!





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Glasgow, Scotland, The UK - 10th January 2020

By: Katusha

Today we had a big walk around the city, then we went to the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. But first of all we had a nice Scottish breakfast which is always my favourite part!  :p



The loveliest graffiti I've ever seen!


Obligatory photo from Glasgow  :D





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