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To go bird watching.

To be photographed with at least 12 yellow things.

To meet the Kansas Jayhawk mascot.

To visit at least 5 different families.

To ride a pony or horse.

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Travelog for: YelloBird

Iola, KS, USA - 10th June 2011

By: MamiTig

YelloBird is a wild ToyVoyager. He is very excited to start on his journey and hopes that whomever finds him will take pictures and post them here, so that we can enjoy his travels, too! YelloBird hopes that the person who finds him will blog with him for a while, then release him back to the wild or send him home.


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Colony, KS, USA - 18th June 2011

By: MamiTig

YelloBird was very excited to return to the wild. We had the perfect spot for a wild bird like him, on the Prairie Spirit trail, near Colony, Kansas. We parked the car near the trail head, then hiked down to where there is a tunnel that goes under the highway. YelloBird stopped to make a wish on the way. We built up a little rock platform for him and put him in a plastic bag to protect him from the elements, should he not be found right away. We also used the rocks to weigh down his bag, so he won't blow away. If you found YelloBird, please let us know he is okay!


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Sequiota school playground, United States - 25th July 2011

By: Beaner

Bike rides can lead to many surprises! We found YelloBird under this bridge along the pathway of Prairie Spirit trail amongst the area of Colony/Garnett, Kansas! It is now time to venture into a completely new State.. Let's look to the east! On a family trip to Springfield, Missouri, we've decided to hide YelloBird in a school playground jungle gym.. Hopefully lightening up the child to find him first on the first day of school! Please update so we know YelloBird found a safe home. :D


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