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To meet at least 3 live cats.

To visit an animal shelter.

To visit the ocean.

To go to the races.

To ride a horse.

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Travelog for: Pinki Kat

Iola, KS, USA - 12th August 2011

By: MamiTig

Pinki Kat is a cute little lady who can't wait to head out into the big, wide world! If you find her, please let us know how she is doing!


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Stockton, MO, USA - 3rd September 2011

By: MamiTig

I didn't get a picture of Pinki Kat's release, but she slipped into the wild at the Lake Shore Hedgehog Show in Stockton, MO... we hope that she will log her adventures here!

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Kearney, Mo, usa - 7th September 2011

By: oliverstwist


Kat has been found! She journeyed home across the greeat state of missouri! Here she is safe in the arms of another feline!

Kat has already started on her life goals and has met a three legged House kitty, she hopes to meet other kinds of kittys besides farm kittys while she is here, She hears of a pixie bob and a siamese that she might meet!


Pinkie with Kali the three legged gimp cat ^^^^

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Gladstone, mo, Usa - 8th September 2011

By: oliverstwist

Pinkie Kat went to the pet store today and met two new cats! (lots of picture!)

Pinkie and Blinky

Pinkie and Ceaser

Annie - 14 feet, 130lbsish

In line for lunch

Paying for lunch http://i1212.photobucket.com/albums/cc459/crazyjaybirdie/Toy%20Voyagers/SDC10005.jpg

:cyclops: There was fries to but host mommy ate them with outed me

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Excelsior Springs, Mo, Usa - 10th September 2011

By: oliverstwist

Pinki Kat learned to make scotch eggs today!


boiling the eggs

Swiping baby siamese kitteh's food



they are done!!

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Mom and Dads house, United States - 26th December 2011

By: oliverstwist

I went with Host mommy and KeeKey to Christmas today!

I met Baby Nephew T! Isn't he cute? He is 4 weeks old!


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Unknown, usa - 30th December 2011

By: oliverstwist

A wanted ad will soon be placed.... a character that looked like this was last seen with Pinki..... Stay tuned for more information....

http://i1212.photobucket.com/albums/cc459/crazyjaybirdie/SDC10097.jpg :o

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Kearney, mo, USA - 11th January 2012

By: oliverstwist


Pinki cat was picked up today from an undisclosed location and is traveling home in this picture

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Kearney, mo, USA - 5th July 2012

By: oliverstwist

I know HostMom hasnt updated in a long time. She says its becasue she hasnt had internet. But we are moving today to a place that DOES have internet! Exciting isnt it?!?!


Here we are loading the truck. and getting ready to take off!

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Peculiar Mo, USA - 5th July 2012

By: oliverstwist


On the moving day! The car broke down in a town called peculiar!
SEE I am over the broken down engine right now!

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Jazz at The Legends , USA - 15th September 2012

By: oliverstwist


Host mom's dear friend Fawn had a retirement party tonight!

Being a cat I ordered CATfish! it was stuffed! it had cheese and Krab (thats what fake Crab is called I am told) and bread crumbs. Then it had a melty parmesian lemon and garlic sauce all over it. It was fabulous, the veggies where amazing also!

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Republic, Mo, USA - 19th September 2012

By: oliverstwist


We took host daddy a home made lunch today to work. Host dad work very hard and maybe one of thes days I will go and take pictures of the BIG machines he works with, because they are VERY interesting

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Red Robin, USA - 24th September 2012

By: oliverstwist

After Host mom had another EXCITING weekend at the ansas City Ren fest. She met up with another host mom, MamiTig and all of her voyagers to go out to eat at Red Robin!
Here is Pinki leaving the parking lot at festival

The Menu was HUGE! Everything there could be ordered as a garden or boca burger, and sticking with mamitigs family, Host mom and Pinki ordered a garden burger! (YUM!)

Pinki and Host Mom firmyly believe that sweet potato fries are a gift from the Gods

Our garden burger Banzi style!

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