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Travelog for: Miss Flora

Utrecht, The Netherlands - 25th July 2011

By: Flora's dream

I'm so excited! Finally I'll be traveling. I can't wait! ^^
The Netherlands is nice, but the world is so much bigger. it would be great to see every part of it!

Although my adoptive mommy is scared I get lost just like her previous traveler, I'm sure I'll be fine. 


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Utrecht, The Netherlands - 31st July 2011

By: Flora's dream

Today I'm finally leaving! I'm heading to Poland :)
I'm really excited, but Stephanie will sure miss me. She says that I'll be coming home again, but she doesn't know when.
I really hope that I'll be able to send her a card now and then, just to let her know I'm fine :rolleyes: (Her other traveling voyager went missing  :mad: Never to be heard of again)

For now I packed my bag, well.. I don't really need to bring things along, except for a small surprise for my host! ^^ I don't want to tell what I'll bring, otherwise it wouldn't be a surprise!

Anyways, I'm really REALLY looking forward to see a lot of beautiful places and other cultures and hmm.. I'm daydreaming again.

Poland here I come!

Klaar om te gaan.jpg
Flora op reis.jpg

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Ostroda, Poland - 5th August 2011

By: ven-a

Hi Mom!
Today I finally got to Ostroda!
I was a little bit scared, because it's my first so long trip. I shouldn't be! When I came out from the envelope, I met PinkyHH, who is also a traveler from here! He introduced me to his friends - the horse,the rabbit and the weasel. It was nice to travel together!
Immediately we went sightseeing.
Ostroda is a small town - about 36.000 inhabitants, but it's very pretty.  First we went to the beach. The lake seems gorgeous! There is a view to the town which looks incredible :)
I saw also the Bismarck Tower, but only from a distance, because it is on the private possession. Then we saw a castle which was built in XIV century. I must say - nothing special. I like more the monuments near it - some dangerous bird and a doggy - they are so great! I also saw the monument of Tadeusz Kosciuszko. My host told me that he was a general and in XIX century he fought for Poland. I found attractive the pier in the town centre. Near there was a water ski lift. My host told me that for some time it was the longest water ski lift in Poland! Pinky was with me, he said he was here once and he wanted to have a go. I'm too scared, this machine looks too big for me ;)
After that we visit some streets in Ostroda. On one photo two boys were looking at me while taking it - you see mom how popular I am :D
Then we went home. Now you can see where I live now and what car I go for sightseeing.

Now I'm at home with everybody, quite tired after such an exhausting day. Even though I miss you, I like it here :) Oh, and Pinky told me that he can share a bed with me - he said it's big, comfortable and pink! Maybe tomorrow I'll show you :)



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Baltic Sea, Sopot, Poland - 8th August 2011

By: ven-a

Hello everyone!
Today we went to see the Baltic Sea. Pinky came with us :)
We went to the beach to see and touch sea water. I tried it - it's salty! Then we went to the Old Town. The most interesting thing was the Krzywy Domek - it looks like the perspective of a drunk man :) It means the crooked/bend house. You can learn more about it on www.krzywydomek.info - the site is also in English.
We were very lucky - when we got into the car, it started to rain very hard. Even though we wanted to visit Gdansk, we couldn't make it because of the rain. But it doesn't matter - I had a great time  :)

See you!


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Ostroda Reggae Festival, Poland - 14th August 2011

By: ven-a

I was on the great festival!
It's called Ostroda Reggae Festival. It lasted 4 days and it was awesome!
You can read about it here:

I was dancing a lot and I was also flying there! And one man was asking about me :)
Now it's time to rest :)


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Gdansk, Poland - 10th September 2011

By: ven-a

Today I was on the national jamboree of the Ford Mondeo Drivers in Poland. It was fun, there were many competitions and attractions. Unfortunately, I was too small to take part in any of them :( We were there for the whole day, then we went to the fireplace and had some sausages and smoked bread - yummy!


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Ostroda, Poland - 26th December 2011

By: ven-a

Hi everyone!
Long time I didn't write anything :)
On 30.09 my hoster get engaged and she can think only about the coming wedding - maybe I will be on it too :D

I met a ferret, she's quite nice :) She gave me her bed and that's the place where I sleep every day :)

A couple of days ago there was Christmas. Vena the ferret wore very funny hat :D
I helped with decorating the Christmas tree - you can see the final result below :) During the session with the Christmas tree I met one of the cats. He looked at me as I was some kind of alien :P


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