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Travelog for: Boris Tonks

Croft, Warrington, England - 1st October 2011

By: Gizalba

Hi guys! My mum is rather busy right now but I was too excited about becoming a TV for her to postpone any longer :p She said I could make a quick entry then update with my info another time.

Well, I'm Boris... :) And I came from the toy orphanage. This is my friend who was given the same adoptive parent as me:

Pinky Bear 052.JPG
Pinky Bear 055.JPG
Pinky Bear 056.JPG

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Durham City, England - 30th October 2011

By: Gizalba

Wooo! I'm updating! :D

Today we had a quick trip to town to get some shopping essentials.

Due to the clocks moving back it seemed to get dark extremely quickly! On the way back along the river we took a nice picture where you can see the small crescent moon. Can you spot it?!

today 070.JPG
today 078.JPG
today 088.JPG
today 098.JPG

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Durham, England - 3rd November 2011

By: Gizalba

I am travelling!!! :D

BineHH was leaving at the same time as me and wished me luck as this is my very first adventure! I said a tearful farewell to Sienna the monkey, as we had been through so much together, finding a new home after being sent to the charity shop. I was nervous but it gave be comfort to know that I would be next to Bine in the bag until we reached the post-office. Then we called goodbye through the packages as we went our separate ways. I wonder if any of the humans at the postoffice were alarmed by the parcels speaking?

I hope I arrive in the USA soon!

Binee 001.JPG
Binee 003.JPG
Binee 004.JPG
Binee 008.JPG
Binee 010.JPG
Binee 014.JPG
Binee 016.JPG

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North Bay Village, FL, United States - 14th November 2011

By: marina

Hi mum, and everyone! I've arrived in sunny Miami, Florida, two days ago. :stare: My trip wasn't uncomfortable, but it feels so good to be out of the bag and to breathe the fresh air!



My host was so delighted with the nice postcard and the Rowntrees sour pastilles I brought as a souvenir! She likes pastilles and chocolates from the UK a lot, but her local grocery story doesn't usually carry the sour ones. :p


Mum, my host wants you to know that at the end of my stay, she will email you high-res versions of all the photos you will see posted here. ;)

I will update again as soon as I can!


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Mackinac Island, United States of America - 12th August 2012

By: MsMarvel

Today we made it from Detroit, MI to Mackinac Island, MI.  I was about a 5 hour drive.  We stopped on the way at Cracker Barrel where they had cool rocking chairs, games and good food.  I had the hashbrown cassorole was my favorite! Potatoes with lots of cheese!

1 by amyj86, on Flickr

Mackinac Island is a very cool place!! It's known for Fort Michilimackinac, The Grand Hotel, and horse and carriages!!! There are no cars allowed on Mackinac Island! The main forms of transportation are horses, horse drawn carriages, and bicycles!!

When we arrived in Mackinaw City, we had to take a ferry to Mackinac Island.  While we waited for the ferry I got to see an old ferry that doesn't really travel much anymore.  It can, but it's a lot slower than the faster ferries.

1 by amyj86, on Flickr

We got to see the Round Island Lighthouse!
2 by amyj86, on Flickr

I also got to see a very pretty view of the Grand Hotel!  The Grand hotel is where "Somewhere in Time was filmed". 

3 by amyj86, on Flickr

Pulling into dock at Mackinac Island we got to see the harbour.
5 by amyj86, on Flickr

6 by amyj86, on Flickr

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Mackinac Island, United States - 13th September 2012

By: MsMarvel

Today was our first and only full day on the Island! I was so excited! We stayed at a hotel called the Murray hotel!  It was a bit of an older hotel and had beautiful wallpaper.  It had a pool (most hotels on the island don't),  a fuge shop (which is common) and 2 restaurants.  It was right on the main street with other hotels and shops!

29 by amyj86, on Flickr

Lots of horses and different carriages!

36 by amyj86, on Flickr

32 by amyj86, on Flickr

31 by amyj86, on Flickr

30 by amyj86, on Flickr

29b by amyj86, on Flickr

Mackinac Island is famous for fudge, so I couldn't wait to try fudge! There are so many fudge shops on Mackinac Island!  Around 18!
This is inside Rybas!!

28 by amyj86, on Flickr

I tried the Birthday cake and I loved it!!!
27 by amyj86, on Flickr

Then we went to Joann's and we even got to see how it was made!

33 by amyj86, on Flickr

35 by amyj86, on Flickr

After that we got to go to Fort Michilimackinac!! It was a long ramp up!!

7 by amyj86, on Flickr

On the way up there were little plaques to talk about different things on the Island, or in one case off.  The first one talked about the ferry service!

9 by amyj86, on Flickr

The second talked about the Mackinac Races.

10 by amyj86, on Flickr

and the third was about Round Island Lighthouse!

11 by amyj86, on Flickr

Finally, we got to the top!!! and This was our view!  We could see the park, mainstreet and the harbor!

8 by amyj86, on Flickr

24 by amyj86, on Flickr

The first thing we looked at in the fort was the Soldiers Barracks!

22 by amyj86, on Flickr

21b by amyj86, on Flickr

The First Sergents Room

20 by amyj86, on Flickr

19 by amyj86, on Flickr

17 by amyj86, on Flickr

18 by amyj86, on Flickr

Here are some of the sergents and generals

21 by amyj86, on Flickr


23 by amyj86, on Flickr

We even got to see where they held the prisoners in the fort!

25 by amyj86, on Flickr

It was pretty scarry! Just a big hole in the ground!!

26 by amyj86, on Flickr

We had so much fun!! And I learned sooo much!! The next day we had a 5 hour drive home! :[

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