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Travelog for: KeeKey

Kearney, Mo, USA - 9th September 2011

By: oliverstwist

I was found in a plant today!


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Excelsior springs, MO, USA - 10th September 2011

By: oliverstwist

KeeKey learned to make scotch eggs today


Hardboiling the eggs

Host mommy's dad special lunch. Host mommy bought it for him fresh from the local butcher/deli! it was made this morning.

Yummy! lunch!

uncooked scotch eggs



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Mom and Dads, United States - 26th December 2011

By: oliverstwist

Today was Host mom's side of the familys Christmas (is it the holiday that HM Celebrates!) HM's Husband and mom and dad, aunt, cousin, sister and niece and nephew where there! It was busy because 4 big dogs also live there!

A gift card to walmart to buy new tubs for the snakes that host mommy keeps to breed.

This is a Blanket that Baby Nephew T was given for Christmas! It has holes in the center of each square. KeeKey wanted to play in them :)

Ham that HM's Dad made. It is glazed! That is why it is so shiny! :D

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Home, Usa - 27th December 2011

By: oliverstwist

KeeKey helped make dinner tonight. he invented it.


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Gladstone, Mo, Usa - 28th December 2011

By: oliverstwist

KeeKey rode along for the Target nurse-in today! He didn't get a picture though with all of the mom's and very pretty babies however.

Then he ate at Mr. Le's sushi!

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River Market, Kansas City, Mo, USA - 29th December 2011

By: oliverstwist

KeeKey was able to go with host Mommy on one of his last trips here in the states. He will be getting ready to fly to germany soon! His Mommy is very nervous about it but will in exchange be getting a TV from Germany as well!


KeeKey doesnt know what this says, but it is right outside where he ate today. At one of Mommys favorite restaurants!


Learning to speak Arabic

...This Bizzarre Bandit was seen at lunch today... VERY odd!

http://i1212.photobucket.com/albums/cc459/crazyjaybirdie/SDC10100.jpg (I wonder what that is about...)



YAY! A wonderful day!

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Kearney, mo, USA - 11th January 2012

By: oliverstwist

Are you my mother?

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