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Visit Harrods in London.

Meet a Maneki Neko, the Chinese Lucky Cat

Find a four-leaf clover.

Have my picture taken on a Horseshoe.

Eat Lucky Charms (cereal).

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Travelog for: (un)Lucky Lily

Brunssum, Holland - 4th August 2011

By: Braveheart Sam

Hi there, my first Travelog is a fact!

My name is Lily and I used to be Lucky Lily.
I lived in the department store Harrods, in London. Had a great time there! Kids came along, other cats came to visit, I had similar friends to 'hang' out with...
Until this Dutch chick took me with her to Holland.
I had to change my name from Lucky Lily to Unlucky Lily.

I think you can understand why...

While helping her at her job, I pinned a needle right through my hand!!! Ouch...

We had some tea, but mine was wayyyy too hot!!! I burned my sweet lips pretty bad.

At the copy shop, I got my hand stuck in the printer. Wowwww, that hurts!

On my way out of the bathroom, my tail got stuck! Oh no! My tail is very badly broken!

Please, someone, rescue me from this horrible woman and help me find my luck!!!

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Landgraaf, Holland - 4th August 2011

By: Braveheart Sam

Me on a first aid kitt, think she got the hint?

Well, she did. She repaired my tail, made a nice wrap around it and, smart as she is (yeah, right...) she embroided my ID on it, in case I do get out of this terrible dog-infested household!


Seriously! Somebody rescue me!
She's leaving on a small trip and she takes her two little dogs with her. The dogs hate cats!! :cyclops:
I need help!!!

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Bronkhorst, Holland - 7th August 2011

By: Braveheart Sam

Together with my host, her dad and her mom and Henk the Cow, we took a little roadtrip.
Dad wanted to visit Bronkhorst, Hollands smallest city, with only 157 people living there.
There is a Dickens museum, but we didn't go inside.
We all went with a little ferry over the river IJssel. I was very scared!
Here we are waiting for the ferry. I hate this!!! I know we are going to drown!!!

Driving to get on the ferry.

On the ferry, it was sooooo cool, but scary too!


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Zutphen, Holland - 7th August 2011

By: Braveheart Sam

After the ferry-ride, we drove on thru Zutphen, were dad was born and mom and dad met.
Here I am with Henk the Cow, posing on a hay stack.

On the background you see the skyline of Zutphen.

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Gorssel, Holland - 7th August 2011

By: Braveheart Sam

After Zutphen, we went to Gorssel to see a big Stork-village.
Unfortunally, it started to rain very bad!
We did see a lot of nests, and a lot of Storks!

Here I am in front of a meadow with 18 stork.

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Home, Holland - 8th August 2011

By: Braveheart Sam

Seriously, could somebody give me a home???
These dogs are ready to kill me!!!

This is Gaio, he's a DT from Portugal. He tossed me around like I'm some kind of toy!

And this is Bruno. He's a DT too, but from Spain. He stays with my host to learn about family life. One day he will go to his final family, but nobody finds him interesting yet.
No wonder, he's chocking me to death!!!!
(however, my host says Bruno is a very lovely dog and I have nothing to fear)

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Achterhoek, Holland - 10th August 2011

By: Braveheart Sam

Here I am at my hosts parents house. Mom showed some paintings she made when she was a child. But it was so realistic, I thought real dwarfs would come out!

Luckily, my host gave me something to drink. A beer, made in that area.
I liiiiiiiiiiked it!!!!

Cheers! Till next time!!!

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Home, Holland - 11th August 2011

By: Braveheart Sam

Oh gosh no... my host took something home with her.
I could here a funny noise coming out of a white bag.
Henk the Cow made it worse by climbing on my head!

What is this???

Oh, it's really fluffy!

It's Thea the Sheep, nice to meet you!

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Home, Holland - 13th August 2011

By: Braveheart Sam

Today we all went for a walk. Thea the Sheep and Henk the Cow were with me too.

Here I am with a pretty rare butterfly, the Jersey Tiger.


How lucky am I???

But my luck changed... all the tv's got their picture taken with beautifull flowers, I only found the nettle.

Then we sat on a bench.

But beneath me, the bench cracked and I fell thru!

Could somebody make sure I get out of this unlucky town?

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Home, Holland - 14th August 2011

By: Braveheart Sam

Oh my... after a LOT of rain, the sun came out!

Here I am, enjoying the sun. Aaaaaaah.....

But wait... It has been so wet these weeks, now is a good time to go exploring!

Let's feed the fish! There are a lot of koi's in this pond. We don't know how many, since one of them became a mom. But we think there are about 12 baby koi's and we know there are 9 big koi's.

And here some more big ones. We couldn't find the little ones, they are still hiding.

Hmmm... funny smelling plant...

An apple tree with... yes... 2 whole apples! No apple pie this year, I guess.

Look closely.... We've got a blueberry too!

A beautiful trompet shaped flower.

We saw a little koi swimming! Let's look closer...

In the meantime, Gaio, the DT, is eating fish food out of the water. Strange dog!!!

A lovely waterplant. It is in a little basket that is floating in the pond as an island.

Guus is coming up to take a look at us. He is named after Guus Hiddink.

Even Bruno, the other DT from Spain, is helping us look for a small fish.

Gaio is squeeking, he wants to play with us.

A purple wisteria, no flowers...

And Ami, the second Spanish DT.

That's it for now.
Good news for me, I'm planning a tour!!!

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Home, Holland - 16th August 2011

By: Braveheart Sam

My host/mom told me to check my profile. Don't know why...

Looks good...

I looked at some old pictures as well. Back to memory lane!

First time ferry ride... That was scary!

Auch... yes, my "unluck"-spell...

My mom had to talk to me, she said... I'm not happY!
Because of my bad luck, she arranged a little trip to Germany, she says I will be very lucky there. But... I don't want to go!!!

Thea the Sheep and Henk the Cow told me they had to stay some more, but soon will travel too. And they told me they envy me. Well, take my place, why don't you?

After some discussion, they convinced me it was for my best.
So I stepped in the envelope...
Yuck! It's not as comfortable as my bed!
I know, it's a short trip... Okay, here I go....!
See you soon on toyvoyagers.com!!!
Germany (and lot's of luck): here I come!!!!

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Remscheid, Germany - 23rd August 2011

By: olgamaus

Hi Mummy,
I arrived in Remscheid, Germany, today. I was welcomed by my first host Katja and three other ToyVoyagers. They are April from Australia, Henrik from Finland and Jango from the USA.


I am tired from my journey so I will go to bed early.

(un)Lucky Lily

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Remscheid, Germany - 24th August 2011

By: olgamaus

Hi Mummy,
we took a short walk to the public library today. Remscheid seems to be a nice place. The first photos were taken close to my current home.



Soon we reached the shopping street. Here you can see the entrance area of the shopping mall.


Here is the public library.


We took four DVDs with us and went back home, it already looked like rain again.

Back home I saw something which made my heart beat faster. A scratching post - this means there must be another cat!


I also found cat toys, so where is the cat?


A furry something came sidling out of the tunnel ... not a cat, but at least not a dog. What might this be?


Another one was sitting on the scratching post ...  this one was of a darker colour.


It is an extremely curious animal.


Katja told me that there were ferrets, three of them are living here. Ferrets are predators like me, they like to play with cat toys and they climb scratching posts - they must be friends :D

They were waiting for their dinner, raw chicken intestines - yummy!


Let's see if they will behave good.

(un)Lucky Lily

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Remscheid, Germany - 29th August 2011

By: olgamaus

Hi Mummy,
today we took an exciting walk along the "Route of Tools", a closed railways track for freight trains which was built to a lane for pedestrians and cyclists. It is about 5 km long, following the former railway track from the main station in the city centre to the district Hasten. It leads you through business areas as well as to dilapidated factory buildings and also along housing areas.

We started our trip at the nearest point from home. Here you can see several signs, showing the coat of arms of Remscheid and also some with the company logos of the sponsoring companies.


The building of this route was sponsored by local companies, mostly tool producing companies. At some places along the route you can find such information signs.


Looks like hard work :)


We found those patterns on the ground. They were stamped with wrenches.


We walked along a housing area, no more hard work in sight.


There are distance data painted to the ground. 3 km to walk from here to the main station.


Dwellings and company buildings are close together.


Do you know those berries? It's common sea-buckthorn. Katja told me that the berries are extremely sour, but also extremely healthy.


We rested on this bench for a while. It was built from a giant screw clamp.


You can see the outskirts of the neighbour city Wuppertal here.


We left the Route of Tools here and went to the post office and than home. On our way home we stopped at the house of Katja's sister-in-law. She returned from her vacations in the Netherlands a few days ago.


While she was on vacation Katja took care of the garden and their pet, a tortoise. She brought a cheese and a mustard sauce for Katja with her.


Yummy! Cheese with onions and garlic :)



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Remscheid, Germany - 1st September 2011

By: olgamaus

Hi Mummy,
when Katja came home from work in the early evening we asked if we could make a walk because the weather was really nice. So we took a short walk to the municipal park.

The first photo was taken close to my current home. This part of the city was not destroyed in World War II, so you can find a lot of pretty old houses.


The bells of this church are waking me up every morning at 07:00 a.m.


Don't worry - the church was not burning :) The last sun rays were producing this lovely pattern onto the church walls.



After a few minutes walking we reached the park. Here you can find a pond with ducks and probably abandoned turtles.




There is a concert shell in the part, here are the seatings.


This monument is dedicated to the dead of severals earlier wars before World War I.


We left the park and walked home.




I am living in this street at the moment :)


Bye for now

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