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Visit Atlantic City, USA

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Walk in Hindeloopen (harbour), Holland

Drink a glass of home made white wine in Zeltingen, Germany

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Travelog for: Thea the Sheep

Home, Holland - 11th August 2011

By: Braveheart Sam

Here I am, getting ready to get out of the shopping bag!


I hear some voices on the other side. Wonder who they are...


Let me see....


Ah, it's (un)Lucky Lily and Henk the Cow. Nice to meet you!


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Home, Holland - 13th August 2011

By: Braveheart Sam

Today we went for a walk.
On our way, we found a very rare butterfly, the Jersey Tiger.
I love this one!

I saw some nice flowers and fresh grass, time to enjoy and eat!

Then we had a little stop and sat on a bench.

But oh-oh.... (un)Lucky Lily  fell thru!!!

Poor kitty... I hope she finds luck real soon!

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Home, Holland - 14th August 2011

By: Braveheart Sam

Oh my... after a LOT of rain, the sun came out!

Here I am, enjoying the sun. Aaaaaaah.....

But wait... It has been so wet these weeks, now is a good time to go exploring!

Let's feed the fish! There are a lot of koi's in this pond. We don't know how many, since one of them became a mom. But we think there are about 12 baby koi's and we know there are 9 big koi's.

And here some more big ones. We couldn't find the little ones, they are still hiding.

Hmmm... funny smelling plant...

An apple tree with... yes... 2 whole apples! No apple pie this year, I guess.

Look closely.... We've got a blueberry too!

A beautiful trompet shaped flower.

We saw a little koi swimming! Let's look closer...

In the meantime, Gaio, the DT, is eating fish food out of the water. Strange dog!!!

A lovely waterplant. It is in a little basket that is floating in the pond as an island.

Guus is coming up to take a look at us. He is named after Guus Hiddink.

Even Bruno, the other DT from Spain, is helping us look for a small fish.

Gaio is squeeking, he wants to play with us.

A purple wisteria, no flowers...

And Ami, the second Spanish DT.

That's it for now.

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Home, Holland - 16th August 2011

By: Braveheart Sam

A special day today...

But first let's look what we've done so far...

Hahaha, my arrival made someone scared!!!

The little dog wanted to play!

Yep, my profile looks great too!
Almost ready to leave this warm nest!

But we had to say goodbye to another tv... And she was cry-ing!!!
Don't worry (un)Lucky Lily, we'll meet again!
Have a safe trip and enjoy Germany!

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Home, Holland - 18th August 2011

By: Braveheart Sam

Yesterday a new TV arrived. Her name is Veronica
Henk the Cow was very nosy!!!

Nice girl! Glad she's not a meat eating bat!!!

But today we went for a walk.
It's a beautiful place to walk, but also a sad place. Bad things have happened over here!

Here we all are, resting. Or hosts new TV, Billie joined the group. She's a witch, don't really know if she's evil or not...

She's friendly though.

Here I have my picture taken on a stack of cut grain.

Oh my... we walked that far???

And this is a route-planner for bike riders.
Hmmmm, I see there's a sheep-meadow too!
Maybe next time we visit that place?

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Home, Holland - 20th August 2011

By: Braveheart Sam

Today a new TV arrived.


We heard shouting: Hello? Is somebody there to get me out? Hello? Helloooohooooo!!!! and Henk the Cow listened closely.
I know there is someone...

Nobody could get whatever out, so Veronica did her thing.

He wanted to know if it was okay to get out, sure it is! Welcome!

His name is Dikkie Dik and he's from television! He was looking for Billie, she was playing with Umechan, so we called them both to come check it out.

Then we all introduced ourselves and we talked about our adventures so far.

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Home, Holland - 21st August 2011

By: Braveheart Sam

Hi, my name is Thea the Sheep, I write this travelog for Henk the Cow. He is not well, let me tell you why.

Crying and in shock state of mind, Henk the Cow went to his host and showed her his back.
Oh my!!!! His tail almost fell off!!!

He was very upset when his host told him that she needed to give him a little surgery. He freaked out!

We all gave him something relaxing to drink.

And some more...

And more... (Umechan couldn't watch anymore)

What Henk the Cow didn't know, was that he drank Vodka.
He was out!

Our host took a needle...
And a blue tread (his favorite color)
And she fixed his tail. Poor thing was moaning, dispite his level of alcohol.
We decided not to include the pictures, they are very graphic...

After surgery, Henk the Cow got a nice bed and we all prayed and wished he would get better soon, each of us in his own way.

Get well, Henk the Cow!

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At work, Holland - 1st September 2011

By: Braveheart Sam

Today our host took us to work. She carries us in a specially made bag, so we won't damage ourselves.

Here we are, waiting for the bag.

And here we go!

As always, the ladies are last in line!!!

Here we are at her work. She is a guide to mentally challenged adults. She does crafts with the group and they sell their made stuff in the little store, what is placed here too.
She told the people about ToyVoyagers and they all thought I looked very good!
Well... duh!

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