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Travelog for: Billie

Home, Holland - 18th August 2011

By: Braveheart Sam

Here I am, my first travelog.
After hanging around next to Tule Dracule, protecting all the postcards my mom received from postcrossing, my mom decided I should have another task: welcome new tv's.

Here I am with Tule, meeting Veronica

I showed her the fishtank. Tule was kept away, he loves meat!

After that, we went for a walk together with the dogs, Veronica, Thea the Sheep and Henk the Cow.

We had a little rest-stop.

Posing on a stack of fresh cut grain

We walked that far!!!

This is a bike-route

It's very warm today! But nice weather to walk!

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Home, Holland - 18th August 2011

By: Braveheart Sam

Oh no! Another tv arrived! And a very nice one, I love her!!!
Her name is Umechan and she's from Japan.
Look how cute she is!

She brought a little gift, I put it around my neck. Isn't that nice?

If I was Paris Hilton, Umechan would be my BFF!

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Home, Holland - 19th August 2011

By: Braveheart Sam

Shoot! Bad weather in Holland. What else is new this summer?
Bad showers, thunders and lots of wind.
No flying on my broomstick today! What a shame...

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Home, Holland - 20th August 2011

By: Braveheart Sam

A new TV arrived today. I was so busy with Umechan I almost missed it!
Welcome [tv]Dikkie Dik/[tv]!

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Home, Holland - 21st August 2011

By: Braveheart Sam

I write this travelog for Henk the Cow. He is not well, let me tell you why.

Crying and in shock state of mind, Henk the Cow went to his host and showed her his back.
Oh my!!!! His tail almost fell off!!!

He was very upset when his host told him that she needed to give him a little surgery. He freaked out!

We all gave him something relaxing to drink.

And some more...

And more... (Umechan couldn't watch anymore)

What Henk the Cow didn't know, was that he drank Vodka.
He was out!

Our host took a needle...
And a blue tread (his favorite color)
And she fixed his tail. Poor thing was moaning, dispite his level of alcohol.
We decided not to include the pictures, they are very graphic...

After surgery, Henk the Cow got a nice bed and we all prayed and wished he would get better soon, each of us in his own way.

Get well, Henk the Cow!

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Home, Holland - 26th August 2011

By: Braveheart Sam

Mom's favorite beer: Chateau Neubourg!
Sssst, I tasted some, but beer is just not my "cup of tea"!

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At work, Holland - 1st September 2011

By: Braveheart Sam

Today our host took us to work. She carries us in a specially made bag, so we won't damage ourselves.

Here we are, waiting for the bag.

And here we go!

As always, the ladies are last in line!!!

Here we are at her work. She is a guide to mentally challenged adults. She does crafts with the group and they sell their made stuff in the little store, what is placed here too.
She told the people about ToyVoyagers and they all thought I looked very good!
Well... duh!

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At work, Holland - 19th September 2011

By: Braveheart Sam

Today mom took us to her work.
She wanted to show us something.

An envelope? A new TV!!!

First a card came out.

Then a tiny little furry animal.

Dikkie Dik saw it was a pussycat.

They are now big friends!

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At work, Holland - 22nd September 2011

By: Braveheart Sam

Big day today. The goodbye of two TV's!


Bye Sweet Mimi


Bye Lester

Bye everybody!
Safe travels!
Love ya!

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At work, Holland - 28th October 2011

By: Braveheart Sam

We all went to work!
After sitting in her bag, we got out and went for a walk together.

Nice colored fabrics! They (mentally challenged cliŽnts) make beautiful stuff!

Using this machine. It's not on... pfew!

A cliŽnt is knitting with these huge needles!!! But it looks amazing!

A big box of wool. The nice colors are gone... time to shop!!!

A prototype x-mas tree. Great! Can't wait to see the finish-product.

This is beautiful too! The cliŽnts made these too, also for x-mas. Maybe these should be painted, what do you think?

It's almost Halloween. CliŽnts had a small job to do for the children in the neighbourhood: add candles in these paper lights.

Look, a buddha, but it's a candle. Yes, cliŽnts made this too!

A halloween table in the shop. The sun was shining so bright!

A box with decoration-apples, big and small.

And when a customer wants something to be gift-wrapped, these ribbons make a gift a bit nicer. There are more ribbons, but they are tucked away.

More to follow soon!

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