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Travelog for: angelpie

Münster, Germany - 12th January 2012

By: indrarado

hello, mum! i finally arrived in germany! my destination was the place where daniela - my host - works. so i had many hands to welcome me. and i was offered some typical german sweets: Haribo Goldbären (golden bears):


and while daniela was at work i had a stroll through the shop. and guess what? i even found a few cds from south africa. do you know them?




and then at home daniela had a closer look at what i brought her. she was very surprised and showed a big smile! she said she really loves the book stick! it was fun to watch her guess what this pink package was. she first thought of bathing powder. but as she discovered it were socks there was this big smile again... ;)


oh! you can see my pictures also on flickr and download them in a bigger size!

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Münster, Germany - 20th January 2012

By: indrarado

hello again!

today we had a short stroll through the city. daniela's sorry she couldn't find too much time for me the last week. but she promised to show me more the next week.

in the evening we visited a cool shop: my regalbrett. the shop's idea was completely new to me. people can rent a shelf there and put their things on it - self made or second hand - and the staff will sell them so people don't have to bother about anything else.

here you can see me posing for a picture while marc (the owner, as i guess - as he has never introduced himself to us properly :D) is taking a picture of us taking a picture of me. guess i'm becoming a small celebrity in germany now... ;)


and another perspective (can you find marc in here?):


on our way back daniela showed me the main station. it was a bit too dark to see everything but daniela told me it would look most beautiful at night. :D
Oh, by the way: I`m laying on a stall of "na dann...", a small, free magazine.


we saw the cathedral and the lamberti church today as well. but now we need to dress up to go to a party! we will upload those pictures in the next days!

hope you're fine!

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Münster, Germany - 26th January 2012

By: indrarado

hello! news from your angelpie!

in the last days daniela found some time to show me the most interesting places here. i already told you, that i saw the cathtedral and lamberti church. here are my pictures:

Lamberti church is the northern end of the main (principal) market. And it is the most important religious building of the Westphalian late Gothic.

It gained notoriety when the bodys of the three leaders of the Anabaptists were - after their torture and execution - hung from the tower in iron cages (see on the picture above the big clock). Since 1987 three friar's lanterns burn in the cages as a manifestation of three souls that can find no rest. :stare:



On our way back I i had a better view over the "Prinzipalmarkt" - the principal market. It's the main market, in contrast to the rye and fish market further down the street. It is also known as "parlor" of Münster.
It's dominated by gabled houses on both sides, but none of the  gables are alike. And on the north side it's edged by the Lamberti church.


"St. Paulus Dom"! the Cathedral is the largest church building in Münster, it's the center of the diocese of Münster since its inception in 805. Actually it's the third cathedral and originated in the period between 1225 and 1264th.

Such a large building of course needs a large place infront of it. Can you spot me? On this wide place a market takes place every wednesday and saturday. But today there were only a few cars.


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Münster, Germany - 29th June 2012

By: indrarado

Hello, mum!

I know I haven't updated for a very long time. But that doesn't mean I haven't done nothing. It was a very exciting time.

You already saw some pictures of Münster. Daniela and me were in the city many more times. And I met a few more Toyvoyagers. But see for yourself and be ready for a long update!

So at first I will show you a bit more of the Inner City. This is the back of the "Rathaus", the townhall. It is very famous because this ist the place, the Peace of Westphalia has been signed after the Thirty Year's War. A nice place to just sit and relax while the city is busy just 50m away. (You can see Travis and BlueBerry on the picture, too.)


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Münster, Germany - 29th June 2012

By: indrarado

And then we went on. Did you know that there is a lot of street art in Münster? We saw a bit of that. I had to show you.

The first pictures shows me between man writing that show funny words that can mean two different things, one of them is about mushrooms used as drugs.

And the other one is a bicycle, which is quite cool, because Münster officially is the most bicycle friendly city in Germany.


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Münster, Germany - 29th June 2012

By: indrarado

And one evening we watched a crime series called "Wilsberg" - after the main character who is a detectiv and lives in  an book store with many old books. Daniela suggested to bring us to that place. It is not far from the very center. In the background you can see that in "real life" it is called "Solder". For TV they change it into "Wilsberg".


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Münster, Germany - 29th June 2012

By: indrarado

And not far you can see another of Muenster's 42 churches. The "Überwasserkirche" - "Overwaterchurch". Water flooding the Inner City has never reached this church.


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Münster, Germany - 29th June 2012

By: indrarado

Ok, I am tired for now. But I will tell you more in a few days!

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