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Travelog for: HömpfMömpf

Grumpy's Home, Germany - 30th July 2013

By: Grumpygirl

Hello Mum,

look where I am. Today, I reached my new hosts home. She was really happy to found the envelope in her mailbox. I was happy too, because it was very parochial in the envelope, and I was happy to get out. There was also a nice postcard in the envelope  :D.

So, it is evening here, and we just decided to cook some Pelmeni and look TV today. Grumpygirl said, we will to some adventures and trips while I stay here. I also met the cat of Grumpy. She's huge, but friendly. She said "Meow, meow!" what means, "Hello, how are you? What's your name!"

Mummy, I'll write you soon :).


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Heiliggeist, Mainz, Germany - 9th August 2013

By: Grumpygirl

Hey Mom,

yesterday my host started her vacation. After we visited a flat (because she's moving in October), we went to a nice bar and have a drink and some Pizza to eat. Also, my hosts sister went with us. I flirted a bit with her ;-).

We had a lot of fun.

I'll write again soon.


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Kurpfalzpark, Germany - 18th August 2013

By: Grumpygirl

Hey mommy,

today was my hosts birthday. Her family and she decided to went to an adventure park. We had a lots of food with us and so much fun. There were some animal too. Like deers. Their was a train, which drove us through the whole park. Also, I did the summer tubbogan run two times, which was real exciting. :cyclops:

Before we drove to the park, my host and me had to go by train to her hometown. This was funny, too.

Unfortunately it rained, so I can not come out to often.


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Grumpy's Home, Germany - 14th September 2013

By: Grumpygirl

Hi Mum,

sorry for writing so late again, but my host is moving next week and so, we have not so much time for doing nice things.

This week Chou arrived here. I like her she's a really nice Toyvoyager.

Mum, at the moment I help my host a lot with packing boxes and moving stuff from one flat to the other.

I'll write you soon and I miss you.

2013-09-14 15.24.35.jpg
2013-09-14 15.25.38.jpg

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Frankfurt Bookfair, Germany - 13th October 2013

By: Grumpygirl


We visited the book fair, it was fun but really overcrowed so Chou and me just came out of the hosts bag for a short time. The most time we watched the event from safe distance in the bag of the host.

There was so much to see mom. Many different kind of books, and people which were funny dressed. My host said, this is named cosplaying. We took some photos of good costumes.

First we want to visit the cosplay-championship also, but the host walked to slow and so we came not in  :o.

I'm on my way home mom. Can't wait seeing you again.

2013-10-13 11.50.02.jpg
2013-10-13 12.55.25.jpg
2013-10-13 14.07.23.jpg
2013-10-13 13.50.42.jpg
2013-10-13 13.51.10.jpg

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