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Travelog for: tutik

Münster, Germany - 7th November 2011

By: indrarado

Hello there!

I just arrived in Münster, Germany! And the first I saw was this quite typical thing on my envelope: a sticker labelled "zollamtlich abgefertigt" ("gümrükleme"/"customs clearance" ). :D


And as I arrived where Daniela, my host, works, I used the time to check out a cool record store. And guess what? I actually found some Turkish CDs, too:


I wonder what I will see next...  :rolleyes:

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Münster, Germany - 7th November 2011

By: indrarado

Hello there!

Today I had a first trip around Münster.
First I saw was the promenade which encircles the whole inner city. In the late 19th and in the first decades of the 20th Century, the promenade was a preferred site of war memorials which served to glorify the war and heroic death of soldiers. On the north side of the Ludgeri square still is the "train-monument" - made in 1925 in memory of the colonial wars of the German Empire (right part of the picture).


In the background you can see the Ludgeriplatz, the only Roundabout (dönel kavsak) in Münster. It didn't look special to me. But asking the people around I heard that it is the best place in Münster to celebrate or come together for other reasons. Don't believe it? I googled and found this: soccer wm or these: flashmob, another flashmob. :)
Oh, and notice the German emergency car!

After tearing down the city gate in 1785 the place was redesigned to green space in 1876. The statues behind me ("maid and ox" and "farmer and horse" ) flanked the entrance to the Old Town before they were moved onto the Ludgeriplatz. They symbolize the people of the Münsterland where agriculture is very common.


See the bicycle? Münster is the most cyclist friendly town in Europe. You can see thousands of bikes here every day.

See this side in Turkish!

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Münster, Germany - 9th November 2011

By: indrarado

Hello, again!

I was to Münster city again!
It was quite cool as we had a walk along the promenade. This is a really beautiful way around the city. And it is only for pedestrians and bicycles. It looks great in summer, but also in autumn it is that nice.


And then we came to the begin of the shopping street. But these days there is a big construction area around there. They are renewing the paving. On the left side of my picture you can see the Titus Shop. Titus is the first and biggest Skater Brand in Germany and it was foundet Münster. In Münster it is located in a famous old theater building - the Apollo Theater.
On the right you see the Ludgeri church, a Romanesque building from 1173. In front of that you see the 15m high column that dominates the place. "Madonna and Child" is a replica of the Marian column in Munich city hall.


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Münster, Germany - 11th November 2011

By: indrarado

Hi there!

Today we saw a quite famous antiquarian book shop. This is the place where detective "Wilsberg" from the same titled crime series lives. In reality it is called "Antiquariat Solder".


And right in the back you see the "Überwasserkirche" ("over water church"), a Gothic church in the western city. Its name is because it is located on the opposite side of the river Aa and stood over water when the rest was flooded. As the entire city of Münster has been hit hard during the Second World War the interior of the church was restored in 1968. And until 1983 the tower was restored from the outside.

The windows were redesigned by glass painter Valentin Peter Feuerstein.


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Rhede, Germany - 15th November 2011

By: indrarado

Hello again!

My last weekend was great! I had a trip to Rhede, Daniela's small homtown about 90km from Münster.
It is a really cute and quite beautiful city near the border to the Netherlands. Here you can see me looking from a small park up to the Gudulakirche - the oldest still standing church in Rhede on which Daniela's grandpa has helped building the tower.


And we were lucky to be there at exactly the right time when a mass for St. Martin (of Tours) where children were celebrating his generosity together with their (grand)parents. So we had a short look inside.


After that we went on and saw the Castle of Rhede. But as it is on private grounds we weren't able to get too near.


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Rhede, Germany - 17th November 2011

By: indrarado


Here I am again! I told you I saw many things in Rhede. Here are some more:

We saw a soccer game of the local team. They are quite good. Here you can see them coming onto the field after break. See how misty the weather was? We had some difficulties seeing the other side.


And in the break we had a tasty "Waffel" (waffle). Hmmmm...


And in the evening?
Toivo and me met "Willy", the rabbit who lives in Daniela's parent's house. He's got a whole room for himself!


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Rhede, Germany - 19th November 2011

By: indrarado

A bit more from my weekend trip to Rhede:

With Daniela's mum we had a walk through a nearby forrest. It was really great as the wheater was still sunny. See us on the way:



And then guess whom I met! There was a small farm where some friends were out on the field! Of course we had to go there and say Hello:


Do you think that is enough to make my life mission?

It was really fun. And when we returned from the photo session A family waited for us. They saw us taking pictures and just had to ask what we were doing. The kids where amazed when they heard where I am from. I guess there will be another tv family here soon. ;)


And after that exciting day we went to get some things for dinner. This time with Daniela's dad. And she told us that it was most likely now that we might get some sweets. See what Toivo and me got:


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Bad Neuenahr - Ahrweiler, Germany - 20th November 2011

By: indrarado

It's me again!

You heard a bit of Rhede now.
I guess it is time to let you know about my trip from this weekend. Daniela was to a gala near Ahrweiler. Bad Neuenahr is a small but quite known spa.

First Toivo and me had to stay in the hotel room.


But on Saturday we had a short walk through the inner town. it is really quiet and beautiful.



Nice, isn't it?

ANd on our way back Daniela spent a day in cologne. A very great city! most famous is the cathedral. And it is an really impressive building!



We went on to the Hohenzollern Bridge. Not even arrived you can see the central station best.


And as we stepped on the bridge I dared to look over the railings at the Rhine. But ohhhhh, that was deep. I was a bit scared.


Here you can see me on the other side of the bridge. a great view over the Rhine and at the cathedral, isn't it?


And did you know that this bridge is called the bridge of love? Lovers put a lock with their names around the railings and then throw the keys into the Rhine.


I won't be able to update the next week. But soon you will see what I did then...

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Heidelberg, Germany - 27th November 2011

By: indrarado

I'm back again!

Last week I saw Heidelberg and Ulm! It was just amazing! I think first I'll show you Heidelberg.

See, this was shortly after my arrival. A view over the Neckar - a big River in Germany. In the background you can see the hills with the famous Philosopher's Way.


And the next day we had a stroll through the city. First we saw the "Tiefburg" in which once a knight had been walled in alive, a small art ground near Acadamy of Arts and the first of many nice churches.




And then we came to vegetable fields where you were told much about farming in this area.


Next we walked a part of the Philosopher's Way.


A great view of the Inner City, the Karl-Theodor-Bridge, the Heiliggeistkirche and the Castle.


A closer view of the Old Bridge (Karl-Theodor-Bridge) and the Church.



There are many old buildings in the city. This is the University Library.


And then we found the Shopping street, about 1,6km long.


And see this?


Well, usually Daniela's not very fond of these. But a HARD ROCK Cafe in the small, quite, cute city of Heidelberg? I guess she just had to have a look inside. So we had a hot chocolate in there to celebrate the last evening in Heidelberg.


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Ulm, Germany - 27th November 2011

By: indrarado

Hi there!
After Heidelberg I arrived in Ulm. And first I saw was the famous Ulmer Minster. It is the highest church in the world! They say it was built as high as the sparrows fly. See how it fades into the mist.

And in front there was a very cute, but large Weihnachtsmarkt/Christmas market. Beautiful sight.


And on this market they had some real manger scene animals!



And of course we had a step inside.



And this was completely new even to Daniela. An electronic offertory box! :D


Further on through the city I saw the city hall.


And the old City Walls along the river Donau.



On my second day here I saw the court. Impressive building.


From there we went on to the Fishermen's quarter. Very old and neat houses around here.



On our way we saw many of these sparrows in different colours and at all places. The sparrow is the inofficial sign of Ulm.


And finally we saw the Donau! In the background you can see a memorial for the deads of World War I. And the other sight of the River is another Bundesland/federal state already: Bayern.


On my last day in Ulm I saw the top of the Minster a bit better. We went to a very high cafe right opposite to the church. From there we also could see the great Weihnachtsmarkt.



And on our way back to the central station we walked across this statue. See what's written in it? "This is the place where on March 14th in 1879 Albert Einstein was born". I didn't even know he was from Ulm.
Seems like the real house was bombed in World War II.


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Münster, Germany - 30th November 2011

By: indrarado

Hello again!

I am back in Münster and had a stroll around. I saw many interesting places here.

First I saw the Cathedral (St. Paul's). On Wednesdays there is always a market in front.


And from there it's only a few steps to the city hall on the Prinzipalmarkt (main market).  This is where the Westfälische Friede was signed.


And here I am on the Prinzipalmarkt:

At the end you see the Lamberti church. Let's get closer!

On our way back we came through the new part of the shopping zone. a few years ago this was only an old praking lot. It is much nicer now. ;)

Now I'm chilling at Daniela's window and watch Münster. See? From left to right you can see Überwasserkirche, Ludgerikirche and Lambertikirche. The cathedral is right behind the big house.

Well, I heard about the Aasee and the castle already. These are the most interesting things left to see. I'm looking forward to that. ;)

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