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Travelog for: Tomi the Bear

Bresso (Milano), Italy - 31st December 2011

By: annix

Happy 2012!!!!!
Waiting for the New Year my friends and I have decided to play a game, it's quite funny! :D


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Bresso (Milano), Italy - 3rd January 2012

By: annix

I'm cooking a typical Italian dish: pasta with tomatoes! My friends Ranil, Lupus-Tigger and Finn say that we're doing a good job...hope so!


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Monza, Italy - 7th January 2012

By: annix

I'm in Monza visiting the Royal Palace where the king used to spend his holidays (when Italy was a monarchy)! I'm visiting the rooms where lived Queen Margherita, which still have some original furniture and her dresses. I'm sorry that it is not allowed to take photos inside!


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Milano, Italy - 17th January 2012

By: annix

Last Friday some trucks arrived in Milan full of snow because in the week end there was a Nordic Ski race and... there is no snow in Milan! It was an hard job!


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Bresso (Milano), Italy - 2nd February 2012

By: annix

This is my last update from Italy, I'm leaving to go to Russia!
I'll write you soon.
Bye bye,


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Luberci, Russia - 25th February 2012

By: TaisAfinskaia

Hello world!
I`m in Russia.
Guys here say that I`m just in time because it is much warmer here (-7C instead of - 25C) and we can go for our first walk!


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Moscow, Russia - 25th February 2012

By: TaisAfinskaia

Today I`ll show you Tsaritsino park!

The estate is known from the late 16th century, when it belonged to Tsarina (queen in Russian) Irina, sister of Tsar Boris Godunov. At that time it was called Bogorodskoye. In the 17th century it belonged to the Streshnevs and then to the Galitzines. In 1775, when the estate was bought by empress Catherine the Great, it received its present name, which means “Tsarina’s”. In 1776-85 architect Vasili Bazhenov built a new palace for the Empress here, but in 1786 Catherine ordered it to be partly pulled down. Until 1797 architect Matvey Kazakov was working on the construction, but the palace remained unfinished. Currently, in Tsaritsyno there are a history and architecture museum, a landscape park with an adjacent forest, an art museum, the Biryulyovo dendropark, and a cascade of the Tsaritsyno ponds.

This week is named "Maslenichnaya" - when people make pancakes and celebrate the end of the winter. At the one photo you can see scarecrow - at the end of the day people will burn this scarecrow to kill the winter.
You also can see children haing fun and all of us sitting on the ice sculptures. There are many sculptures here, but our camera can`t show it normally. 


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Luberci, Russia - 4th March 2012

By: TaisAfinskaia

We are packing our suit-case. Where are we going? You`ll know it in a week :)


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München, Germany - 9th March 2012

By: TaisAfinskaia

Hello world!
Though it was not in my plan when I went to Russia...but I visited Germany!
I had one perfect sunny day in Munich. In Russia we still have snow and there is not any snow and cold in Germany!
As a perfect TV I made a photo with post-box when Maria was sending her postcards.


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Moscow, Russia - 24th March 2012

By: TaisAfinskaia

We walked and made a nice picture with Russian church! It is beautiful!


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Moscow, Russia - 8th April 2012

By: TaisAfinskaia

I`m happy to show you the heart of Moscow and the whole Russia - Red Square!

Red Square  is a city square in Moscow, Russia. The square separates the Kremlin, the former royal citadel and currently the official residence of the President of Russia, from a historic merchant quarter known as Kitai-gorod. As major streets of Moscow radiate from here in all directions, being promoted to major highways outside the city, Red Square is often considered the central square of Moscow and all of Russia.


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50 km from Moscow, Russia - 15th April 2012

By: TaisAfinskaia

For the first time I celebrated Easter in Russia!
Russian people are Orthodox and they have another dates for Easter and Christmas. But they have the same customs.
This spring is very strange because it is middle of April, but there are still lots of snow.
And you know what? I met my twin-brother! He lives in the countryside.


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50 km from Moscow, Russia - 30th April 2012

By: TaisAfinskaia

I`m again at Maria`s countryside. Today we made all preparations for summer season. Look what nice lady I met. Don`t think she is Maria`s granny 
We found old style vehicle, it is very comfortable.
I don`t have much photos, but believe me that was nice holidays.

Photos are not really good because we made them with mobile phone.


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Moscow river, Russia - 19th May 2012

By: TaisAfinskaia

Hello dad!
Today we have a nice river-trip.
We started from the Bolotnaya Square:


Bolotnaya Square is a square in the center of Moscow, in Yakimanka District, south of the Moscow Kremlin, between the Moskva River (north) and the Vodootvodny Canal (south). The square is bounded by Bolotnaya Embankment of the canal to the south, by Serafimovicha Street and the House on the Embankment to the west, and by Bolotnaya Street to the north and to the east. The square had the name of Repin Square, commemorating Russian artist Ilya Repin, between 1962 and 1994. The square is built as a pedestrian open space.

But now it is famous for many people who just married coming here to bring the lock of their love. There are many trees with these lock. Look at the first picture. 

The ship was going through the Moscow river and we had a look at the center of Moscow from it.


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At home, Germany - 31st August 2012

By: Tomi

Hello Traveler,
i finally arrived back at home. I was really happy to see my dad again and i told him about all the great adventures i had with my hosts. Thanks to all my hosts i had a great time traveling. For the next months me and my dad won't be active at toyvoyagers.com because he's studying for his final year at school. I hope to see all of you again in a few months.
Kind regard

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