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Travelog for: Jezyk

Kerpen / NRW, Deutschland - 22nd October 2011

By: tusek


I'm still at home but am willing to travel now to the whole world to see. I would like to survive a lot and am looking forward to new adventures. Here is some pictures of me (some with my brother).
We smoke together sometimes SHISHA, because currently there is cold and boring. Maybe someone comes before I get out of my home.

Greetings from Kerpen.


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Münster, Germany - 27th October 2011

By: indrarado

Hello there!

Guess what? I just started my trip around the world and arrived in Münster, Germany.

My first destination was where Daniela - my host - works. So I had many hands there to welcome me.
And because Daniela was a bit busy I had time to explore the coolest record store around. B)


In the next weeks, I have a promise, I will see the most interesting sight seeing spots of Münster. And in the meantime I'm allowed to relax in Daniela's favourite armchair.


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Münster, Germany - 30th October 2011

By: indrarado

Hello again!

My second evening in Münster was great. I followed Daniela on her short trip into the city and I saw two interesting places.

Did you know that Münster has only one roundabout? The "Ludgeriplatz" is a place many Münsteraner make fun of - if they are not in their car in there actually...
Because with every attempt to improve it it only gets more annoying...


It didn't look special to me. But asking the people around I heard that it is the best place in Münster to celebrate or come together for other reasons. Don't believe it? I googled and found pictures like this: soccer wm or these: flashmob, another flashmob. :)

:DBut that wasn't all I saw. Daniela took me a way down the promenade/mall. It encircles the whole inner city and is frequently used by many ciclyst, joggers and pedestrians. See how green it can be in the middle of a big city:


I guess in the next days I will see many more interesting places. I have the promise to see some of Münster's churches...

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Münster, Germany - 31st October 2011

By: indrarado


Today was a quite informative day. I saw the "Spiekerhof" in Münster.  Most interesting here is the Kiepenkerl statue of the traveling merchant. Destroyed during the Second World War, it has been restored true to original and inducted by Federal President Theodor Heuss in 1953.

Kiepenkerle were itinerant traders in the German area between Hamburg and Sauerland.

You can also see two old restaurants there, the Big and the Small Kiepenkerl.

Even the last minutes of the well known crime series Wilsberg and Tatort Münster often take place here.


On our way back I saw a part of the "Prinzipalmarkt" - the principal market. It's the main market, in contrast to the rye and fish market further down the road. It is also known as "parlor" of Münster.
It's dominated by gabled houses on both sides, but none of the  gables are alike. And on the north side it's edged by the Lamberti church to which I can get closer to maybe the next time.


can you see this cute green car on the left? adorable!

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Münster, Germany - 1st November 2011

By: indrarado

Hi there!

today we saw a quite famous antiquarian book shop. this is the place where detective "Wilsberg" from the same titled crime series lives. In reality it is called "Antiquariat Solder".


And right in the back you see the "Überwasserkirche" ("over water church"), a Gothic church in the western city. Its name is because it is located the opposite side of the river Aa and stood over water when the rest was flooded. As the entire city of Münster has been hit hard during the Second World War the interior of the church was restored in 1968. And since 1983 the tower was restored from the outside.

The windows were redesigned by glass painter Valentin Peter Feuerstein.


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Münster, Germany - 3rd November 2011

By: indrarado

Hello again!

Today we got closer to the Lamberti church.
Here you can see me on the Prinzipalmarkt. (There's another interesting Münsteranian vehicle on the picture - the city bus)


St. Lamberti is the northern end of the main market. And it is the most important religious building of the Westphalian late Gothic.

It gained notoriety when the bodys of the three leaders of the Anabaptists were - after their torture and execution - hung from the tower in iron cages (see on the picture above the big clock). Since 1987 three friar's lanterns burn in the cages as a manifestation of three souls that can find no rest. :stare:

And here I finally got close to the church. It is that high!


Every evening (except Tuesdays) a tower-keeper (one of only four left in Europe) ascends the clock tower and blows his horn every half hour from 9pm until midnight.

From there we went on to the main station. Watch all those bicycles! I was told that Münster was the most cyclists friendly town in Germany. I could believe that now....
They even have built a Radstation where you can park your bike like in a normal car park. The bike station has 3300 spaces available. It even has a "bike wash".  In 2000 it won the Architecture Prize Renault Traffic Design Award.


I wonder what I will see next...?

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Münster, Germany - 4th November 2011

By: indrarado

Here I am again!

Today I had a lazy day on the window sill. It was nice to watch Münster from up here. I could see many churches and other buildings. If you watch carefully you can see (from left to right) the top of Überwasserkirche, of the cathedral and of Lambertikirche.


In the evening we went to the Aasee. This lake was completed in 1934 and covers an area of 40.2 ha and a length of about 2.3km. It was build against flooding and has an important ecological function because of its size.
Today the lake is a popular relaxing area.

The most exciting story about this lake is a murder in 1957. A male torso appeared in the water and his wife was found guilty. In 1959 the process was resumed and she had been acquitted for lack of evidence. This murder was plot in two episodes of the detective series Tatort and an episode of Wilsberg.

And the most famous story is the one about the Black Petra. In 2006 a black swan turned up here and fell in love with a paddleboat in the form of a swan.

A pity swimming and surfing is currently prohibited because of the poor water quality. But we had a great evening here. See how beautiful the light reflects on the water:


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Rhede, Germany - 6th November 2011

By: indrarado


Yesterday we went to Rhede, a small town 80km from Münster, to celebrate Daniela's mum's 50th birthday.

We went there by bus (a double-deck! Yay!), had a great and long party, and returned to Münster.


As the party was really long, I won't tell you a few more things before tomorrow... :rolleyes:

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Münster, Germany - 7th November 2011

By: indrarado

It's me again!

I promised to tell you some more things of my trip to Rhede. When we arrived I found some time to enjoy the Münsterland. See the atumn's colours everywhere!


And when we arrived back in Münster we had a short stroll through the neighbourhood. And do you know what we saw? A real Banksy! He's been in Münster a few months ago and left this stencil (see more) on the sidewalk.


It's nearly gone, but it's still there!

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Münster, Germany - 8th November 2011

By: indrarado

Yay! Today we saw St. Paul's Cathedral, the "St. Paulus Dom"!
he Cathedral is the largest church building in Münster, it's the center of the diocese of Münster since its inception in 805. Actually it's the third cathedral and originated in the period between 1225 and 1264th.

Such a large building of course needs a large place infront of it. Can you spot me? On this wide place a market takes place every wednesday and saturday. But today there were only a few cars. I especially liked the white one...


Oh, you can see the Überwasserkirche on the left. I still remember the day we saw that one.

And because the cathedral is restored these days and therefore completely closed in the next weeks we seized the moment and took an inside view.


About 700 people can sit in here. And sometimes there are many more who celebrate the mess standing. It has been overload as the last pope died. He was the first pope to visit Münster. But did you know that Benedikt XVI was a professor at Daniela's university before he got to Rome?

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Münsterhttp://www.toyvoyagers.com/i, Germany - 9th November 2011

By: indrarado

I saw whole Münster today... ;)
This is a city map for blind people. They can feel the 3 dimensional buildings. And of course read the Braille letters.


And then we went back home. See how nice it can be in your nearest environment... ;)


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Münster, Germany - 11th November 2011

By: indrarado


Today I saw the Erbdrostenhof, a baroque palace in the inner city. It was built according to plans by Johann Conrad Schlaun in 1753 to 1757.
He built it diagonally into a relatively small corner and so won room for the fassade. The entrance is a courtyard with a triangular base.
The main showpiece here is a ballroom that extends over the entire central section. And it houses an exquisite collection of historical keyboard instruments.


See me? I'm at the gates!

And a bit further on we saw a sculpture showing the twinned towns and their distance. Since WWII Münster entered nine town twinnings, first one was York in 1958 and the ninth - after christmas tsunami 2004 - was Indonesian island Nias which has been donated with 689.500€ by now. Münster has even been awarded the European price of "Institute for European partnerships and international cooperation" in 2007.


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Münster, Germany - 15th November 2011

By: indrarado

A last time Hello from Münster!

Today we had a great day in town. And I saw the famous town hall where the "Westfälische Friede" was signed.


And then my last evening in Münster was amazing. We went to see the Castle at least. A beauty in the dark. And did you know that this is the main building of Münster's university? No wonder that is one of the most wanted universities in Germany...


Oh, by the way: You can see all my pictures on flickr and download them in a bigger size.

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Sauerland, Germany - 20th January 2012

By: EbCo

Hey Daddy!

I don't really know if I arrived or not  :stare: . After a long bumpy trip now it is very calm. Oh and by the way also very cold and tight. Could anyone please get me out of the postbox?
As soon as I get into the warmth I will take some nice pictures and show them to you.  ;)

Lovely and freezy greets

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Sauerland, Germany - 20th January 2012

By: EbCo

Hey Daddy!

I really arrived at my hosts home and guess what?? It snowed today. That would explain why I was freezing inside the envelope. But fortunately I didn't have to wait so long until they brought me into the warmth.
Hostmummy und hostdaddy welcomed me very warmly.
The first they did was to give me something to eat and to drink. I have to say that it was very urgent because I was almost starving. That trip was sooo long.
That's all for today. I need to go to bed. You'll hear more from me later.



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