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Travelog for: Babuo

Osterrönfeld, Germany - 22nd October 2011

By: Philliph O-Feld

1. At home- with my mommy
2. Salzburg, Austria- with LycheeK
3. Castricum, Holland- with Cyn

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Osterrönfeld, Germany - 23rd October 2011

By: Philliph O-Feld

Still at home. :( I want travel and see the world! sniff!

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At Home, Germany - 24th October 2011

By: Philliph O-Feld

Today begins my journey to Austria. I´m sooooooo  exited. :D

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Europark Salzburg, Austria - 28th October 2011

By: Guest

Hi out there in Germany....

Today I arrived at my host mum in Salzburg... er... she lives near the inner city of Salzburg and has a splendid view.

My host mum was very happy about your "Haribo Gummy Bears" - I hope she shares them with me.

We also visited a very big shopping center, called "Europark", with more than 130 shops! Mum, I can tell you, shopping is quite exhausting, when there are so many people around.

I have some pics for you from my first day in Salzburg, although the qualitiy is rather poor, because it was dark already!

Mum, I wish you a pleasant night...


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Salzburg, Austria - 2nd November 2011

By: Guest

Hi mum,

sorry that I didn't write you earlier these days, but my host mum had tons of work to do - so there are hardly any news to tell you about Salzburg. Anyway, I have seen some parts of this beautiful town, but no pics at the moment. But we are doing some sightseeing within the next days. So I can send you some pics very soon.

Monday evening we had some guests for Halloween - just some kids living nearby, collecting sweets.
And I was watching the fog outside through the kitchen window from my very safe position in Jack O'Lantern...


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Hallwang, Salzburg - 9th November 2011

By: Guest

Hi mum,

Salzburg is great! On Saturday my host mum took me to a prom at the "Alte Salinen" in Hallein, a city located about 10km in the South of Salzburg. We also took a pic there, although it is on the mobile of my host mums husband (and a rather poor quality). But as soon as we get the pic, I will post it, don't worry!
At the moment our sightseeing is put on ice, because my host mum has a very bad cold and is confined to bed.
I help her to get well soon, and so I brought her a scarf, to keep the cervix warm. I send you a pic of me and the fight against the ultralarge scarf.

Later today we opened the post, and found another TV, Papelbon, in it. He comes from North Carolina, USA... I think we'll have a wonderful time together!

And mum, there are only a few days left, until the very famous "Christkindlmarkt" starts here.... I'm so excited, I can't tell you!


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Hallein, Salzburg - 9th November 2011

By: Guest

Here the pics from the prom last Saturday....


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Bräustüberl Berchtesgaden, Germany - 12th November 2011

By: Guest


Yesterday we went to the Hofbrauhaus in Berchtesgaden, where we had some 'Martinigansl' in the Bräustüberl!
I can tell you, it was a great evening and the 'Martinigansl' was excellent...


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Inner City of Salzburg, Austria - 12th November 2011

By: Guest

Hi there....

What a wonderful day, mom! Sunshine all day long, just a pleasant weather. We had a walk through the inner city of Salzburg, called 'Altstadt'.
My host mom showed me around and we had some sightseeing here. On the following pics you can see me in front of the 'Hotel Sacher Salzburg' and the 'Festung Hohen Salzburg', a castle, which is the town's landmark...

Furthermore we visited the Mirabell Garden's, where some scenes of the 'Sound of Music' were shot....


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Christkindlmarkt Salzburg, Austria - 1st December 2011

By: Guest

Hi there!

Today we visited the Salzburger Christkindlmarkt. I can tell you it is really fantastic, having Oven Potatoaes and Glühwein... I could stay here the whole day long! Nevertheless the Christkindlmarkt would be even more idyllic if there would have been any snow!
Afterwards we took a walk through the very famous Getreidegasse, passing by "Mozarts Geburthaus".

So mum, this was my last day here in Salzburg, my host mum then sent me to my next epic voyage to Holland....

Good bye Salzburg, good bye host mum... thank you for the time here in Salzburg - Holland I'm coming!


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