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Travelog for: Hase

Delligsen,near Hannover, Germany - 16th November 2011

By: Dr.Kröbner

I'm at home,
after a wonderful trip to BettyBoop, I am now arrived back home
Dr.Kröbner and Wolfgang
helped me to climb out of the Envelope , it was not  easy


The two have welcomed me very warmly



then I showed the  postcard I brought ,  It was so beautiful in Kirchberg... thank you BettyBoop

Now I must rest a bit ;)

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Travemünde, Germany - 19th November 2011

By: Dr.Kröbner

Hi folks...

we made a nice trip to the Baltic sea and slept in a huge Hotel...

talk a walk at the beach...

get a nice view over the water....

and later in the afternoon we get a hot chocolate with cream an rumm.....hickssss.... http://farm7.staticflickr.com/6096/6363945733_2e6b875a2f_z.jpg

and ssincce toodaay mee and Wölfi are ththte biggest friiendss yyouvee evverr  seeenn....hicksss...


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Hamburg, Germany - 20th November 2011

By: Dr.Kröbner


On the return trip, we have inserted a small stopover in Hamburg .... we were at the port and see large ships


In the background you see the Elbphilharmonie is a concert hall under construction in the HafenCity quarter of Hamburg, Germany. The concert hall is designed by Herzog & de Meuron on top of an old warehouse (Kaispeicher A).  It will be the highest inhabited building of Hamburg


bye, bye.....

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Delligsen,near Hannover, Germany - 21st November 2011

By: Dr.Kröbner

Today I helped Andreamom to decorate the shop window ... Wolfgang was also there .... see yourself what happened ... it was very funny







then I have looked up where my next trip goes ... jipihh Christmas in South Africa


Dr.Kröbner and Wolfgang have adopted me warmly and then I had to go  back in the dark envelope :(



Andreamum has given me a little Christmasgift for Katara  .(the gift is inside the envelope  ;) ).. then she took me to the postoffice

Bye bye see you soon

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Pretoria, South Africa - 4th December 2011

By: Katara

Hi mom!

I arrived in South Africa today and was warmly welcomed by Nate, Sweetie and Marty. They are all ToyVoyagers too! I am looking forward to my stay and can't wait to experience life in South Africa. Katara asked me to thank you for the postcard and the decorations.

Hugs and kisses,

PS: Katara speaks Afrikaans and she told me that in Afrikaans 1 rabbit is called "haas" and 2 rabbits "hase".


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Pretoria, South Africa - 8th December 2011

By: Katara

Hi mom!
Tonight we (me, Sweetie and Marty) helped Katara decorate the Christmas tree. We worked as a team and it was great FUN!
I think the Christmas tree looks great!  :D

Xmas tree.JPG
Xmas tree1.JPG
Xmas tree 2.JPG

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Pretoria, South Africa - 9th December 2011

By: Katara

Hi mom!

Since last night it has been raining here. It's been quite nice actually, especially after the hot summer days (32 C).  Katara told me that Pretoria falls in a summer rainfall season. Today we stayed indoors and Katara let me help her decorate some plastic containers that she wants to change into pots. She is thinking of maybe planting some herbs in them.

Love you lots!
Hase xxx


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Pretoria, South Africa - 9th December 2011

By: Katara

Tonight Katara was feeling creative so we made "pin-wheel wors sosaties" (sausage kebabs). We also prepared some butternut pumpkin to eat with it. The "sosaties" came out great and the sausage was juicy. Sweetie and I had a feast! Yummy!

Mommy, please send special greetings to Dr.Kröbner - I am missing him!

Lots of love,
Hase xxx


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Pretoria, South Africa - 12th December 2011

By: Katara

Hi mom!

You will not believe what I ate for lunch today - SUSHI!
Katara ordered some from a Chinese take-away restaurant down the street. We had "Avo Maki", "California Rolls", and "Fashion Sandwiches". We put some wasabi on the sushi and dipped it in soy sauce. We ate it with chopsticks. There was also some pickled ginger - Katara said that you are supposed to eat it to cleanse your palette.


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Lawley Street, Pretoria, South Africa - 14th December 2011

By: Katara

Hi mom!

Tonight I saw some Christmas Lights. Katara bought us some ice-cream and then we took a drive down Lawley Street. It is situated in a residential area in a posh suburb of Pretoria and every year most of the houses in this street put up Christmas lights.




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Pretoria, South Africa - 17th December 2011

By: Katara

Hi Mom :cyclops:

Today Marty, Sweetie and I spent the morning watching some cricket on the telly (South Africa vs Sri Lanka). South Africa was playing well and we soon got into the 'swing' of things, happily cheering along. The match was played at "Super Sport Park" - the stadium is about 15km from Katara's home.



I am having a great time - Marty, Sweetie and I have become very good friends!  :D

Lots of love,
Sweetie xxx

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Centurion Mall, Pretoria, South Africa - 18th December 2011

By: Katara

Hi Mom!

Today I went with Katara went to the Centurion Mall to do some Christmas shopping! It's an open mall that overlooks a small man-made lake.


First off we had some coffee and breakfast at Cafe Bugatti and after that we hit the shops!




I had a lot of fun helping Katara choose out Christmas presents, even though the shops were quite busy!

Thinking of you!
Lots of love, Hase xxx

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Pretoria, South Africa - 20th December 2011

By: Katara

Hi Mom!

Seeing that it is Summer in South Africa we decided to make a few sun decorations for the Christmas tree.  We made the decorations using air-dry clay which we then painted. It was a lot of fun!!  :D



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Pretoria, South Africa - 25th December 2011

By: Katara

Merry Christmas Mom!!  :D

I was so happy to see the sun shining today!! The past few days it has been cloudy and rainy so it was great to see some blue sky!

We started the day by opening some Christmas presents  :D




We then got ready to go to Katara's sister's house for Lunch. We had Turkey, baby potatoes, carrot puree, aubergines with olives and capers and salad.


For dessert we ate some Tiramisu. Katara's sister was busy grating some chocolate over the top. Yummy!!


(Katara's sister's in-laws are Bulgarian. Normally for Christmas we eat lamb or gammon, with rice, roast potatoes, creamed spinach and sweet carrots with a green salad. For dessert we normally eat a baked pudding with custard  and for tea-time we have fruit cake and tea).



I had a great day - together with Sweetie and Marty!  :D
Our first "African" Christmas!  B)


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Irene Village Mall, Pretoria, South Africa - 31st December 2011

By: Katara

Hi Mom!

We went to the Irene Village Mall to buy some baking supplies (Katara wants to try out a recipe for Chocolate Brownies) and to get some Sparkling Wine for New Year's Eve tonight.

The Irene Village Mall is an open-air mall. It has quite a relaxed atmosphere.


Throughout the mall there are various sculptures. In this picture you can see a sculpture titled "The Udder Side" - It's of a buried cow lying upside down.


Some more sculptures:



We also walked past a "Biltong" Shop where you can buy "biltong" (dried meat. In America it is called 'jerky'). "Biltong" is very popular in South Africa.



I had a great time! I can't wait to help Katara bake Chocolate Brownies later on today!  :D

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