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Travelog for: Mr.Shaun

Delligsen,near Hannover, germany - 22nd October 2011

By: Dr.Kröbner

i`m sitting her at home with my friend Dr. Kröbner


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on the way to Plainwell, USA - 24th October 2011

By: Dr.Kröbner

yesterday i had awalk in the forest with my friend Hase, we climbed a tower and see the mountain "Broken".
In the evening i hang up with my sheepdog Paul and Dr.Kroebner.
Tomorrow i packed my bags and i`m ready to go, travel round the world to see amazing places and meet much interesting other toys in all the countrys, my first stop will be Michigan
So good by mum, Paul , Hase and Dr. Kröbner i will miss you all


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Plainwell MI, USA - 29th October 2011

By: Tera

I made it!! I am so happy to have finally arrived in Michigan! I am getting all settled in and meeting some new friends. Tera and Gibson say I am lucky I got here when I did because Halloween is on Monday. We are going to shop for costumes, carve pumpkins and pineapples, go trick or treating and probably go to a party!  :D

Guys let me out of here!!! Enough with the pictures I can hear you and want to come visit!


Slowly poking my head out and I see Flippy the big frog, Flipito the small frog, and Smooky the bear. They are Gibson's best friends.


I showed them the postcard I brought and they said that it was wonderful! They all were very polite and thanked me over and over!


Here I am sitting on a bed in the house Gibson has made for visiting TV's! It is very nice. He is still working on it so I will show you more pictures of that soon.


Today we are going to spend at home. I am going to meet all Gibson's other stuffed toys (I hear there are a lot), visit with the 3 cats that live here, and who knows what else. They are very happy to have me here! Tera says I am the first TV they have hosted.

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Plainwell MI, USA - 29th October 2011

By: Tera

Hello again mom!

Today Gibson was looking for something to watch on netflix and look what he found! I have my own show!


So this family is a bit odd. I thought that for Halloween you carved pumpkins. Well they love a TV show called Psych and the guys on the show are a bit pineapple crazy so they decided to carve pineapples for a contest the show is having.

I think in this picture I look like I'm in a scary movie.


The finished pineapples!


It was a little odd but a lot of fun! Boy is that a sticky mess!

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Plainwell MI, USA - 30th October 2011

By: Tera

Tomorrow is Halloween so today we have done all sorts of Halloween type stuff. More typical than our adventures yesterday!

We went to a Halloween store. These stores pop up all over towards the end of September. Tera only got one good picture of me here though...they had lots of creepy stuff.


Then I stayed home with Tera while the boys went to a movie. We decided to start working on Gibson's Halloween costume. He is going to be the black knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. They showed me a clip and it is pretty silly. I don't know if anyone will know what he is supposed to be! I'm helping make the helmet here. I will show you more pictures of the finished costume tomorrow.


Tonight we decided we better carve the pumpkin. It is a huge one! Gibson picked it out with his Grandma.


I'm helping with the big knife again.


Look at all this goop in here! Yuck! It really smells nasty!


This is the pile of goop Gibson dug out!


And the finished pumpkin.



After we carved the pumpkin Tera said it was time to roast the seeds. This is all the ones we got from the pumpkin. There would have been more but Tera doesn't like to mess with the goop very much.


We sprinkled them with lots of salt and spread them out on a pan. Put it in the oven and waited!


Here they are all done! They got a bit brown because we got watching TV and sort of forgot...but they are still delicious!


Today I also got to know the cats that live here. This is Elwood. He is 10. He is kind of fat and lazy. Tera says he is her baby. He is very rude when we are trying to eat and always trying to sneak a bite!


This is Drew. Apparently she is just to important to pose nice for a picture with me. She is the princess and the boss of the house.


Last but not least is Gibby named by and after Gibson of course :) He is very fluffy and very funny. We sort of look alike!


Tomorrow we are going to a Lego Robotics class and Trick-or-Treating!! I am so excited!

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Trick or Treating Kalamazoo MI, USA - 31st October 2011

By: Tera

Hi Mom! So today was finally Halloween! I had lots of fun and tried not to eat too much candy. We did go to lego class today but Tera forgot to take pictures so we will do that next week.

We started off taking some spooky pictures to get in the Halloween mood.



Pretty cool huh?

Look at this gross candy Tera gave Gibson. It is body part sushi! I didn't try this kind too weird for me.


Tera thought that I needed a costume too! So she found this bow she made out of duct tape an added a cape! I thought it was very cool! (I did want to be a vampire more but didn't want to complain)

Check out the cape!


And with the fabric my cape was made from as a background.


This was the bucket Gibson used to put the candy in he got when trick or treating. It is a Darth Vader head!


This is me in the helmet I helped make for Gibson's costume. He was the Black Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

I went for a ride on Gibson's friends shoulder....not quite sure what his costume was but it was pretty cool!


Here I am with the loot!


Yum Yum! I love candy!


I helped Gibson get his candy all sorted out! It sure is a lot! The grown ups are all saying they got more when they were kids but we only trick or treated for an hour and a half.


All right I'm all wore out from the fun we had today and am headed to bed!

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Plainwell MI, USA - 2nd November 2011

By: Tera

Hello Mom. Not much exciting has happened here the past couple days. I played with the cats today while Tera went to work. When she got home there was a package waiting for us! She said it was going to be another toyvoyager but wasn't exactly sure who it would be.


So we carefully opened the package and look who peaked out....


It's Clifford!

Clifford and I spent some time getting to know each other. He traveled here from England. He brought a postcard with cupcakes on it...they looked very yummy.


We went outside for from fresh air. It is very nice out here today but Tera says it won't be like that for long! Tomorrow is only going to be 48F.


Clifford and I chatted some more. He really is a nice dog!


Update you soon Mom!

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Kalamazoo Islamic Center MI, USA - 3rd November 2011

By: Tera

Hi there Mom! Today Tera and Gibson took me to play with some of their homeschool friends. The kids were so happy to play with me and Clifford and to show us around!

They start with a circle so the kids can bring something from home for show and tell.

This is a puppy that Tera knitted for a girl in the group who brought it as her show and tell. She thought it was so cool that we got to travel the world!


Here is a Mickey Mouse glove that is from Disneyland! It sounds so fun there...maybe some day I can visit there.


I liked reading this origami star wars book. I even helped make a Darth Vader and a Yoda...you will see those in a bit.


I helped find the crayons to color on our Star Wars guys.


This is the Darth Vader I made (well maybe I more helped :) Look I got to hold the light saber!


And here we are with Yoda...such a tiny little guy!


Check out all this string...they were making friendship bracelets (I didn't help sort this mess out)


It takes lots of teamwork to get a bracelet done!


We played a little Blockus. Clifford was being grouchy and took all his red pieces off the board because he was loosing.


He thought they were better for taking pictures with than playing!


Look at these yummy figs! There is an Islamic holiday coming up and these were out getting ready for the celebration.


Man these sweets looked good! It was really hard not to sneak a bite but they were not there for us.


This is a decoration on the wall. Isn't it nice?


We found this beautiful copy of The Holy Qur'an. I loved the cover....all the text is in Arabic so I couldn't' read what it said.


We played a bit with this hand knit pig...a pig with a wig...haha!


Here she is with her other wig. She was quite fancy with the hair changes.


I had a great time with the kids today. One girl was very excited to show me everything there was to see. It is really nice that the Islamic center lets the group meet here! It is a great space with lots of room for the kids to play.

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Kalamazoo River, USA - 5th November 2011

By: Tera

Hello again Mom! Since the weather is so nice we decided to spend a bit of time outside. We went to downtown Plainwell. It is along the Kalamazoo River.

The park had some fall decorations up still.


This is part of an old paper mill.  Plainwell Paper was founded as the Michigan Paper Company of Plainwell in 1886, and went into production the next year. The mill closed in 1998. This area was part of what was known as the Paper City (centered in Kalamazoo). The rivers and railroads made this the ideal place for paper mills. Once it was realized how bad the way they made paper is for the environment the process changed and most mills closed.

The city of Plainwell now owns the mill and it is going to be turned into shops, offices, and apartments.


In this shot you can see the Kalamazoo River. This part of the river has been cleaned and is now good water. The mills did lots of damage.


There is a nice board walk along the river here in Plainwell. Lots of parks and shops around. As you can see in the picture fall is about over and the trees have lost most of their leaves.


We stopped and learned a bit about the towns history.


Here we are by a pretty gazebo. Sometimes you see weddings here taking pictures. The river is right behind us.


Goodbye for now!

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Michigan, USA - 7th November 2011

By: Tera

Hi Mom!! Yesterday we went to Gibson's school. Well he only goes there one day a week for a really fun robotics class but still :) Of course we took pictures around the school but not any in the class...go figure!

The kids all get a locker and can decorate them however they want. So far on the outside all Gibson has is his name. He has some cool magnets on the inside though...one is from Australia!


While Gibson had his class Clifford and I had a cup of coffee while Tera chatted with the other Moms.


After Gibson's class we had postcrossing club. Here we are with the cards the kids have gotten so far. Cards from Taiwan, Germany, China, and Argentina.


The card from Taiwan showed how to write "thank you" in Chinese so we decided to give it a try. It is pretty hard!


Here we are by the flag pole outside the school. No wind to make the flag look pretty and also a gray cloudy sky.


We were very distracted in the picture by the kids having so much fun on the playground. Tera said it was too cold to go out and play today.


When we got home there was a note from the mailman saying we had a package to sign for at the post office so we headed back out. Look what it is!


It's Malu from Austria!


Here we are talking about our travels. I told him about how much fun it is here in Michigan. The butterfly sticker he brought with him and Tera says if we were here in the summer we might have gotten to see one!


Since we had a new TV with us Smooky Gibson's special teddy bear came out to tell us some of the rules of the house and all about the trips he has been on here in the USA.


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Plainwell MI, USA - 10th November 2011

By: Tera

Hello Mom! Today was exciting because it snowed!!!! First snow of the season! We rushed right outside to play in it!


Malu, Clifford, and I had lots of fun in the snow!


After all that time in the snow I was freezing!! We decided to go in and have some hot chocolate..yum! First we added the mix and some extra marshmallows.


Then added the hot water and stirred it all up. Boy was it good...and warmed us up too!


Then we helped Tera make her favorite lunch. Rice a Roni. Not sure why she loves this so much but she does.


After a while it really started to snow hard and covered the whole ground! Tera said she wasn't going outside again so we took a picture out the window!


All that snow melted and then it snowed a bunch again and now the ground is mostly covered.

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Plainwell MI, USA - 11th November 2011

By: Tera

We woke up to snow today!!! Tera said it was going to melt but boy was she wrong! It better be gone for tomorrow! We have a parade to go to!



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Downtown Kalamazoo, USA - 12th November 2011

By: Tera

Hi there! Yesterday we went to see a holiday parade. The weather was perfect! We met up with some family so there were lots of kids. Because of how busy it was Tera wasn't able to get as many pictures as she had hoped.


This one is a good shot of the cute buildings down town.


Color guard for Western Michigan University.


A high school marching band.


When we got home Gibson ran out to check the mail and there was a package. So we all gathered around to see who might be inside.


It's Charlie Mouse!!!


Malu, Clifford, and I all told him all about Michigan and the fun we have been having. I'm sure he will fit right it!

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Kalamazoo Valley Museum, USA - 14th November 2011

By: Tera

We were back to Kalamazoo to visit the museum there today! We arrived early so we decided to look around a little bit outside first.

This is The Radisson Plaza Hotel, Gibson's favorite building in Kalamazoo.


Here is a group shot while we had a bit of a break on a bench. The museum is the building on the left.


Here we are being news anchors! Look at the text on the screen on the left! I had to translate for everyone!


This building is one of Tera's favorites...look at the pretty design on the roof.


This tree still had lots of colorful leaves...most have all fallen now.


Here is the plan for the city in the 1950's. Tera couldn't tell where anything was so we don't know how close they were to what it ended up like.


Mr.Shaun and I were a great team for checkers!


They had part of the museum set up like an old time store.

Here I am with some of the cleaning supplies!


Who do you think weighs more? Me or Clifford?


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Plainwell MI, USA - 15th November 2011

By: Tera

Today the other TV's and I were out and about in Tera's purse when she spotted these two deer in a field. I was lucky because I was the first TV she grabbed and the only one that got it's picture with the deer before they ran off!


Not the best picture but the sunset sure was pretty and the deer were very cute. The little one jumped so high when they ran off! I can see now why they are called White Tailed Deer :)

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