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Travelog for: Elias

At home, Germany - 22nd October 2011

By: live-is-a-curse

Hello I'am Elias
I live in the south of Brandenburg in the small town Großräschen.

In my hometown you can see what happens with a region after the lignite mining.

If you want you can visit my Dad, so he isn't so alone when I am on Travel.

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Cottbus, Germany - 22nd October 2011

By: live-is-a-curse

Wir waren auf dem Weg ins Kino, leider war der Film ab 16 und ich musste im Auto warten, zum Glück war das aber gut beheizt


We were on our way to the movies, but unfortunately the movie was over 16 and I had to wait in the car, but luckily it was well heated

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Großräschen, Germany - 25th October 2011

By: live-is-a-curse

Today we visited a good friend of my Dad at work.



It was a very funny afternoon, the friend of my Dad allows me to have a look in his gaming archive


I like to play games so i play dentist.


Feels like in heaven, I love coffee and so we take a coffee-break.


Before we go home, i checked my e-mails and wow...

Daddy look there, I can go on my first travel... 


Tomorrow I'm going to Zandy to Öhringen. I hope we will have a good time ;-)

See u soon 

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Peitz, Germany - 26th October 2011

By: live-is-a-curse

I love travelling by car, and train but I hate to wait  ;-)

"Daddy? What's that? Why isn't there any water in the pont?

That are the Fishingponts of Peitz, in the winter period it'sreclaimed.


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Cottbus, Germany - 26th October 2011

By: live-is-a-curse

I say Goodbye to my Friend Quacki, he is sad that he isn't a Toyvoyager jet, but maybe he will become one later.


"I think its a little bit small for me.... or?

B) In the post office I decide to take a bigger box for my trip to Zandy  B)


Goodby Daddy, see you when November ends...

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Öhringen, Germany - 28th October 2011

By: Zandy

Hello Daddy!

I arrived in Öhringen by Zandy. It's so great to be here, not only because in the box it was dark and the Postmen were shaking the box from one site to the other and back. (Some time I thought I'm on a sailing trip and I get seasick). But now I will tell you something about my first hours here in Öhringen.

When I arrived and Zandy opened the Box - no she want to open it, but I was holding the cover - I heard a lot of voices whispering and saying, that in the Box must be "Elias" - me. And I was a little scary and only open the cover a chink to look out.


But then: WOW! What I see sweep me off my feet. Now I saw what the reason for the voices was. There was a welcome committee only for me. And they paint a welcome poster for me.


I was so affected and didn't know what to say. All the others say "Welcome" to me and then we take a group picture in front of the poster.


And it was so colourful. And look there, in the letters the paint little bananas and a big one under my name. And...and...and... in the dot of the I, there was a portrait of a monkey - like me.


After all this Zandy and the others told me, that they must blindfold me. First I was scary of course. Because I don't know why they will do that. Zandy told me, that it will be a surprise. And because they all were so friendly in the first hour, so I let it happen.


The clown showed me into another room, the others follow us. And then I must wait a minute and then they began to sing "Happy Birthday" and Zandy doff the scarf.


Daddy! They make a Birthday party for me. Ok, my Birthday was yesterday and they all thought I will be in Öhringen on this day, but it didn't happen. So they did it today for me. Zandy backed a cake for me - a yellow one. Oh it was so great. And I was out of words again. after they sing I must blow out the candles (two in number, because it was my second Birthday)


And they have a present for me: Bananas. I was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy!


Of course I taste the cake, with Zandy baked for me. And it tastes sooo good. It was a chocolate-banana cake.


And then we make a Welcome-Birthday-Party for hours. I don't know how long really, but it was so excellent. We played games, talk and laugh a lot till we have no breath anymore.


It's time to say "Good night" we all are tired now. But I'm so cheerful. It could take long after I sleep. This all was so great in the first hours here. I'm so happy that you let me go here. It's a great start to be a ToyVoyager.
But now: Good Night, Daddy!


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Öhringen, Germany - 29th October 2011

By: Zandy

Day No. 2 in Öhringen. Zandy must work today, so we haven't so mutch time to walk around Öhringen. We went for dinner. Look what I get.


After that I was so full, nearly I couldn't move. But after talking and digest we went for a walk home. On this walk I see al lot of things. First I saw a very pretty, wooden mermaid and a fish. I asked them to make a foto with them.


Oh Daddy, you tould me, that my next journey will go to Australia.  Look what I found:


A direction sign to Australia. And then I climbed on some things. First it was the city wall of Öhringen or better a pice of it. Can you find me, daddy?


And they have a beachvollyballfield in the park. sadly we have no ball to play, so I climbed on the mesh.


I climbed on a tree whith was hit by a lightning.


Oh and we played a little on the playground in the park.


And we found a mill stone, so we take also a picture whith this.


At the end we found a embleme of Öhringen. It's a key. I hope you can see a little of it. It was to hight to climb up for me and Zandy is not so big to help me.


I'm soooooo tired because of the big meal and the big climbing actions. But at home I have the chance to become acquainted with quini, Zandy's dog.


After talking we cuddle a bit, whilemy host is packing her things for a journey.


Yes Daddy, we go on a journey to Cologne. See, there is our luggage and the ticket for the train. I hope we can see the Dome and the Hohenzollernbridge.


So, don't be anxious if you don't here from me till Wensday or Thursday. I will report then from our trip to Cologne. See you!

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Öhringen, Germany - 30th October 2011

By: Zandy

Hello Daddy!

Now I will report you about my journey to Cologne with Zandy. It was very awesome.

Here you can see me on the railway station in Öhringen, from where we started.


The next station was Heilbronn.


There we have a fast breakfast ans Zandy bought me a coffee to awake the animal spirits.


After that we have a long way to Cologne. Some time I look out of the window, and the other time I sleep a little bit.


Before we arrive in Cologne, we have to chance the train for the last time.


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Cologne, Germany - 30th October 2011

By: Zandy

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnndddddddddd we arrived in Cologne. Yippie. Bevore we go out for teh first hours, we study the map of Cologne.


Oh look, Daddy. I found the place where our hotel is.


After a short time, in which we put the legs up. We went out to explore Cologne. Out first station was the Dome. I wan't to see it, and we go to it. To take a picture was very difficult, because the Dome is sooooo big and I'm sooo little insted. But we try and I think it's a good picture.


We also go inside the Dome. And it is really big and beautiful. I didn't know where to look first. Here are some pictures from me inside the Dome.




And the windows are so colourful. When we go out I have a stiff neck from looking above.


After that we have a little walk on the waterside of the Rhineriver. We saw the Hohenzollernbridge and Zandy promise me, that we will walk on it another day.


On the otherside there was a kermis.


For eat we were at the ...

Zandy allowed me to order a drink. And for this I study the card.


I think she ment a Pepsi or something like this. But I want to drink something other.


When we leave teh Hard Rock Cafe I try to play the guitar.


A women stop and look at me. She smilied, so I think she liked my play. We make a after-dinner walk back to the hotel. We saw a big lion. Is a lion really that big? I can't belive. Maybe I can see a real one. But I want to take a picture with him.


He is very, very big. He is, right?  :)
At least we take this picture in front of a fountain which is near the Dome.


And than we go to bed. It was a hard day and some will follow.

Bye bye!

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Cologne, Germany - 31st October 2011

By: Zandy

Day two in Cologne! We started with a rich breakfast (and a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig cup of coffe  :D)


On our way to the chocolat museum we saw this relief of the Domearea.


If we take the picture a dog want to sniff at me, but the mistress didn't allow it. We all laught about this. It was sweet, because the mistress and her friend look at our group, how we take the picture. (If she saw the article in German TV about ToyVoyagers?) But we have no time to think about it, so we go on our way. Look what we found for a Pub.


They make assisted drinking. Funny! And than we want to go inside the chocolate museum, in front of it we saw this skulpture.


Sadly the museum is closed on mondays, so we couldn't visit it. But Noah's Ark was there in the Rheinauhafen (harbour) near the chocolat museum. Ok not really the Ark, but a clone, half so big like the real one.


In front of the Ark stands a dinosaur. First I was a little shy to go to him.


But some minutes later, he didn't move I climb on his hand.


It was a very big adventure. Because the could move every moment. And below the dinosaur was a sign where is written: I eat my partner, because of that  nobody allowes me to join the ark.
Ok, but I survived it and so we could go inside the ark. I saw a lot of other animals.



And I met Adam and Eve. Maybe someone can told me why they have no clothes.


On the boat deck were real animals. A donkey.


And a dromedary. First he was a little shy, because I look at him. First he nose careful at me.


But than he was so turbulent and want to cuddle with me.


After the cuddle I must sit down for a time. I feel like a pasha in this pillowes.


The pillowes leans on a tree (the tree of life) in this there were a little pond with fish.


Than I saw once again other animals. Leopards, a panda and a bear and kangaroo and a monkey and giraffes (they are really big).





And many many others. But if I want to take a picture with everyone we could stay to christmas there.  ;)
We saw some other figures from teh bible, too.
This is Noah, the builder of the ark.


And Goliat was there. I knocked him out. YEY!


An old school they showed. I sit in the schoolbank and listend a little to what the teacher saied. I'm a smart monkey, you know?!


Oh, and the archangel Gabriel was there, too. He killed the devil in front of my eyes. He is very strong.


This sign was funny, too. Ok, in the Ark, there was the tree of life, but some visitors forget, that this was only a copie of the real tree. So they must suggest, that the fish have not the permanent life.  :D


And here is the last picture in the Ark. It shows me in a mirror and the root of the tree of life.


After all this we have a little consolidation before we go on a guided tour with a night watchman. I meet there "the mouse" and the elephant. And we drink a "Kölsch"



And than the guided tour with the night watchman begun... (Some pictures we take during the day time, because I was so afraid of the storys from the night watchman.)
Our meetingpoint was the "Heinzelmännchenbrunnen"


The story tells, that the Cologner mustn't work, because the "Heinzelmännchen" did the work for them during the night. And when the Cologner wake up the work was ready. But the wife of the dress maker was nosy and want to see the Heinzelmännchen. But they have caps which make them invisible. So the wife put peas on the stairs, the Heinzelmännchen cave down, the capes slip up and the wife could see them. From this time the Heinzelmännchen never come back and the Cologner must work themselfs.
- What a fantastic thought, you mustn't work, others do it for you.  ;)

Than we go to the Dome. And the nght watchman told a story about it. That the builder of the Dome make a bet with the devil. - How stupid. You never win a bet versus the devil. But ok ...


(Here I take a stab to go inside the treasure chamber. But: Psssscht!)


Than we met the fishmarket. From this place you can see the a church. And from this chruch (Big St. Martin) you hear ghosts. But only, when the wind blowes from the south.


An there are two guys. The left one is called Tünnes and the right one is called Schäl. Tünnes is a lovely boy and Schäl is a chiseller. (In short)


The night watchman told, that rubbing the nose of Tünnes brings luck, so I try it.  :D


And at least we were at the town hall. On the tower are a lot of figures, all from Cologne. Did you know, that Agrippina was a Cologner? Agrippina is the mother of Nero. The night watchman told us, that if Nero knows Düsseldorf, he didn't fire Rome ... Ähm ok ...  ;)
At the town hall there are two stories. The first one is from the white women. If somebody saw here on this place, than he only have  three dyas left and then he will die. I shiver, when I heard it.
And the other one is, that the devil catch the     governing mayor of Cologne, when the citizen feel hungry and he won't open the depotes with the food.
Here you can see me in front of the town hall.


After that we go back to the hotel and sleep. Ok, I try to sleep, because I get so scared. But Zandy attend on me, so I could sleep without nightmares.

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Cologne, Germany - 1st November 2011

By: Zandy

Day three began with a big brunch in a cafe and we met some friends of Zandy. After that we all go to de chocolat museum. Look who I met first.


Her name is Elli. But she was so shy, she didn't talk with me. Maybe I wasn't charming enough for her.  :( Or she had so much to do with the kids there. She tell the kids all about the things in the museum. I think that was the reason. All other women said I am very charming.  B)
Look daddy, this is a cocoa fruit. It's big, I didn't know before. I only know the powder from this one, to make a chocolate drink.


And look, there was a globe whitch showes the visitors on wich places in the world cocoa can be fitted.


Ohhhh and there was a troical house. In it there were temperatures of 25 to 28, but the air humidity was 80%. It was very warm inside. But I like it. There were some nice plants. Look here you can see me in front of a coffee tree. - YUMMY!


And the next shows a cocoa tree and some other plants from the tropics.



Our next station was a boat whith was handmade by some aboriginal people from one of the cocoa nations. They showed a film about it, it was very intersting, because they really made it with their own hands, without andy industrial machine.


A container for shipping of the cocoa beans was also there. In it they show how they transport the beans and tell the story from the first time until today.


There was a old, cocoa weighing machine with a bag full of cocoa.


After all the historical and new age stories about cocoa we are allowed to go inside the hall where they showed how to make chocolade. This chocolate which we know.
This one is for transporting the cocoa benas.


And behind me there is another machine. But oh, I forget for what they need this one. - Sorry!


Oh and than .... DADDY ... look at all the chocolate under me. A paradise.


These machine was for mixing the chocolate.


And than the chocolate fountain. Yummy! We get a cookie with runny chocolat. It was sooooo delicious. I want to go there once more, but there were so many people they want to taste it, that I forget the idea. But maybe you bought me once a fountain like this and I can go everytime. Or we fill it with coffee. What do you think, daddy?  ;)


The next station they show how they packed the little chocolates whitch you can buy in the shop.


And how they make those chocolate figures, which are hollow inside.



When we make a little break I wath outside of the museum and it was a very nice view.


After the break we go to the roomes where they show the beginning of chocolate in the culture of the Maya. It was interesting how old chocolate really is.


When chocolate arrives to us, it was a drink for rich people. Do you belive it? Today everybody can buy and eat and drink chocolate. And in the past only rich people have the chance. Here you can see a chocolate women. She brings the chocolate to the people.


And than I saw a big chocolate shop. Ok, a model of one. But I can imagine, that this one is real and I get soooooooooo hungry. First this figures of the Sarotti-Man stands there and than ... The shop!



Ohhhh and a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig chocolate candy was hanging there. Oh, if I could bite in it. Yummy!


And a tricycle full of chocolate. I asked them, if I can take a ride home on it. But they didn't allow me.  :(


After all the chocolate we go on a walk. An now we walk across the Hohenzollernbidge. This picture is first from the Dome. From the bridge side.


Here I am hanging round before we cross the bridge. It is very big. I hope my feet will go this long walk with me.  :D


On the bridge i saw a lot of padlocks. This padlocks are from twosomes which are in love and will be forever together. Or from clubs. On everyone stands a name or more so you know who put it on the bridge.


And now I'm on the other side of the bridge. I get it. I am so proud of me.


After about an hour of this side of the Rhine, we walked back to the hotel and prepair us for the evening. We go to a musical called "Elisabeth"


And now we must walk the whole way back, the Musicaldome was on the other end of the trainstation. Here you can see me in front of it.


The seats were comfortable. And so blue.


And here you can see me at the end of the day, while we are waiting to get our coats.


Than we only have a drink alltogehter and go to bed. Tomorrow will be the last day in Cologne. What a bummer! It was great here. Maybe I can come back once a day.

Good night, daddy!

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Cologne, Germany - 2nd November 2011

By: Zandy

On our last day in Cologne Zandy has a surprise for me. We will drive with the aerial passenger line of Cologne. I was so happy, this was a really great surprise for our last hours before we leave Cologne.


Look!! See me inside the cabin of the aerial passenger line. I'm too small to have a look outside.


So we build a little seat lifter for me, and than I could look outside.


And now I could see the panorama of Cologne.


The bridge/street we cross.


And of course the Dome and the Rhine.


And the "Köln-Arena"


Our landing was great:


On the other side there was the Rhinepark and we walked a little round. In the park there is a little railway. But we have no time to do a round with it.


And than we must go back, because our train back to Öhringen will go.


Oh from the aerial passenger line I saw a boat.


And this is the last picture from Cologne. It is in the train back to Öhringen.


A big adventure for a little monkey like me. And Zandy will show me some places in Öhringen. But not today, we must relax.

See you daddy.

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Öhringen, Germany - 3rd November 2011

By: Zandy

Hello Daddy!

Today we make a relaxinday. We all were so used up from our Cologne-tour. But we go to a walk with Quini (about 2 hours, so it was long  ;))

Look how a great view to Öhringen an the cities and countryside round it.



Quini explain me where what is and she told me the names of the cities.


It was very interesting. She knowes a lot of her hometown. I try to pick up an apple for her.


After we try to eat it. We walk along to one of the water towers of Öhringen.


And we found a stone which is one of many stones from the "Kelternrunde" (in English maybe: wine press round) This is a big route for walking round Öhringen and Pfedelbach for wine-fans.


Oh look daddy, I could see the Stiftskirche and the St. Josef church (the white tower). In the near of the St. Josef church is the house of Zandy.


It's a long way to it. We zoomed to it to take the picture, so you can see it better. And one more stone, daddy!  :D
They have a hike path from the Limes, an this stone show the way.


And this was the end of our tour. After this, we only watch TV. This was enough for today.

Hugs, yours Elias

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Öhringen, Germany - 4th November 2011

By: Zandy

Hello Daddy.

We weekend will go out and it was a addle weekend. We didn't do to much. But I think it's ok. We cook a lot and it made fun. I will show you what we do on friday.

First we change the tires of Zandy's car. Or better we try it. But I have had a little probleme:


I can't contact the ground. So we decided, that it will be better, when Zandy and I let her boyfriend alone, so he can do it. We both went shopping, so we could cook something.


It's me in the shoppingbag. But it's no normal shoppingbag. Look, what it is. I was very surprised, when Zandy show it to me.


It's a banana-shoppingbag. Great! But it didn't taste goog, so I decided, that it's will be better, when we put the shopping inside. After shopping Zandy look for me. She was shocked, because I wasn't with her. Zandy thought that I was at the shop, but than I surprised her.


I cower me in the shopingbag between the things. First she was a littly angry, because she was worried, but than we laugh and began to cook. First I helped her to cut the sandwich into pices.


She allowed me to make the salad freelance.


Oh daddy, look the bred. Yummy! It smells so fantastic.


And than I helped to do the meet. And than the big eat.



Bye daddy. See you at our next meal.  :D

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Neuenstadt a. K., Germany - 5th November 2011

By: Zandy

New day, new city, new cooking. *hihi* Zandy's boyfriend must work, so we clean the apartment and cook for him.

Here we make the dessert. Do you know what it will be?


And, daddy? Do you know? Hm? Do you? Do you? Ok, here is one more tip.


But now you know, or? Yes! Allright! Yummy! Tiramisuuuuuuu (Zandy go mad, because I drink all the coffe *tihi*)
Here you can see me, while I put the Tiramisu in the fridge.


And for the main dish we make a filled bred. Here you can see me cutting the paprika.


And here you can see me mix the ingredients.


After mixin, we fill the bred and I'm allowed to put the  cap on the bred.


Yummy! It looks so delicious. And the smell ... daddy, sooooooooooooo great. I can't wait to test the bred.



It was very delicious. Maybe I will do this bred once for you, than you can taste it, too. After that we only watch TV.

Hugs daddy!

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